When To Pick Serrano Peppers? Getting Deliciously Hot Peppers

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Serrano peppers are very popular all over the world. These peppers are now one of many fruits, vegetables and spices that are being shipped all of the globe in order to make amazingly unique dishes. Here in the U.S. Serrano peppers are widely known for its use when making sought after pico de gallo.

Serrano peppers are not typically prized for its heat. This is because many experts classify this pepper as moderately hot. Nevertheless, even if there are other peppers that are hotter than this one, Serrano peppers shouldn’t be trifled with since they are actually five times hotter than the Jalapeno pepper.

Most culinary experts and home cooks however, like the Serrano pepper simply because of the flavor that it can provide. This is why many want to buy them in bulk or better yet, they will actually try to grow them at home. To help home growers, here’s what you need to know about when to pick them.

When To Pick Serrano Peppers? Getting Deliciously Hot Peppers

When To Pick Serrano Peppers?

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Of course, the best time to pick Serrano peppers would have to be when they are already ripe. You need to understand that if you want the right amount of flavor and heat, you will have to be very patient and pick the peppers when they have fully ripened. But how can you tell if they are ripe?

The best way to tell if they are already ripe is to try to check them physically. Typically, these peppers take on a wide array of colors such as green, yellow, orange and red. These colors are indicators of the pepper’s ripeness. Green and red peppers are the ripe ones, orange and yellow ones are still unripe.

You can however, use its color to gauge their flavor and heat content. This is because some people like red ones better while there are those who prefer ones that are still yellow or orange in color because they prefer its mild heat. You should also wait until the peppers are of the correct length and thickness.

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Serrano peppers would typically grow more than 3 inches long and most gardeners will wait until the pepper is at least 3.5 inches long and half an inch wide before harvesting them. You need to keep in mind however, that the size of the pepper matters a lot. This is because the smaller ones are very hot.

Another way to tell when to pick the Serrano pepper is by checking the calendar. This is because in most cases, it will take as much as 80 days before the peppers become ripe for the picking. This however, will depend on how the plant is maintained and how good the soil, temperature and weather conditions are.

How To Pick The Serrano Peppers?

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If you think that your peppers are now ready to be harvested, you can now prepare everything to make sure that the harvest goes as smoothly as possible. Avoid using your hands to pick the Serrano peppers and use a knife or clippers instead. Snip the peppers on the stem to avoid damaging the plant.

You should only harvest the peppers when they are dry. This is because cutting them while the plant is wet can make the plant susceptible to infections. Always use rubber gloves when picking or handling the ripe peppers. Keep in mind that green or red ones are ripe, but red ones are the hottest of them all.

You should also avoid rubbing your skin or touching your eyes or nose after the harvest. You will have to remove the rubber gloves and wash your hands thoroughly before touching any part of your body. Ripe peppers can also be pulled off easily and the ones that are ready for harvest will have a brown line.


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Although more commonly used here in the U.S. for making Mexican dishes and spicy salsas, Serrano peppers is slowly gaining popularity all over the world. They are a must-have for many dishes and this is why many people are growing them in their backyard gardens and harvesting them at the right time.

The best time to harvest these peppers is when they have fully ripened. You can tell this by looking at their color. Ripe peppers have a green or red color, these ones have the most flavor and heat. You can also harvest them while they are yellow or orange if you prefer your peppers to have a milder heat level.

Another way for you to tell if they are ready to be harvested is by checking its size. In most cases, the pepper can be harvested with great results as soon as they reach 3.5 inches in length. You can also time your harvest to be around 80 days depending on how well the plant is growing.

Have you tried growing Serrano peppers in your garden? Tell us more about when you harvested your own peppers in the comment section.

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