When Do Mosquitoes Go Away? Knowing How You Can Keep Them Out


When do mosquitoes go away? A lot of people end up asking this question if they get too tired of having to deal with mosquitoes night after night. Well, if you are currently staying in a warm, tropical environment, chances are that mosquitoes will not be going away anytime soon.

Given the right conditions, the mosquitoes can actually thrive and stay active for a very long time. These insects will only go away if you take the necessary measures. You need to understand that there are things that you can do to make them go away for as long as you are willing to take action.

Knowing when mosquitoes will go away, is quite important as it can help you protect your home from this annoying, and deadly insect. Remember, mosquitoes are very persistent, and they will do all they can in order to get warm blood even if it means getting it from your children.

When Do Mosquitoes Go Away?

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Mosquitoes live in specific areas by the thousands, they are highly selective as they will only live in areas where they can thrive and survive. In warm and humid regions, the mosquitoes will remain active all year round. But in cold and temperate areas, they can actually hibernate.

With that said, if you live in an area where mosquitoes remain active all-year round, then there is a huge chance that they will not hesitate to attack you if you will not create a barrier that will help limit their access to specific areas inside your home. The best way to do this is to put up window screens.


You can install these screens in front of the windows as this can help keep the mosquitoes away from everyone inside the house. If they do get in, at the very least, you will only have to deal with a few of them instead of dozens. You can also create a barrier by using insect repellents.

You can use citronella oil to keep them away from your windows and doors, or you can opt to purchase electronic repellents that can help keep mosquitoes away by simply turning on the device. You can even opt to use simple mosquito coils just to create a barrier that will stop them from entering your home.

Mosquitoes Can Go Away If You Take Measures To Protect Your Skin

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Another way for you to make sure that mosquitoes will go far away from you is by taking measures to protect your skin from them. By using insect repellent, you can easily make the mosquito think that you are invisible. The repellent does this by blocking the mosquito’s odor receptors.

You can opt to use a 30% or a 50% DEET repellent simply because these products can be used to protect your skin for several hours. You can also opt to use an oil-based repellent which uses natural oils instead of synthetic chemicals to help keep mosquitoes away from your skin.

A simpler way to keep mosquitoes away is by wearing clothes that can help keep your skin covered. You can also use blankets so that your skin will not be exposed. But if the temperature is too hot for you, then you might want to get a mosquito net. This can help keep you cool while keeping insects away.

Mosquitoes Will Go Away If You Actively Make An Effort To Eliminate Them

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One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from you is to actively make an effort to kill them. Adult female mosquitoes hunt for sources of warm blood in order to get the right nutrients for their eggs to develop. But by using insecticides, you can actually eliminate them on the spot.

You can opt to use aerosol insecticide sprays, and you can even opt to install mosquito traps. You can even consider using mosquito poisons that can help lessen their population by killing the larvae that can be found on areas that have stagnant water such as ponds, fish tanks, and even rain barrels.

Allowing Mosquitoes To Go Away On Their Own Naturally


If you want to keep mosquitoes away, you can opt to wait for the right climate or season. Mosquitoes will hibernate during the cold months, and they are also known to hide if the sun is out simply because the heat can kill them as a result of dehydration.

You can actually use this to your advantage. You can opt to go outdoors or work on your gardens while the sun is out, or you can also choose to go to a specific location only if the mosquitoes are in hibernation. You can even use plants in order to keep them away from your own home.


By planting garlic near your windows, and all around your property, you can actually make a barrier that can help keep the mosquitoes away from your home naturally. You can also decrease the mosquito population naturally by cleaning your surroundings.

You can do this by removing stagnant water, or by using fishes that devour mosquito larvae to your advantage. You can also mow the lawn and remove tall shrubs so you can minimize the mosquitoes’ hiding and breeding places.


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Mosquitoes will go away only when the environment presents something unfavorable to them. They will go away naturally if cold temperature will start to rise, or when there are natural obstacles that will hinder them from going near your home or near you.

Mosquitoes will also go away if you opt to make an effort that will keep them away. Why wait for them to go away on their own when you know full well that they are willing to go through great lengths to get a blood meal, and that simple steps can do a lot to limit their access to your skin and to your home.

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