What Does Roach Bite Look Like? How Can You Deal With It?

While you might think that roaches just scurry on the floor or fly around the house, you need to know that in some occasions, roaches can bite too. Many homeowners will only think that their house has a roach infestation if they see them personally, not considering the fact that they are very good at hiding.

While you might be able to notice roach poop on the floor or on different surfaces during an infestation, there are people who found out about their home’s hidden problem the hard way. They did not know of the infestation until they noticed that their eye lids or skin are now very irritated.

So you will know whether your home is under a roach invasion, you will need to know not just where roaches are hiding or what their excrements look like, you will also need to know what roach bites look like. To help you know more about the bite marks they produce, read the rest of the entry.

Why Do Roaches Bite People?

cockroach eating crumb

It is very important to understand that roaches do not normally bite people intentionally. Since these insects are driven by their need to survive, they will typically bite people by mistake. Biting is also not a mechanism that these insects will use to defend themselves or to defend their nests or young ones.

All of the cockroach species however, have the capability to bite humans. This means that even if they do not have the desire to bite you, they can do it especially if they think that any part of your body is good for them to eat. With that in mind, you should know that one of the roaches’ main drive is food.

As a matter of fact, they often end up biting humans simply because organic matter such as food stains, are still on the skin especially the hands and around the mouth. If the roaches get attracted to it while you sleep, they will try to crawl on your skin and bite you in areas where minute particles are found.

What Does Roach Bite Look Like And What Does The Bite Feel Like?

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While you might think that roach bites look like cuts complete with teeth marks, you should know that their bites will actually look more like red bumps on your skin. Their bites will actually look very similar to mosquito bites and it will typically have redness and rashes. This is especially true if you are allergic.

Although it is not that common, you should know that you can also have a cluster of roach bites on your skin. This can happen if your skin is particularly dirty or if several roaches have bitten you. If this happens, you will be able to see multiple raised red bumps on your skin that can feel itchy or painful.

You should also know that in most cases, the roach bites can be found on your eyelashes or eye area, hands, feet, fingernails and also around your mouth. You might be able to feel pain around the bump but in most cases, you will not be able to feel the bite itself especially if you are asleep.

What Can You Do To Prevent Roaches From Biting You Or Your Family?

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The best way that you can to make sure that roaches will not end up biting you is to make sure that your bedroom is clean and that you or your kids have taken a bath before bedtime. This will ensure that no roaches will be around the bed while you sleep and that no food debris will attract roaches to your skin.

Parents should also avoid letting their kids sleep or take a nap on the floor especially if they have just recently eaten. To help you deal with the roach bite, you can apply an ice pack until the swelling subsides. To help with the itch or the pain, you can opt to use calamine or hydrocortisone on the area.


kill cockroach

All roaches have the capability to bite you. Roaches however, are not known to intentionally bite people unless they find food stains or morsels of food on your body. Roaches are also known to bite kids and adults during sleep especially around the hands, feet, eyes, the fingernails and also around the mouth.

Roach bites will tend to look like mosquito bites as they typically have a red color as well as a raised bump. It can also appear in clusters if several roaches have bitten you or if you have been bitten several times by one roach. The roach bites can also feel itchy and painful especially if you develop allergies.

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