What To Put On A Mousetrap? Making A Simple Tool More Effective


Have you ever used a mousetrap to catch vermin? Mousetraps are designed to catch rodents. Aside from invading your pantry and your kitchen, mice can also destroy different parts of your home, and they can also create a lot of mess. Mice also harbor diseases as they are known to carry pathogens.

There are many ways to get rid of these pests effectively. You can poison the vermin using rodenticides, but you need to consider the fact that if they die while hidden behind walls, appliances, or other inaccessible areas, they can actually create an offensive stench in your home.

But because of their wit and cunning, a simple mousetrap might not be enough to catch them. In order for it to work, you will have to use an effective bait. With different ones available, one can’t help but wonder which one will work best.

Knowing what to put on a mousetrap is important simply because it allows you to avoid the guessing game and to narrow down your list of baits. It can help improve the efficiency of your mousetrap so you will no longer have to deal with frustration, and so that your pest problem will be put to an end.

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Effective Baits That You Can Use On A Mousetrap

chocolate on mousetrap

Of course, it is important to know that food is the most common thing that you can put on a mousetrap. Mice are very smart especially when it comes to looking for food, and they will go through great lengths to try to get what they want. This is why the best way to catch a mouse with your trap is by using food.

But not all types of food will work. Since the mouse has very keen senses when it comes to food, it might not be willing to go near your trap if something less suspicious, or more enticing is available. This is why you need to consider getting highly attractive food items if you want the mouse to head for the trap.

bacon on mousetrap

Some of the most effective baits include peanut butter, chocolates, processed meats, crackers, and pet food. These food items are known to be highly attractive to mice simply because the can have distinct odors or because they are quite sweet. When used, these food items interact with the mouse’s senses.

If you liked to watch cartoons as a kid, then you probably thought cheese would be a great bait. Unfortunately, they do not work well especially when it comes to processed cheese that has little or no odor. Strong-smelling cheese might work, especially soft ones, but it is not highly attractive to rodents.

Things To Consider When Putting Bait On The Mousetrap

big cheese on mousetrap

Sometimes, putting a good bait will still not do the trick simply because you failed to know how to properly use it. When putting on bait, you need to understand that the mouse has a very keen nose, and if you mishandled the bait, chances are, the mouse detects your scent all over the food item.

To avoid doing this, you should use gloves when preparing the food and when putting the bait on the trap. You should also make sure not to use too much of the food so that the mouse will have to trigger the mechanism if it wants to get the food. Using too much will allow it to eat without consequence.

It should also be noted that when winter approaches, the mouse might no longer be interested in food. Instead, it might go out of its hiding place in search of materials that can make the nest warm and cozy. In this case, food bait will not work. Instead, you can put cotton balls, yarn, or wool on the mousetrap.

Additional Factors To Consider When Using The Trap

rat in danger

When using the trap, it might be best if you try to opt for food items that you can spread instead of ones that are solid. Chocolate, peanut butter, or even hazelnut spreads can work well on baits because the mouse needs to eat it on the spot. The mouse however, can easily walk away with solid food.

You can also tie the bait around the triggering mechanism. This is especially true when using yarn, cotton, or wool as bait. This will require the mouse to go to the right spot in order to chew off the material. When using solid food, you will have to neatly cut the right size so the trap will work properly.

When using mouse traps, you might want to use a lot of it right off the bat and not just one or two traps. You need to place the traps carefully on areas that are heavily trafficked by the mouse. Just keep in mind that the traps have to be accessible only to the mouse so you can avoid harming pets or children.


dead rat

If want to know precisely what to put on a mousetrap, you might consider the things or food items that the mouse in your property seems to keep on raiding. This will allow you to put something that you know for a fact, is something that the mouse badly wants to eat or have in your home.

If you have no idea what to use, you can experiment and try out the different food items that I mentioned above. You can always use multiple mousetraps with different kinds of bait so you will know which one works best. Just keep in mind not to handle the food with your bare hands.

Keep in mind that mice are very cunning, the only way for you to catch them with the trap is for you to outsmart them by using the right bait, as well as by placing the trap strategically. Focus on the rat’s needs and put baits that are sweet or very pungent so you can easily entice them towards the trap.

Do you have your own tips on what to put on the mouse trap? Share it with us at the comments section below.

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