What Does Roach Poop Look Like? A Closer Look At This Gross Pest

Roaches can infest your home without you knowing about it until it is too late. This is because most roaches will only go out and scurry all over your house at night while everyone is asleep. Roaches are also known to make nests in hard to reach areas so that their eggs will not be disturbed so easily.

Aside from leaving behind microbes on areas where they crawl or hide, these pests also leave behind feces or poop. These are actually very dangerous simply because roach excrements are known to cause a wide range of health problems. They can actually make you sick especially if they are ingested.

These things should be eliminated right away before it can do harm to your family, especially to your kids. This is why it is very important for people, especially parents to know more about its appearance and the risk it poses. If you want to know what does roach poop look like, read the rest of the article.

What Does Roach Poop Look Like? A Closer Look At This Gross Pest

Why Roach Poop Is A Problem?

dirty roaches on rotten breads

Roach poop is actually a telltale sign that roaches are infesting or hiding in your home. Depending on how much poop is left behind, you will be able to get a glimpse of exactly how big your roach problem is. But aside from that, roach feces are also known to cause serious problems on their own.

As mentioned, their feces can cause health problems especially if they are dropped onto food items. This is because they contain dangerous microorganisms. Roach feces is known to carry as much as 33 types of bacteria, 7 deadly pathogens as well as parasitic worms that can upset your stomach.

But more than that, roach droppings is a known asthma trigger. Experts say that it increases the severity or frequency of asthma attacks. This is because roach feces are known allergens that can travel by air and affect kids and adults. Allergens from roach feces are also known to stay intact for 5 years.

Their poop can also create a very nasty odor in your house. This odor is what helps to increase the effects of the aggregation pheromone that will actually attract more roaches to go inside your house and congregate. Exterminators can use this to their advantage by placing poisons near their feces.

What Does Roach Poop Look Like?

Roach poop is typically described as coarse coffee grains or specs of ground black pepper. Although it might be hard to see them especially because of their size, you can actually see more definition upon closer inspection. Their poop also have a black or brown color depending on diet and roach species.

These can also be seen as black or brown stains or smears. You might also mistake them for inkblots especially if they have a very dark color. Roaches can also smear their feces on the floor, or on different furniture or surfaces. These smears can either be flat or slightly raised when magnified.

Large roaches are also known to leave behind feces that have a cylindrical shape. They might be mistaken for small mouse droppings but they can be differentiated by the presence of ridges that can be found from the top to the bottom. Mouse feces are slightly larger and they do not have ridges.

In most cases, smaller roach species will leave behind feces that looks more like tiny black specks, while larger species like the German or Brown-banded cockroaches will leave behind cylindrical shaped feces that are as long as a grain of rice.


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Roach poop is a very dangerous substance that homeowners need to look out for just as much as they have to look out for the roaches themselves. You need to keep in mind that these things contain deadly bacteria, viruses as well as parasites that can easily harm you and make you or your family very sick.

So you can get rid of them properly, you will have to make sure that you know what you are looking for. Depending on the type of roaches that are present in your property, you might be able to see either small black or brown specs, smears, stains or cylindrical feces that are no bigger than a grain of rice.

You will have to take a closer look at them so you can identify them properly and know what type of problem you need to deal with. You need to keep in mind that roach poop is almost as dangerous as the roach itself because the poop can cause asthma, allergies and other diseases.

Have you found roach poop in your home in the past? Tell us more about how you were able to identify it in the comment section.

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