When Do Apple Trees Bloom? Seeing Visible Growth On Your Apples

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There is actually a science when it comes to figuring out when apple trees bloom. When apple trees start producing flowers, you can expect them to look very beautiful as the trees will take on a wonderful appearance. Apple flowers also have an amazing scent which can fill the air and even attracts bees.

Aside from giving you something to look and smell at, apple blooms tell us all about the fruits which will come soon. In general, apple blooms will appear in spring just as the apple leaves emerge. The apple blossoms will usually appear in spurs while some of the blossoms will also be seen in long shoots.

Some people who have waited anxiously for their apples to bear fruit will get worried when their trees fail to bloom in spring. Without a good understanding about when the apple trees will bloom, you might end up getting frustrated. To help you out, here’s what you need to know about bloom timing.

When Do Apple Trees Bloom? Seeing Visible Growth On Your Apples

The Timing Of The Apple Tree Bloom

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Apples will have visible growth in spring only after it gets its chilling requirement fulfilled. The apple needs as much as 1200 hours in an environment that has a temperature of 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit. Afterward, it needs to have as much as 300 hours in a 40 degree Fahrenheit environment to bloom.

Both these requirements have to be met before blooms appear. If these requirements are met, the leaves will then appear first during spring. After 3-4 weeks, you can expect the trees to bloom. Instead of relying on time, the appearance of the bloom relies heavily on the temperature in your area.

With that said, you cannot really provide an exact date when the apples are supposed to bloom each year. As a matter of fact, the fluctuating temperatures during winter and spring has a huge impact on the apples. If there are huge temperature changes, it can easily delay the blooming by up to two weeks.

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The appearance of the bloom will not usually happen together across the entire country. This is because the bloom date will vary depending on the temperatures that a specific region goes through during winter and spring.

It has been observed however, that apple trees found in Southern areas that have warmer temperatures as well as a mild winter will bloom earlier. Some of the apple trees will bloom as early as April, while trees located in the North will tend to bloom much later in May.

How Can I Tell If The Apple Is About To Bloom?

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Apples become dormant during winter. Since there is no sunlight available for photosynthesis, they will not have any leaves on the branches. However, the apple tree will continue to have buds that will turn into leaves or flowers in spring. To know if the tree will bloom next year, look for these dormant blooms.

Since the apple tree focuses on storing energy during winter, it will patiently wait for sunlight. As soon as the tree feels the warmth of the sun, it will use its stored energy to release leaves that will collect the sunlight for photosynthesis. The dormant buds will then undergo a process called “silver tip”.

This process is when the coating of the buds will fall off the tree to expose the leaves. The leaves of the tree will slowly become greener so that it can collect more sunlight. Afterward, the “tight cluster” stage will occur where most of the leaves have returned and a few flower buds in the leaf cluster can be seen.

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After a week or so, the flower blossom will start to break out of their buds. This is called the “pink” stage where the buds will also start to put on a light pink color. You will then have to wait for a few more days to a week before the “bloom” stage happens and the flower will fully emerge and open.

With that said, the best way for you to tell if the apple tree is about to bloom is by looking if it is already mature enough to have dormant blooms during winter. As soon as spring arrives, look for the occurrence of the silver tip so you will know that in two or more weeks, the blooming flowers will soon appear.


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Apple trees need both cold and heat in order to bloom during spring. During winter, the apple trees need to be exposed to cold temperatures for as much as 1,200 hours. While in spring, it has to get as much sunlight as possible so that it will have enough energy to release its leaves.

If the apple’s blooming requirements have been met, the dormant buds will go through different stages. The silver tip stage will happen, followed by the tight cluster, the pink stage, and finally the bloom stage. You will have to wait for a couple of days to a few weeks in between stages.

Basically, apple trees will only bloom if it gets enough cold during winter and warmth during spring. The arrival of the bloom is very dependent on the climate in your area. In general, the apple trees will bloom in a few weeks after the arrival of spring. Depending on where it is located, this can be in April or May.

Do you grow apple trees in your property? Tell us more about when it typically blooms each year in the comment section.

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