What Do Baby Roaches Look Like? Identifying Juvenile Cockroaches


Have you ever seen a baby cockroach? A lot of people often misidentify small cockroaches for ants or other small-sized bugs. Unfortunately, this can be very dangerous simply because small cockroaches can serve as vectors to deadly pathogens. Although they look harmless, these small insects are dangerous.

Being able to identify juvenile or baby roaches is very important as it can help home owners know if there is an infestation going on in their house before it gets any worse. Keep in mind that these cockroaches will continue to look for food, spread disease, and grow until it can lay their own eggs.

What Do Baby Roaches Look Like? Identifying Juvenile Cockroaches

What Is Their Appearance?

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First of all, cockroaches come from eggs that are dropped by female cockroaches before they hatch. The egg does not contain a single offspring, but it actually contains around 16 or more cockroaches depending on the species. German roaches for example, can hold as much as 60 baby roaches per egg.

The eggs is hatched as a result of the hatchlings inside it gasping for air and trying to expand themselves. These hatchlings have a bright white color as they emerge from the egg. These are known as nymphs and they are very small in size. They will grow bigger, and turn darker in a matter of hours.

During this stage, the cockroach can look like termites, or ants. Their minute size and white color will also allow them to move around without being detected. During this stage, the cockroach can easily get inside pantries, and containers with very small openings. At this stage, they can also contaminate food.

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The baby cockroach will typically have no markings, unlike the adults. They also have soft bodies that will slowly harden over time. They will have small legs, a head, and a pair of antennas, just like the adult roaches. In the course of four months, the baby cockroach will slowly grow, and molt.

During molting, the cockroach will shed off its exterior and a white-colored bug will emerge. Because of its slightly larger size and white appearance, the older nymphs can be mistaken for beetles and other harmless bugs. Upon closer inspection, they actually look like albino cockroaches.

Keep in mind that baby cockroaches will stay near the egg at first. It also does not have any wings, and this it cannot fly. It will develop wings and it will go further to look for food as it matures. The nymphs will also try to hide, putting a premium on areas that offer moisture, food, and proper temperature.

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Why You Should Know How To Identify Baby Cockroaches?


If a cockroach is present in your home, then there is a huge chance that hundreds are hiding somewhere inside your house. And if you see one baby roach, then it is very likely that dozens of other baby cockroaches have also scattered themselves somewhere in your home.

Being able to identify baby cockroaches through their appearance is very important as it can help you know whether or not your home is having a coming cockroach infestation. Having juveniles around simply means that your house is a great breeding spot and that it is being turned into a nesting ground.

If you allow the juvenile cockroaches to mature in your home, the last thing you will have to be afraid of is having one that will fly directly into your face. This is because these nymphs will focus on mating and in laying more eggs. The next thing you know is that you will have to deal with hundreds in months.

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Keep in mind that much like adult roaches, the baby ones will carry viruses and bacteria that can cause diarrhea and dysentery. They can also cause severe illnesses such as typhoid fever, cholera, salmonella, and even leprosy.

But it gets worse when it comes to baby roaches. This is because they will have to shed their skin multiple times during their lifespan. This is called molting. The shell that they leave behind, as well as the waste that they produce can actually aggravate existing respiratory conditions.


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In general, baby roaches look like smaller versions of adult cockroaches but with a bright white color. They can be easily mistaken for ants or from termites. They are very small, around 3 millimeters in length and they do not have wings yet. They will continue to expand in and darken in color over time.

The nymphs will continue to forage near the place it hatched, and it will continue to grow during molting. When it grows bigger, it will still look white when molting, and it can be mistaken for other types of insects, especially beetles because it will lack the typical markings.

Be advised that hatchlings, and nymphs will are still very dangerous. They can carry diseases simply because they harbor bacteria and viruses. They can cause dysentery and diarrhea if you or your children will eat the food items that it has contaminated. They can also cause asthma and trigger allergies.

Getting rid of baby roaches is critical if you want to avoid a full-blown infestation. You need to understand that the small hatchlings can easily grow into mature ones within months. As soon as they mature, they can easily breed and lay as much as 400 hatchlings in their lifetime.

You can use baits to get rid of them, especially those that you cannot see in the open. I also recommend that you use aerosol cockroach insecticides to get rid of the baby roaches that you see. You might also want to spray in the surrounding areas so you can eliminate the other hatchlings.

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Leona says Aug. 2017

I’m trying as hard as I can to kill ALL the ones I see, I’ll even stand in One spot for hours squishing them with a fly swatter. Females and babies.. my place is infested, but my landlord doesn’t take it seriously

Kim Thomas says May. 2018

My daughter and I went to Orlando Florida and I was on my phone and I felt something on my head. It was a cockroach and I told them and they put us into another room across the way. But now we are home and we found a baby cockroach on my kitchen floor. We have been here for three years and now we have this issue. So upset when you go on vacation to enjoy yourself not to come home with bugs especially cockroaches.

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