What Is An Inverter Generator? Cutting Fuel Costs

inverter generators

There are a lot of generators available today. While many of them are built to be tough, there are those that are designed with wattage and power in mind. There are also those that are meant to be quieter. And with the help of modern advancements, there are also generators that are built for fuel efficiency.

Today you can choose between buying a traditional generator and an inverter generator. While many of us know already how the traditional generator works, most of us have no idea what an inverter one is. This is why inexperienced homeowners get more confused when it comes to choosing which one to buy.

Knowing what an inverter generator is all about can be very important especially for those who want to avail of the latest innovations in technology and those who want to cut fuel costs. So you will be able to know more about it, I have compiled some important facts about this type of generator.

What Is An Inverter Generator?

inverter generator

The inverter generator was actually made simply because of a very recent development in the technology used in making generators. With the help of advanced magnets, as well as cutting edge electronics, this type of generator can provide a constant current flow to your appliances.

Generators are known to produce AC or alternating current, but what makes this type of generator unique is that it will actually convert it to DC or direct current and then invert it back again to make a clean AC current. To do this, the inverter generator uses a digital electronic alternator.

Both the traditional generator and the inverter generator can easily provide you with electricity during power outages. But the way the inverter generator is built has actually opened the way to new features that are not found in the conventional models.

What Makes The Inverter Generator Unique?

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Since the inverter generator does not use a mechanical alternator, they can easily provide the same level of power although it is a lot lighter and smaller. The digital electronic alternator also allows the inverter to work in variable speeds unlike the traditional one that has to run a constant 3600 rpm.

This will also allow the inverter to run more quietly than the traditional generator, given the fact that it will only work more if more appliances are connected to it and more power is needed. Since traditional generators will maintain the same speed even with minor usage, it will actually consume a lot of fuel.

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But since the inverter generator uses a smarter technology, it will only use up what it needs. This can actually help you maximize your fuel and cut back on your fuel costs. Inverters also have very low harmonic distortion, allowing you to get cleaner and smoother electricity for sensitive appliances.

This is why I highly recommend that you use inverters whenever you want to use a generator for powering up laptops, charging smartphones, as well as when it comes to using expensive equipment. You can even combine two small and lightweight inverters to do the work of a large one.

What Are The Downsides Of Using An Inverter Generator?

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Since it uses advanced parts, the inverter generator is much more expensive than a traditional one. If it gets broken, fixing it can be very complicated and it might also require you to deal with costly repairs. They might also not be as tough as the conventional generators.

Although they are great for home or emergency use, the inverter generators cannot actually provide you with very high power outputs, different work settings as well as extended run times. This makes the inverter less ideal when it comes to using generators for outdoors or for work purposes.


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An inverter generator is basically a generator type that utilizes advanced electronic wiring and parts in order to produce an AC current. It is called an inverter because it turns the AC into a DC current then back again into a clean AC current so that it can give you a smooth current flow.

Although they are quite expensive and can be difficult to repair without the right technical knowledge, this generator is more lightweight and smaller than the traditional ones. Although they are not built for toughness and power, they can be used to run sensitive appliances.

The inverter generator is also known to be quieter simply because it will adjust depending on the load. With a light load, this generator will not run as loudly as a traditional generator, and it will also consume less fuel. I highly recommend this product if you want to keep your fuel consumption at a minimum.

Do you have an inverter generator at home? Tell us more about its features in the comment section.

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