What Does An Artichoke Taste Like? A Gift From The Ancient Gods


Have you ever wondered what an artichoke tastes like? Artichoke is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables that is still readily available today. Originating from the Mediterranean, this vegetable is praised for its mild taste, the nutrients it contains, as well as for its versatility.

This vegetable is very popular in Europe and in many Western countries, and it is considered a gift from the ancient gods not just because of its earthy flavor, but also because of its rich lore and history. The artichoke is said to be made by the Greek god Zeus himself, from a woman who got bored with him.

Many people who have tasted it say that the legend might as well be true, this is because the artichoke has a mildly sweet and tangy taste that can be as quite delicate, and because cooking with it is never going a bore. The artichoke is quite versatile and it can make ordinary dishes into amazing comfort food.

I’ve put this article together to help kindle your curiosity towards discovering new flavors. Artichoke maybe a humble vegetable, but it should not be taken lightly when it comes to cooking. It can add a lot of flavor to your dishes, and discovering its true taste is definitely just the beginning.

What Does An Artichoke Taste Like? A Gift From The Ancient Gods

The Humble Artichoke

young artichoke

When boiled, artichoke has a mild flavor that can be compared to asparagus. It has the texture of boiled potatoes and it also has a mild nutty undertone like broccoli. Eating it can be complicated, this is because the outer leaves can be hard and it has a hairy part called the choke which is actually inedible.

Other people also describes it as having a mild celery or celeriac taste. In most cases, the artichoke has a mild or light flavor that is unique on its own. Some people also describe its taste by saying that it is almost like eating Brussels sprouts without the bitter aftertaste. It also has a soft vegetable flavor.

an artichoke

Artichokes typically have a clean, green, and earthy taste that most vegetables have. Although it does not have an in-your- face flavor profile, the mild taste that you can get from it is actually one of its strengths. It allows the artichoke to be paired with other ingredients to create unique dishes.

Some people will also describe its taste to something like turnips with a boiled potato texture. The different descriptions of the artichoke’s flavor is probably because of the fact that it has so many variants. Artichokes do have its own flavor and it is highly suggested that you try it out for yourself.

How To Enjoy The Artichoke

cooked artichoke

As soon as you get yourself acquainted with the mild flavor of this vegetable, it is now time to take things up a notch. This is because artichokes can be made into hearty dishes, and it can also be cooked into classy, and elegant recipes that require exquisite ingredients and a bit of finesse in the making.

If you want to get the true taste of the artichoke, avoid the canned products and try to get your hands on fresh ones instead. The artichoke is actually quite heavenly when cooked the Italian way by dressing it in oil, or made into a “spring pizza”. Artichokes are also great when paired with prosciutto.

baked artichoke

At home, or when eaten plain, artichokes can be made into a dip that has fresh basil. It can be served with cheeses, or made into a Greek stew that combines artichokes with other earthy and hearty vegetables. Artichokes can also be found in Spanish paella, and it can also be stuffed with lamb.

And if these dishes are not enough to whet your appetite, you should know that even world-class chefs are known to use artichokes when it comes to creating. You can also enjoy the taste of artichoke by going to renowned restaurants that serve artichokes as part of their signature dish.


artichoke background

The artichoke is definitely a vegetable that I recommend that you taste at least once in your life. If you want to truly savor its mild flavor, then I suggest that you put down the canned artichoke and go to afancy restaurant that can provide you with an artichoke dish that will showcase its natural flavor.

With its mild, earthy, and broccoli-like taste, it is a vegetable that can be served at the comfort of home, or at the table of one of the world’s finest restaurants. With its starchy, mildly sweet and tangy profile, it can be used for creamy chicken dishes, thick dips for bread, as well as filling for lasagna.

What is great about this humble vegetable is that with loving hands, it can take on a soft and pleasant flavor. And when placed at the hands of skilled chefs, it can be made into a very elegant, and refined dish that will surely amaze even the pickiest gourmands.

Share your thoughts about the taste of artichoke with us. Write your comments, recipes, and ideas below.

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Marian says Apr. 2018

Hi, Emily. I absolutely love artichokes. About to cook one now as a matter of fact. I do small-scale gardening and would like to try growing artichokes. Any suggestions how I can start? Soil type? How to plant? Thank you.

Heather says Jun. 2018

We loved artichoke growing up, and since they were a little expensive for our budget, we only had them occasionally and they were a real treat. We always just boiled it, pulled off the leaves, dipped them in garlic butter, and scraped the “meat” off with our teeth. Perhaps my favorite artichoke dish though is spinach and artichoke dip, which uses the canned artichoke hearts, but boy is it good!

Andre L says Jul. 2019

One of the major flavor profiles of artichoke is “metallic”. Artichokes are very difficult to pair with wine, and this metallic flavor is the main reason.

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