What Does Eggplant Taste Like? Discovering The Flavor Of Aubergines


Have you ever tasted the meaty flavor of the eggplant? The humble eggplant actually comes from the nightshade family. It is available in numerous countries all over the world, and is known as the aubergine by the British and the French. It is widely is in many cuisines from Mediterranean to Asian cooking.

The eggplant actually has a delicate, although it is closely related to tomatoes and potatoes, it doesn’t taste anything like its cousins. Eggplants are often used as a meat substitute due to its hearty and meaty flavor. What is great about the eggplant is that the entire fruit is edible including the seeds and skin.

So what does eggplant taste like and why is it important for me to know all about its flavor? When it is not prepared properly, eggplant can be bitter. Knowing how to get its rich taste, and discovering its flavor is important as it can open new food horizons for vegetarians and non-vegans alike.

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What Does Eggplant Taste Like? Discovering The Flavor Of Aubergines

Getting Past The Bitterness

cut eggplants

Eggplants are rarely eaten raw, this is because it can be quite slimy, and most of its variants are bitter.

But with the use of the correct techniques, you can actually go past the primary bitter taste, and get toits rich, creamy flavor. When it comes to getting the taste of eggplants, the preparation is key.

Eggplants can be easily become tender when cooked. In some countries the eggplant is roasted directly into the fire where its flesh can tenderize and cook in its own skin. The skin can resist the flames, and when peeled, the eggplant’s flesh comes out soft, slightly sweet, and with a rich, complex flavor.

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fresh eggplants

When prepared properly, the eggplant’s taste can be described as slightly acidic and mild. Some eggplant eaters like it simply because it reminds them of feta cheese and a bit of an okra-like taste.

Because eggplants absorb oil, it can taste like tofu and it can taste like the other ingredients you use.

The eggplant’s bitterness is typically found on its skin. Its flesh can taste bland, and most of its flavor can be found in the seeds and in the middle part of the fruit. Its true taste however, can vary as its flavor can shine or diminish depending on how you prepare and cook it, as well as what you cook the fruit with.

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Popular Preparations Of Eggplant

cooked eggplant

To give you an idea of what an eggplant tastes like, you need to know how people all over the world cook it and prepare it for the family. In most instances, the eggplant’s rind is removed especially if the variety available is quite bitter. Eggplant can be found in both simple and complicated dishes.

For example, eggplant is the main ingredient of Moussaka, a dish that is very popular in Greek, Turkish, and Balkan cuisines. Eggplants that can even be julienned, dipped in egg wash and flour, and then deepfried. Eggplant parmigiana is quite popular in the U.S., and so is the salad with fresh kale and cheese.

eggplant pizza

In Asian cuisine, they want to take advantage of the eggplant’s richness and heartiness. They add eggplant into sour soups that have unripe guavas or in curries, chutneys, and stews. The eggplant is actually very well respected in Indian cooking as it is considered the King of all vegetables.

In Europe, the eggplant is a must-have when making the French ratatouille, as well as the Spanish escalivada. It can go well with soups and light seafood stews, it can complement meaty dishes with heavy sauces, and it can also go hand-in-hand with other vegetables.


asian eggplants

When it comes to eggplants, fresh is always best. Try not to be put-off by its bitterness especially when the eggplant is cooked with its skin. You should also focus on proper preparation if you plan on cooking and tasting eggplant at home. Figure out if you want to roast, bake, or fry it before you buy one.

For first timers, I highly suggest that you try to go to a Mediterranean, Indian, or South East Asian restaurant if you want to try it for the first time. This will allow you to taste an eggplant dish that has been properly prepared. If you are not that adventurous, you can always opt for eggplant parmesan.

Keep in mind that some eggplant cultivars are quite bitter. In some occasions, it might be necessary to put the sliced eggplant through a degorging process where it is salted first in order to get rid of the bitterness and also to help make the eggplant absorb less oil when cooked.

Do you want to share your experience when you first tasted eggplants? Give us your thoughts and your own eggplant recipes at the comments section below.

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