What Does Rosemary Taste Like? The Flavor Of The Spice Rack Giant

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What does rosemary taste like? That is the question that many who have never enjoyed its flavor and aroma will ask. Rosemary is a quint essential spice in anyone’s pantry, and its presence in the most illustrious steak houses, to the humblest homes is testament to its prowess in flavor and cooking.

Rosemary is an evergreen, this is why anyone who can get their hands on this herb can enjoy it, andmust enjoy it the whole year round. This herb is closely related to mint, and it is known for the unique pungent flavor and the pine-like aroma that can impart deeply to meats.

Knowing what rosemary tastes like is crucial knowledge for anyone who wants to progress his or her cooking skills. To say that this herb can elevate a dish is an understatement, but tasting it and knowing what it can do is not enough. You should also understand it complexity, and versatility in the kitchen.

What Does Rosemary Taste Like? The Flavor Of The Spice Rack Giant

Getting The Rich Flavor And Aroma Of Rosemary

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Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean and for centuries, it has always been recognized by many as a desirable spice as well as a reliable natural medicine. Cooking experts recommend to those who want to truly appreciate this herb that they get fresh ones instead of ones that have been dried.

Fresh rosemary can have a very strong flavor, it can easily go well with oil, or with oily meats. It can also go hand-in- hand with other aromatics especially with garlic. The main flavor that rosemary imparts is a lemon and pine-like taste, it also bursts in aroma as soon as it gets finely chopped or when heated.

When used in the right proportion rosemary can also impart a deeper, more complex aroma and flavor.

fresh rosemary

Rosemary can have a minty taste with a woody note. It can also take on a balsamic, and slightly bitter flavor. The aroma that rosemary has can be a kin to tea, and to pine trees.

You need to get fresh rosemary and use only the ones that have a deep green color for superior flavor.

The leaves can be easily removed by running your fingers through the stem. They should also be free from discoloration so you will be able to appreciate its deeply refreshing flavor and aroma.

Cooking With Rosemary


In order to bring out the desired flavor, rosemary should be prepared the right way. As mentioned, you can remove the leaves from the stem, and you can also have it finely chopped. These preparations areideal for dishes that require its full flavor. It can easily stand its ground even with other herbs around.

But not all dishes can benefit from the punch that this herb can provide. Some dishes will only need its gentle touch and scent. Dishes like soups, and even high quality steaks can easily be overpowered by rosemary, this is why it should be added by sprigs, with the leaves still attached to the stem.

Rosemary can be used to soften the gaminess of rabbit and lamb. Aside from its usefulness in complicated, main course dishes, it also has something to offer for simple preparations. You can use rosemary in frittatas, and you can even blend it with olive oil to replace butter for toast.

The Simplicity Of Rosemary

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When using rosemary, there is no need to do so in complicated dishes. Rosemary can enliven simple baked potatoes, and it can even be brushed on fresh green vegetables. And just like that, rosemary can impart such wonderful flavor to your dish. You can also add this herb for marinades and sauces. You can even use the leaves and stems as skewers for kebabs or for barbecues. Rosemary can even be used to create a nice twist on your typical lemonades and other beverages.


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Rosemary is definitely a spice that has to be reckoned with in the kitchen. It is quite versatile and it can give your dish a lot of flavor and aroma. With that said, this herb must be used sparingly and you should know exactly how to prepare the rosemary before adding it into what you are cooking.

If you truly want to taste the herb for the first time, it might be best if you do so not with simple dishes, but with meats. This is because rosemary is good when prepared as a complement to side dishes, but when paired with roasted pork, with lamb, or with steaks, it can be quite delectable.

Just keep in mind that you need to get fresh rosemary first so that you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. You can source dried rosemary at your local supermarkets if fresh ones are not available. You should also take note that intact rosemary leaves can be hard and it can choke like fish bones.

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