What Does Sage Smell Like? Creating A Unique Aroma


Salvia officinalis, which is typically known as sage, is a very common culinary herb in many cuisines all over the globe. Also known as the garden sage or the culinary sage, it is actually prized for its medicinal properties as well as the flavor that it is known to provide especially on savory Italian dishes.

Although this is typically not an herb you would find in French cuisine, the rest of the world does love it a lot. As a matter of fact, you can find its slight peppery flavor in many European and Middle Eastern cooking styles. Sage can also be found in English or American cooking especially in roasted turkey.

And as mentioned, sage is also very useful when it comes to treating common illnesses. It has been used since ancient times as a local anesthetic and as a diuretic. As a matter of fact, it was commonly referred to as “sage the savior”. And it’s not just that, sage is also loved for its unique aroma.

What Does Sage Smell Like? Creating A Unique Aroma

What Does Sage Smell Like?

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Since sage belongs to the mint family and it is closely related to rosemary, thyme and Oregano, knowing its true aroma is very important so that you will be able to avoid the confusion. You have to remember that since they all look almost alike, using the wrong herb can prove to be a disaster to your dish.

Many plant enthusiasts are very excited whenever their noses sense the smell of sage. As an herbal plant of the evergreen shrub, it has a lot to offer for your senses. While some consider its aroma strong, others consider its scent warm or earthy.

Although it has an astringent quality to it, experts also say that it has a cooling sensation that goes into your nose. This sharp scent is also what many people get whenever they smell mint from products like chewing gum. Other people describe it as a bit woody or pungent aroma that is similar to camphor.

Some people also describe its aroma as being slightly piney. There are also those who describe its aroma as being somewhat like Vick’s vapor rub or other mentholated ointments. There are even those who say that its aroma closely resembles that of marijuana or that it has a green, dry or musty smell.

Uses For The Sage’s Aroma

In most cases, sage is actually used to help add flavor as well as another layer of aroma to different food items and dishes. If you ask most Americans, they will probably say that the scent of sage reminds them of turkey stuffing. But in other countries, it is used to help give a nice aroma to fish and other seafood.

For medicinal purposes, sage leaves can be used to make tea. You can also use Spanish sage so you can smell its aroma and clear up respiratory problems and nasal congestions. You can also do this with the help of its essential oils. The sage’s essential oil is also great for making scented candles at home.

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Another way to use sage’s unique aroma is to burn dried leaves inside your home. More of a spiritual practice rather than for medicinal purposes, this ritual is actually steeped in ancient tradition. It has been practiced for thousands of years to help cleanse people and spaces.

This ritual is done by Native Americans even until today. Known as sage burning, it is also performed by Celtic druids and indigenous people from the Amazons with the help of white sage. You can try it at home if you want to, but be very careful not to cause fire inside or respiratory problems.


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Sage is a very nice herb that you can use in a different number of ways. Although it is mainly used to create amazing and iconic dishes, you can actually use it to help improve your health and even create a nice atmosphere at home. You need to remember that sage can offer both taste and aroma.

Aside from giving your dishes that slight peppery or lemony taste, it can also give your dishes a savory odor. While its scent can be overpowering when used in excess, sage can actually give an earthy, warm and cool scent to your dishes if it is used in the correct proportions.

Sage can also be used to help improve your health and wellness. You can use its essential oils to make scented candles at home. You can also use dried white sage brushes in your house in order to create an odor that is said to help cleanse the people inside it and also cleanse the different areas in your home.

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