The UT10660 Homelite Chainsaw Review

There’s a reason that chainsaws exist.

Often, these big, powerful, and loud tools are required to cut down trees, remove shrubs from areas, or simply chop up some firewood.

The chainsaw has a huge following, and for good reason: it can make quick work of cutting or trimming anything.

That said, there are numerous different companies that all want you to choose their chainsaw over the competition. From Craftsman, Husqvarna, Greenworks, or Stihl, along with plenty others, there are tons of competing brands to consider.

Homelite is a company that hardcore chainsaw fans may know of, as they were the first to pioneer the one-man chainsaw as we use today.

While Homelite has been around since 1921, they made their first chainsaw back in 1946, and ever since then have become a force in the power equipment scene, though they’ve scaled back their operation to smaller-scale pieces since then.

As such, we’re going to take a deep look into the UT10660 Homelite chainsaw. This is a 16-inch bar chainsaw powered by a 42cc engine block. Relatively lightweight and compact for this bracket of non-professional usage, the UT10660 has the looks of a solid performer.

Does the saw hold up under stress, or are other options the way to go? Let’s find out.

What is the UT10660 Homelite Chainsaw

and How Does It Work?


The Ut10660 Homelite chainsaw is a non-professional saw that can complete plenty of jobs. Under the hood, everything is powered by a 2-cycle gas engine that puts out 2.2HP for plenty of jobs.

Most chainsaws come with helpful features like a clear fuel and oil tank, removable scabbard, and an automatic oiler to keep the bar lubricated while in use, and the UT10660 is no different. All of these are convenience-based items, allowing for easy use of the saw.

There is also a side access chain tensioning mechanism which allows for on-the-fly adjustments if needed when cutting. The whole saw weighs in at only 9.7-pounds, making it among the lightweight saws on the market. While the saw is light in weight, it can pack a punch in the cutting department.

If you’re ever in need of cutting logs with a diameter of 3-feet, the UT10660 has your back.

It’s rated for a 36-inch cutting diameter and should be able to eat through wood that size quickly.

With the UT10660, you get a fully-assembled chainsaw, engine lubricant, scabbard, and deluxe carrying case. The only thing that is missing is the bar and any chain oil you’d like to use.

Putting the UT10660 to Work

This Homelite chainsaw is no different than standard saws, in terms of how to use it.

The first thing you’ll want to do is read the safety instructions, along with equipping yourself for the job at hand. This means some sort of eye protection, rugged clothing, and possibly a hardhat if you’ll be in an unsafe area.

There are four cut types you can make with this Homelite chainsaw, known as felling, limbing, trimming, and bucking. Each has a different application, and the UT10660 can do all of them.

Before making any cuts, you’ll need to fill the fuel tank with a mixture of fuel and oil appropriate to the saw itself.

Just like other chainsaws, the UT10660 will require a full trigger depress for usage, and you won’t need to force the blade into any cut. The blade should draw into the tree due to the inertia and power within the movement of the chain.

Once you’re done cutting, Homelite makes it easy to store the saw with the inclusion of bar scabbard and easy access to the fuel containers to drain any excess fluids.

What Makes the UT10660 Unique?


One of the biggest features that the UT10660 Homelite chainsaw has over the competition is a rotational kickback preventer, named “Safe-T-Tip.” This is a safety feature that is placed at the tip of the bar to prevent any motion kickback from hitting something on said tip.

Homelite also made sure to throw in some convenience features too.

This chainsaw comes with a 3-point vibration isolation handle that allows for reduced fatigue over prolonged usage. One of the hardest things to cope with when using any chainsaw is the draining nature of the machine, so it’s always nice to see a company try to combat this.

One of the biggest things you should know about any Homelite product is that they’re made to last, especially the older models.

Today, it’s hard to find companies that still value putting out good-quality products for the public. Yet Homelite still finds a way!

Pricing Out This Homelite Chainsaw

While the retail price of the UT10660 chainsaw is $180, it’s become harder and harder to find a new one to purchase.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though.

Most of the time, refurbished models from authorized seller’s pop-up in the $130-140 range, which shouldn’t scare you off. Remember, the company has been around almost 100 years at this point and has been manufacturing chainsaws for 70 of those.

This means that you can buy a good quality chainsaw with a proven track record for cheaper than others, allowing for good value of this machine.

The General Consensus on Homelite Chainsaws

Homelite chainsaws are often praised for reliability and long-lasting build quality, though their 2-year limited warranty can leave something to be desired.

Specifically, the UT10660 is among the solid, mid-priced chainsaws on the market. Most people found that any Homelite-made chainsaws, not just the UT10660, came out on top for reliability and safety measures.

The inertia brake system is great for staying safe, and the normal noise level when full-throttle will save your neighbors’ ears.

Of course, everything isn’t positive.

Some of the things to consider when buying this Homelite saw is fuel consumption and flexibility of the bars you can use. Other chainsaws on the market allow for changing out bars to 14 or even 18-inches, the UT10660 only works with 16-inch ones.

In terms of fuel consumption, the UT10660 does use slightly more fluids than other gas-based machines, but it’s not a huge setback.

Overall, this model of chainsaw represents a good value to the homeowner who needs a reliable and powerful tool to use occasionally, or even regularly.

How this Homelite Chainsaw Compares to Others

The chainsaw market is a huge portion of power tools, as homeowners and professionals require these powerful machines daily.

This means there are plenty of models to choose from when you’re in the market.

Below you’ll find three direct competitors to the Homelite chainsaw, and it’s up to you to decide which one could be a better fit.

The Husqvarna 135 Gas-powered Chainsaw

One of the UT10660’s closest rivals is found with the Husqvarna 135. This is a chainsaw that comes with roughly the same amount of pure-power output, in 2HP, as the Homelite chainsaw. The engine on the 135 is crafted from X-Torq technology, allowing for less fuel consumption and emissions to be reduced.

The weight is the same at 9.7-pounds, and the saw is priced at $230. Plus, the Husqvarna comes with a full 2-year warranty. Husqvarna machines are held in high regard, especially within the professional field, and their products are often made to a high-standard.

It’s easy to find service for Husqvarna products, and most of their tools are accessible via local hardware stores.

This can lead to no headaches if an issue comes up, and peace of mind when using the 135.

A Cheaper Alternative to the 135: the ECHO CS-310

Another model that directly competes with the UT10660 is made by ECHO, with their CS-310.

This chainsaw comes with a 30.5cc 2-cycle gas engine and weighs 10.8-pounds. The engine uses an air pre-cleaner to filter out harmful engine pollutants, something the Homelite doesn’t have.

As for pure power, this saw isn’t up to the same standard as either the Husqvarna or Homelite chainsaws but makes up for it with fuel capacity and a long 5-year warranty.

ECHO pulls out all the stops to produce a quality chainsaw that can still cut through 36-inch logs with ease. 

The Husqvarna 135: An Electric Saw for the Masses

Lastly, for those that don’t want a gas chainsaw, there is the Greenworks Digipro 16-inch saw.

While electric chainsaws are inherently weaker than any gas machine, there are a few benefits to go with something gas-less. For starters, saving on gas costs and the act of mixing oil is always a plus, and the electric motors vibrate less than a gas machine.

This Greenworks model does weigh more due to the need for a battery. The included warranty is good at 4-years, however.

Sometimes electric machinery can be easier to repair than gas-powered as there are less moving parts required for the engine to function, making the Digipro a good choice for people who don’t want to deal with maintenance.

Comparing These Chainsaws to the Homelite

The biggest difference you’ll find with these saws is in the price, and potentially in the quality. All of them come with price tags in the high $100’s, and the Husqvarna even cracks into the $200 price-bracket.

You might want an electric chainsaw if your garden and lawn machinery are already electric, as mixing gas and oil can become a chore to simply use one of your tools. Or, maybe you just want to save a little money.

Of course, this all comes back to the overall quality of the machine. The Homelite chainsaw comes in at the cheapest and is a great pick for those that want a good quality machine. However, the Homelite technically isn’t made anymore, and finding parts for it could prove to be a hassle.

Plus, all the other models are current and available at local hardware stores, along with big-brand retailers, making them easy to try and return should something happen.

Overall, it’s a tough choice between all these models, and your choice boils down to what you value in a machine.

What We Think of the UT10660

It’s hard to match a chainsaw’s production at a lower price point than others, but that’s exactly what the UT10660 brings to the table.

At $180 retail, it’s a great performer for the homeowner who requires occasional use out of a tool meant for cutting and trimming. Even better is the value that you can find if buying a used or refurbished model from an authorized seller.

The only drawbacks to going with a gas-powered Homelite chainsaw like the UT10660 is length and access to support should something go wrong. Homelite isn’t a big brand like Stihl, Husqvarna, or others in the power tool business, and that means getting in touch with someone when a problem arises can be tough.

Finding a service center is easy enough, though there aren’t exactly a plethora of them around the country.

This shouldn’t detract from the performance of the chainsaw, though, it’s merely something to consider when purchasing.

We wish it was easier to find a retailer that carried the products as plenty of folks have had great success using Homelite products for the past 50 years, and many of their products are still in circulation today.

The UT10660 chainsaw is a no-frills, easy-to-use device that is ready to be put to work. There’s not much to dislike about the product, and we feel it’s a great general use saw that can fill anyone’s need for a chainsaw.

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