Simplicity Lawn Tractor Review

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Gone are the days of the exhausting work of push-mowing your entire lawn. The foundation of any manicured lawn is a good lawn tractor. Few things increase your curb-appeal more than well-trimmed grass. Let's dive into this Simplicity Tractor review and how it can help you. 

A lawn tractor can be used for a variety of purposes, but the most useful function is a lawn mowing deck. Finding a quality lawn tractor can be tricky, so be sure to check several reviews before determining which tractor is right for you

This review will give you all the information you need to understand the Simplicity lawn tractor and all its features so you can determine whether you want to make a buy or not. And they say mowing your lawn can even boost your mood!

What Is a Simplicity Lawn Tractor?

There are many great reasons to choose the Simplicity Regent lawn tractor. Unfortunately, there are also several reasons not to purchase this model. Depending on your lawn type and mowing preferences, it may be difficult to choose the best lawn tractor.

Carefully review each tractor, and compare the pros and cons in order to find the best choice for your lawn.


The Simplicity lawn tractor is a premium model, and has an excellent suspension system. This, combined with the floating deck, gives you an extremely comfortable and convenient ride, even on uneven ground.

The Simplicity Regent has easy-to-use electric switches that can quickly alternate the cutting height. It also has the best turning radius on this list. It’s the perfect tractor for a smooth finish on an uneven lawn.

It also has a smaller deck, in order to navigate narrow sections of your yard.

The deck is simple and easy to remove, and you can conveniently swap it for other great equipment by Simplicity.

It’s a durable model with a great warranty, and customers love the convenience and comfort of this smooth-riding lawn tractor.


This lawn tractor is on the higher end of the price range. There are many great lawn tractors that are effective and less expensive. It’s not a great choice for a bargain-hunter.

It also have a smaller deck than most lawn tractors at this price range. If you have a large, open lawn, this means you’ll spend more time mowing.

This lawn tractor doesn’t come with a full-length seat, so it may not be as comfortable on your back.

It also isn’t equipped with reverse mowing functionality. Some customers have had build-quality issues with this machine, including broken parts in two or three years.





The Simplicity brand offers several great lawn tractor products. This model is the Simplicity Regent lawn tractor. It has a few excellent features that make if a very convenient and easy-to-use system.

  • It has an electric switch that allows you to easily change the cut height of your grass, anywhere from 1.5 inches to four inches.
  • This lawn tractor has a thin turning radius of 14 inches. It’s an extremely comfortable ride, with plenty of suspension to reduce the impact feel by 25%. Another great feature for uneven yards, the mower deck floats.
  • This allows it to adjust to the shape of your lawn, and gives you an excellently clean cut. The reliable engine gives you enough power to use a variety of optional add-ons, anything from a 42-inch snow blade to a 10-bushel grass catcher.
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    You can purchase the Simplicity lawn tractor with either a 44-inch or a 48-inch mower deck. Its traction control is automatic, which prevents your lawn tractor from getting stuck when one wheel loses traction.


  • 2-cylinder engine
  • 724cc
  • 5 gallons of fuel
  • 12-Gauge steel frame
  • Electric mower deck engagement
  • LED headlights
  • Three-year warranty


Each of these lawn tractors are within a very small price range. These competitively priced lawn tractors are premium-priced just like the Ariens Lawn Tractor. Most lawn tractors are more expensive, while you can expect to pay less for a high-end model. 

Depending on your lawn care needs, you may even look for a commercial-grade lawn tractor, which can cost even more. The lawn tractors on this list are costly, but offer some of the more advanced features on the market. They are all highly rated, and designed by reliable brands.

Features of the Best Lawn Tractor

When looking for a great lawn tractor, there are a couple of important factors to consider. Look at each one, and consider what additional features you want with your lawn tractor. Many of these upgrades aren’t necessary, but provide either convenience, durability or improved efficiency.

Some customers prefer to choose cost-effective lawn tractors that don’t include any of these optional features. Many customers, however, love the added convenience and timesaving innovations that premium lawn tractors offer.

Transmission Style

There are three basic transmission styles for lawn tractors. The most common style is a manual gearshift. This transmission requires a lever to adjust the gears to forward, reverse or neutral. It’s the most inexpensive and least convenient style. More premium lawn tractors use a CVT, or continuously variable transmission.

A CVT transmission either uses separate forward and reverse pedals, or has a foot-shifting feature to switch gears quickly. Finally, the most expensive version is a hydrostatic transmission, or automatic transmission.

These work just like another automatic vehicle, and are the easiest to use. Determine the transmission system that you prefer, and compare the price range with other transmission types.

Reverse Mowing

Some lawn tractors have the ability to mow while moving in reverse. While usual lawn tractors stop their blade’s movement in reverse, others allow you to conveniently mow in any position.

There are different ways to activate this ability, and many customers find it an impractical addition.

Engine and Carburetor Features

If you need towing power and increased fuel efficiency, compare the engine and carburetor features on each lawn tractor. Some lawn tractors have improved fuel injection systems, which are easier to start.

Depending on your needs, you may find these features to be useful, or that they simply add additional cost. The practicality of a larger engine depends on the amount of towing and additional equipment you plan on using.


For additional convenience, several popular gauges are recommended for the best lawn tractors. One great gauge is an hour meter. This will give you an idea of when you need to take your lawn tractor in for regular maintenance. Another feature to check out is the gas gauge.

Some gauges are visible from the driver’s seat. Others are hidden under the hood, closer to the engine.

Bumpers and Other Protection

Bumping a tree or raised garden bed can prove fatal to some lawn tractors. Thankfully, many are equipped with protective bumpers and other panels.

Look for a lawn tractor with a bumper, and you’ll be less concerned when you hit a tree or other hard object when driving.

Deck Engagement

How easy is it to engage your lawn tractor’s deck? Some have an uncomfortably stiff lever to pull every time you are ready to mow your lawn.

Others have a convenient button, which, while more expensive, is much easier to use.

Additional Accessories

Lawn tractors have far more functionality than just mowing your lawn. These versatile machines can provide several services throughout the year.

For your Simplicity lawn tractor, you can purchase multiple attachments. There is a mulching kit available, which comes in several deck sizes and turns your cut grass into mulch. You can also purchase some winter gear, like a 42-inch snow blower. This powerful device can easily clear your driveway, and has a powered, rotating chute to place the snow exactly where you want it.

You can also buy tire chains and a soft-sided snow cab, giving you a great all-weather machine.

Simplicity also offers grass catchers, either double or triple bags. These are easy to use and give your lawn a superbly manicured look.

The 42-inch snow blade is a more energy-efficient way to clear your driveway, and works great with smaller amounts of snow. Finally, you can use the attachable aerator to promote fertilized roots and healthy grass just in time for spring. 

Each of these accessories are very convenient and promote additional uses of your lawn tractor, so consider your lawn and climate and determine whether these additional tools will help you keep your dream lawn alive and useable year-round.

How It Compares

Each of these tractors represent some of the premium products of each brand. They are equipped with plenty of features as standard, and each can be upgraded with a variety of additional attachments. 

The price range, functionality and customer reviews are all very similar, so carefully look at each additional feature to determine which tractor is best for you.

Simplicity Regent Lawn Tractor


​Ease of Use

Build Quality



Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series ST Lawn Tractor


​Ease of Use

Build Quality



​While the Simplicity lawn tractor offers great build quality, high-end suspension, and traction functionality, the Cub Cadet XT1 offers some very convenient additions that make mowing your lawn an enjoyable experience. This model includes an extra-wide, 54-inch deck. Having a larger deck can save you plenty of time with an open and spacious yard, but it can make your lawn tractor less maneuverable if you have more tight corners and objects to mow around. You can connect to your Cub Cadet lawn tractor using the unique phone app.

That way, you’ll never miss a maintenance issue. Its turning radius of 16 inches isn’t as tight as the Simplicity lawn tractor’s, but its extra-tall seat is a comfortable and convenient addition. This model has a hydrostatic transmission, which means you’ll have access to automatic shifting. If you’re looking for a smart lawn tractor that has a variety of innovative ways to operate conveniently, this is a great choice.

John Deere E160 Lawn Tractor


​Ease of Use

Build Quality



Despite its short warranty, John Deere offers durable and reliable equipment at competitive prices. The 48-inch mowing deck is wide enough for most lawns, but small enough for a compact turn radius.

John Deere provides a huge range of additional equipment to increase the versatility of your lawn tractor. Thankfully, the 24 horsepower engine can give you enough power to carry any extra kits.

The seat has a number of adjustable positions, making it a great choice for comfortable rides. If you are a DIY enthusiast, John Deere’s oil changing system is quick and easy.

John Deere’s E160 has a hydrostatic transmission, and starts very easily. If you want a heavy-duty lawn tractor with all the basic features you need, consider this durable model by John Deere. It may not have any new bells and whistles, but in terms of build quality and reliability, it’s an excellent choice.


​For the premium quality and extensive amount of features, the Simplicity lawn tractor receives 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s an excellently crafted riding mower, and has a unique mower deck design that gives your uneven yard a truly uniform look.

While it may be more expensive and have a smaller deck than many competitors have, it still offers a convenient way to mow around obstacles in your lawn. A riding lawn tractor is a convenient way to not only mow your lawn, but also plow snow, aerate your lawn and pick up leaves in the fall.

Few machines will give you the power, convenience and functionality of a good lawn tractor, so carefully study each of your options before choosing the best lawn tractor for your lawn and garden. 

Thankfully, lawn tractors are becoming more inexpensive as innovative features become standard. Soon, you won’t have to worry about heavy and clumsy push lawn mowers, but can ride in style with a comfortable, high-quality lawn tractor.

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