What Does Nutmeg Taste Like? The Delicate Spice


Nutmeg is a seed that grows out from a tree called evergreen from the Myristica family. During the spanish period, it was one of the most sought after spice in Moluccas (Spice Islands) of Indonesia. Nutmegs are priced for giving flavor to different kinds of goods like pudding potatoes, sausages and vegetables.

The seed gives fragrance, warmth and curiosity to the food being prepared. Like all other spices, once the nutmeg is added to a dish, it cannot be undone without it. This article will talk about the taste of nutmegs and additional information.

What Does Nutmeg Taste?

nutmeg power

Nutmegs have a sweet and nutty flavor. When ripe, the fruit of the evergreen tree will split in half. Inside the fruit is a nut of embedded between a red wax which produces mace, they give out a subtle peppery taste in the dishes. Nutmeg is used Western and Asian cuisines.

For having a good flavor, it is best to purchase seeds in whole and only mesh when you are ready to use it. Toasting the seed or removing the outer skin will increase its shelf life. It is not advisable to purchase already powdered nutmeg because it will lose its flavor quickly.

The essential oils from nutmeg concentrate are exceedingly valuable to well being and are every now and again utilized as a part of option and homegrown prescription.

Requirements Of Nutmeg

1. Soil

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Nutmegs will grow in pH range of 5.5 to 7.5. The do best in 6 to 7 pH levels. The roots of the tree will need to grow 4 feet below the ground and thus shallow soils are not advisable. The tree requires rich organic soil to grow healthy.

2. Temperature and Sunlight

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Nutmegs requires lots of sunlight to grow, but younger ones prefer to grow in areas with light shade. The plants are better placed in areas with little and tolerated winds. Gusty winds and freezing temperature will cause the plant to die.

3. Moisture

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The soil will need to be wet and humid. A good soil must retain moisture but also must be well-drained. Mulching will be needed around to tree and not against the trunk because it will cause diseases and insects to thrive. Frequent watering is needed if the tree appears to be stressed or starts to wilt.

Productivity Of Nutmegs

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The Nutmeg tree will only start to begin fruiting between ages 5 to 8 years old. It can bear fruit for 3o to 70 years. One tree could yield 1,000 fruits each year. This tree can grow old as you are if the requirements of growing are met and are taken good care.

Extracting Nutmegs

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Due to its hard outer skin, it requires specialized equipment to scrape off the skin. A cheese grater or a coffee grinder will do that job perfectly.

After being scraped off, you can use it to sprinkle it on a dish or your hot drink. This will require a little bit of effort but it’s taste and effect on the food is all worth it.

Nutmegs Today

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Nutmegs contain the essential oil that is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, analgesic and antioxidant. These oils help in wounded areas to decrease the swelling and kill bacterias. The oil will also help protect the body against diseases.

Additionally, this can help the cardiovascular system to lower the blood pressure,reduce joint pain, and improve focus.

In Conclusion

Nutmegs are the seed that came from the evergreen tree. It is one of the most sought after spice in the early times and today, it has different modern uses like reduce swelling and cleanses the body. It has even been used as a massage oil. The taste of nutmegs nutty yet sweet in flavor, it has been used in different dishes all over the world. It gives a mild peppery taste when added to certain dishes.

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