When To Cut New Grass? Mowing Your Lawn At The Right Time

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A lot of people who have recently planted their lawn with grass get very excited when they see that their property is now filled with a vibrant green color. In most cases, they are not just happy to see the grass growing properly, they are also happy to finally have the chance to cut the grass.

But when are you supposed to cut new grass? While you might think that it is safe to cut them now that they are long enough, you need to know that new grass are quite fragile. You should never be deceived at how long they are simply because what is happening beneath the soil is what matters most.

People who have not tried to cut new grass before should know that if you cut the grass too early, you can actually damage seedlings and you can easily end up having to deal with dieback. With that said, there are some very important things to consider when cutting new grass. Read on to know more about it.

Find Out If The Grass Is Seeded Or Sodded


The last thing you want to do is to cut grass that has not yet established itself in the soil. This is why you need to know if the grass in your lawn was seeded or sodded. Seeded grass takes a lot of time to properly establish in the soil, this is why you need to wait for at least two months before cutting them.

Seeded grass will germinate in the first two months. You should also wait until the grass has reached 3 – 3.5 inches in height. Even at this stage, you should be very careful when it comes to mowing the new grass. Keep in mind that sudden turns with the mower can pull out the new grass from the soil.


Sodded grass on the other hand, will only need two weeks to establish itself in the soil. You can mow them after this time period but you can still damage them especially if you use heavy lawn mowers. I highly recommend that you wait at least a month so you can mow sodded grass safely.

The best way for you to know if the grass in your lawn has been seeded or sodded is to ask the gardener or the real estate agent if you just recently bought the new property. Both grasses look the same on the outside but seeded grass can easily be pulled out because its roots are still too fragile.

Things To Consider When Cutting New Grass


If you are not sure when the grass was placed there, wait at least four weeks before cutting the grass. The mower blades should also be sharp and the leaf blades must already be strong enough to avoid compaction. You can always try out a small area before mowing the entire lawn.

New grass that has not established itself have shallow roots. They are very easy to pull out of the soil and the mower’s blades will easily rip and scatter them everywhere instead of cutting out the top portion of the grass. Heavy mowers can also compact the seedlings, making them susceptible to rot.

Never cut new grass too short, doing so will allow invading weeds to grow easily. It can also put the grass under heat stress. You should try to mow slowly and steadily. If you turn too fast, you can actually rip or pinch the turf and remove it from the top soil.

Observing The Proper Mowing Guidelines

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In general, you should wait until the grass has reached at least 3.5 inches long. You need to make sure that you stop all irrigation as soon as the grass has reached the proper height. Wait for at least 2 days before you start mowing the new grass so you know that you are going to cut them dry.

Cutting wet grass is dangerous and it can also give you uneven results. When cutting new grass, make sure that you are only going to remove one-third of the total length of each blade. This will allow your grass to avoid stress. Don’t wait until it grows more than 4 inches so you can cut grass evenly.

If you are not sure about how much length you have already cut, just check the grass and make sure that you leave behind at least 2 inches when cutting new grass. This will help make your turf more resilient, it can help keep the moisture in the top soil and it can also help prevent the germination of weed seeds.


sodded grass

All grass, whether it is seeded or comes from laid sod, are very delicate. Instead of focusing on when you can finally use your lawn mower, you should try to focus on letting their roots develop properly in the soil. Allowing them to grow at least 3.5 inches or more will help them establish their roots properly.

The long itchy blades of grass can help keep you and your family away so that they will be able to grow undisturbed. Wait at least 2 months for seeded grass, and 1 month for sodded grass. If you do not know when the grass was placed there, you should wait for at least a month and test a small area first.

If you think that it is now time for the new grass to be cut, you should turn off the irrigation and wait for it to dry so you can cut the new grass without damaging it. Do not cut them short right away, just cut 1/3 its length and wait 3 – 5 days before cutting another 1/3 off. This will keep the grass healthy.

Have you tried to cut new grass? Tell us more about how long you waited before cutting them in the comment section.

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