Where Do Roaches Hide? The Shocking Truth

Cockroaches are downright scary and gross. But more than just ugly looking insects, they are actually quite dangerous simply because they carry with them bacteria and viruses that can cause a wide array of diseases. This is the main reason why they have to be dealt with right away before they start to multiply.

Unfortunately, roaches know how to hide very well. They can creep into your home undetected and they can also multiply rapidly in cracks and crevices without your knowledge. If you want to make sure that they are all eliminated, it is very important that you try to know first where they might be hiding.

#1 The Ceiling


The thought of probably having dozens of cockroaches on your ceiling might give you the creepy crawlies. But you should know that roaches like to stay within the ceiling because it can provide them with a lot of space and darkness. This area is also very inaccessible to us, allowing them to use it freely.

What’s more, it can be very hard to spray the ceiling with insecticides. At best, you might be able to spray the outer surfaces but having the fog go deep into the spaces within the ceiling is almost next to impossible without removing wooden panels or the crown molding.

The best way to tell if they are nesting in the ceiling is by listening to them scurry at night. You might also see them dropping from above through cracks and crevices or flying all around your house. Although in most cases, the celling or the attic will stay dry, it can be humid during the rainy season.

#2 The Pantry, Cabinets And Closets

For roaches, a dirty pantry or at the very least, a pantry filled with food is paradise. But it is not just the pantry, these insects can also invade cupboards, cabinets and closets for as long as it can provide them with readily available food or rotting organic matter, humidity, darkness and less disturbance.

In fact, cockroaches can live inside cereal boxes if you are not careful. These insects can lay eggs on linen closets and they also like to stay on the upper inside corners of these areas where they can find a quiet and peaceful place to stay during the daytime.

Roaches prioritize survival and they will always want the best living conditions possible. If your pantry is not regularly cleaned and there are opened food packets or containers inside, they will target this area. But if it is not the case, then they might just want to stay here or in cabinets to stay away from the sun.

#3 Inside Electronic Appliances


Although you can scarcely find anything organic inside an electronic appliance unless there are food stains and debris inside your microwave or ovens, roaches are known to like staying inside them. This may be because these electronics can provide them with shelter and protection.

Roaches have been known to make nests inside appliances that have not been used for a long time especially those that have been kept inside the garage for several months. If the cockroach makes an appliance its nest, the eggs can remain there undetected until dozens of juveniles will emerge.

#4 The Picture Frames

Do you like to hang picture frames along the walls? You might want to check what’s behind them from time to time especially if you already know for a fact that there is an ongoing cockroach infestation in your home. This is because the backside of these frames are ideal hiding and egg laying spots.

A mature roach can easily slide behind frames especially large ones and stay there during the day so that it can easily go out and scavenge at night. They can also stay behind paintings and other decorative fixtures in your home for as long as it can provide them with darkness as well as ample protection.

#5 The Kitchen

In most cases, roaches will live in areas that are dark, damp and with an easy access to food. This is why it should not be a surprise for you to find them living in the kitchen. Roaches can easily hide underneath the kitchen sink and they can also hide under the stove or the oven where food debris can be found.

They can hide behind the plumbing and they can also stay in areas where you keep your food. Roaches can find their way to the back or bottom parts of your refrigerator and they can also hide in places where you keep your plates and utensils. They also like to hide in areas the pots and pans are kept.

Roaches love to stay in the kitchen mainly for two things, the temperature there is warm and there are a lot of organic matter around. Roaches can also hide behind or below your trash bins and they can also wander inside the drain or inside the waste disposal.

#6 The Bathroom

cockroach lies

The bathroom can also provide moisture and humidity at levels which are very attractive to roaches. These insects also love water and while there are no food items per se in the bathroom, there are a lot of organic matter around. This includes waste tissue paper, hair and skin shedding, and some toiletries.

In the bathroom, the cockroaches can hide behind shower curtains, below the toilet bowl and behind bathroom cabinets and drawers. They can also hide near the trash cans in the bathroom and stay where the towels, toothbrushes or toiletries are being stored.



I made this list not to scare you but to help give you more information and to help equip you better in your fight against these dirty and scary pests. Now that you know where these insects will hide, you can now easily hunt for them with your trusty fogger in hand.

During daytime, most roaches will look for places where they can rest. These places will not necessarily have food since they will typically not actively feed during this time. But at nighttime, you might be able to see them hiding in the kitchen or in the pantry where food items or organic matter are present.

The shocking truth about their hiding spots in the home is that they can practically stay anywhere they want to and that they can actually breed and lay eggs without you knowing about it. At night, these cockroaches might be very busy touching different items at home.

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