When Are Moles Most Active? Understanding Their Behavior


Are moles infesting your home? Moles are considered pests especially in agricultural properties. Although they rarely bite, or expose themselves on the surface, they can actually carry rabies. In terms of being a health risk, the parasites that it carries is far more dangerous than the mole itself.

Moles can cause a lot of damage to your lawns and gardens. When they tunnel underneath the soil, they can disturb the roots of your plants. They can also destroy the grass and create ugly potholes, spread dirt around, or make molehills that will really make your yard unsightly.

Understanding their behavior and knowing when they are most active is important simply because it will allow you to get rid of them more effectively. Moles typically live in isolation, and without proper knowledge of when they are most active, your efforts to get rid of them will mostly be futile.

Why Can I Rarely See Moles On The Surface?

mole head out of soil

Moles are have adapted to living underground for extended periods of time. They are not keen on socializing with fellow moles, let alone exposing themselves to humans. Their blood can absorb a lot of oxygen, this is why they rarely need to go out of their tunnels to get some fresh air.

The moles also have forelimbs that are built to dig tunnels. This allows them to hunt for food, create storage spaces underground, and even make a tunnel so that they can mate with other moles. Moles also use the tunnels to attract prey, they can easily sense movement in the tunnels that they make.

With that in mind, there is no wonder why moles spend a lot of time underground. These are also the reasons why many of us think that the moles have periods of inactivity, when in fact, they are actually very busy all day, and even all night trying to look for food, or create more tunnels underground.

When Are Moles Most Active?

mole in molehill

Simply put, moles will stay active for as long as they can. There is a misconception that moles are nocturnal, and this was brought about by the fact that many homeowners see no activity during the daytime, but as soon as they wake up in the morning, they see molehills all over the place.

Another misconception is that moles will not be active when there is a cold temperature on the surface and the ground is frozen. But in truth, the moles are still very active during the cold seasons, we might not be able to notice them a lot because they are actually digging deeper underground.

Moles however, will be extra active after a rain shower, or when the surface is damp. They also seem to be busier during the early morning hours. This might be because worms are more active after a rain, or insects might be looking for shelter underground when it is damp and cold outside.

mole tunnels

Moles are also very active during mating season. In order to find a suitable mate, they will go through great lengths to make new tunnels that will venture further. They will also try to make annoying mating calls as the mating season will begin. The season will typically start in February and end in March.

Several weeks after their mating season, the moles will also become more active especially now that they will have to care for as much as 5 baby moles. After gestation, the young moles will have to venture out and make their own tunnels. This too can make the moles look busier than usual.

How Can I Use This To My Advantage?

mole in active

Those who have tried trapping or eliminating moles know how difficult it can be to get rid of them no matter what tool you are going to use. Some people might even have to wait for days before their trap will be able to catch one simply because they do not know when to put it on the ground.

Understanding moles’ active time is a crucial step towards effectively getting rid of them for good. As a matter of fact, some people will only need to use a stick to kill them. And their secret lies with being patient and being able to catch them while they are busy in their tunnels.

For example, some golf course caretakers are able to kill dozens of moles who have nested inside their properties by simply waiting after a rain shower. While some are able to kill moles by waiting for them early in the morning, or by putting their cats near the molehills at night.


laughing mole

Moles can be quite dangerous especially if there is a bunch of them living in your property. They can make a lot of mess and they can destroy your plants and even your landscaping efforts. They can be a nuisance at home, this is why you should consider getting rid of them as soon as possible.

Moles are very busy creatures, as a matter of fact, some people have even reported of seeing moles that will store as much as a thousand worms in their larder. That is how active and industrious they are. Moles are also active when during mating season or when there is an opportunity to get more food.

Moles are not nocturnal and they do not hibernate. They are busy all day and all night, and they will actually continue to dig deeper tunnels during winter. Understanding their behavior is actually a very important tool you can use to effectively and efficiently catch or kill them.

For example, if you need to kill them during cold months, you can opt to drown them by filling the tunnels with water. But if you are trying to set a trap, do it during spring or summer because they do a lot of runs during this season and they can easily expose themselves to traps near the surface.

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