Scotts Lawn Service VS Trugreen: Which One Is Better?


Caring for your lawn is a very important priority for a lot of home owners simply because the lawn is one of the very first places that other people would notice about your property. Arguably, we all make a mental judgment that if the lawn does not look good, then the home interior probably looks bad well.

This is why there are many homeowners who are very willing to either work on their own lawn, or pay someone else to help them with it. In most cases, homeowners who are capable of shelling out a few hundred dollars will opt to hire a lawn care company that offers lawn services in the area.

Two of the most widely recognized lawn care companies in the country is the Trugreen Company as well as Scotts lawn service. In the past, if there are two companies can cater to the needs of homeowners in your area, you can easily end up getting confused over which service provider you should hire.

What Can Trugreen Offer?

A lot of people are very intrigued when it comes to Trugreen’s $29.95 offer for the first application of their lawn care service plan. Many of them are amazed at how low the price is especially if they are not mindful of the fine print. You should keep in mind however, that that price is not for the entire package.

In order for you to avail of the low price offer, you should meet the company’s strict requirements. To give you a heads up, you should know that it is not available for very large lawns and it is also not available for those who are not going to pay upfront for a whole year’s worth of lawn care.

Trugreen however has served millions of satisfied clients all over the country. You should also understand that although their prices can be quite high, they have been known to produce excellent lawn results. You should also know that Trugreen is the largest lawn management company in the U.S.

In general, Trugreen will make a price for your lawn depending on how large it is. The Trugreen company technician can give you a rate of $55 per application and the technician will also be the one who will tell you how many applications you will need to have in order to make your lawn look amazing.

What Can Scotts Lawn Service Offer?

The Scotts name is very familiar to many homeowners and landscapers simply because of the different Scotts products that you can buy in the market. The company is typically known for providing different lawn services that will make use of a wide array of equipment from trucks to spreaders.

Scotts lawn service also had a lot of customers. With a record revenue of $289 million, you will be able to tell that this company is doing really well when it comes to servicing the lawns of their clients. In the past, the company also provided free lawn analysis services to interested home or business owners.

This company was able to let you clients make their own lawn care plan so that they will get exactly what they wanted for their own lawns. The company also sold different lawn products from grass seeds, weed control and even lawn tools and accessories.

Scotts Lawn Service VS Trugreen


As of today, Scotts lawn service is now a part of the Trugreen Company. Trugreen Company merged with Scotts lawn service and they now have the ability to cater to as much as 2.3 million clients as well as earn as much as $1.3 billion in revenue. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What this merger means to existing clients and potential clients is that they no longer have to choose between the two companies. This is because one of the deals with the merger states is that the Scotts brand will no longer be used and that customers will no longer be getting Scotts lawn products.


Reel Lawn Mowers

When it comes to Scotts lawn service VS Trugreen you should know that both companies have already been merged and that the Scotts lawn products and services are no longer available in most areas. But if you want to differentiate between which company is better, there are a few things you should know.

Both companies are in the lawn care industry and both have their own lawn products. Although Trugreen is a bigger company, both of them actually have a decent customer base and they also have a lot of satisfied customers who say that both companies have done great jobs with their lawns.

But as with all companies however, there are some customers who might not have been able to get exactly what they want. This is why most online reviews are mixed when it comes to the two companies. Unfortunately, you can no longer opt for the Scotts lawn service company today.

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Thanks Emily, great information. I chose Weedman service for my lawn, simply because they were very interested in having and maintaining my business. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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