Trugreen VS Scotts: What Has Happened With The Merger?

Lawn management companies are flourishing across many U.S. cities today simply because homeowners want to make sure that their lawns look green and vibrant. The grass in your lawn needs to have a lot of time and attention to flourish, and people who don’t have it will need to ask for professional help.

In some cases, you will only need help from a small-time gardener who can maintain your lawns from time to time. But if the climate, the weather condition and the soil condition in your area is just too harsh for the grass, you will need to hire a company that can analyze exactly what your lawn needs.

And here enter Trugreen and Scotts Lawn Service. In the past, both of these companies were highly recognized by many of their clients as some of the best service providers in the country when it comes to lawn care and management. Read on and find out more about what their merger means for homeowners.

Trugreen VS Scotts: What Has Happened With The Merger?What Can Scotts And Trugreen Provide?What Are The Benefits Of The Scotts And Trugreen Merger?Conclusion

What Can Scotts And Trugreen Provide?

Before the merger, Scotts Lawn Service was known as one of North America’s premier lawn care company. It was also a widely known manufacturer of lawn care products that were quite effective when it comes to caring for your lawn and making sure that the grass stays green and lush.

This company was also known for their use of a wide array of heavy equipment and lawn tools whenever they serviced your lawn. Although this was what made some of their services quite expensive, this company actually garnered praises from their clients because they produced very nice results.

Trugreen on the other hand, is known as the largest company in the lawn care industry. This company is known to cater to millions of clients and they are also known for their use of effective applications of different lawn care products. Just like Scotts, they also allow experts to assess your lawn’s condition.

What attracted a lot of clients towards Trugreen’s services was their low price on the first application. Although you had to qualify so you can get the offer, you should understand that most lawn care companies offer high prices per application. This is why many consider Trugreen’s offer very attractive.

What Are The Benefits Of The Scotts And Trugreen Merger?

Today, Scotts Lawn Service has merged with the Trugreen Company. This means that you will no longer have to choose between Trugreen VS Scotts. However, since Trugreen is the bigger company, it means that they will still be using the Trugreen brand but they will have to forego the Scott’s Lawn Service.

With that in mind, you will no longer be able to order the Scotts lawn care products or avail of their services for your own property. But the good news is that because of the merger, clients will now be able to enjoy all the benefits that both the old Trugreen and Scotts were able to give to their clients.

You need to remember that these two companies were the most innovative in the industry and having them join forces to help you deal with your lawn will surely bring quality results. In fact, the company now has the means to cater to as much as $2.3 million homeowners in the U.S. and Canada.

Aside from the fact that this merger has allowed the company to have a bigger revenue, you should also know that it is also going to help create more jobs across the country. And because they will no longer have to compete with each other, the company can now offer clients with more affordable prices.


Scotts Lawn Service and Trugreen are arguably the giants when it comes to lawn care. These companies were the first to introduce lawn spraying to different homeowners in the U.S. and one can even say that their marketing styles are some of the best in the lawn management industry today.

Aside from lawn spraying, these companies also offered a wide array of effective lawn services. This is why most homeowners want to call them whenever they need an entire lawn package. Since both companies have merged, it is now easier for people needing lawn care services to get professional help.

Although you can no longer hire Scotts Lawn Service, you can get in touch with a new and improved Trugreen company to get the lawn services that you need for your property. You can avail of their low prices for as long as your lawn size qualifies and if you can meet the requirements.

Have you tried contacting or using the services of Trugreen or of Scotts Lawn Service in the past? Tell us more about your experiences in the comment section.

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