Who Makes Blue Max Chainsaw? Discovering Where It Is Made From

Blue max chainsaw

There is a huge influx of chainsaw products in the market today. With several manufacturers and brand names available, it can be quite hard to find a product that is reliable and well made. This is especially true as soon as you find out that some of these products are made by questionable manufacturers.

You should also know that there are many products today which only carry popular brand names and nothing more. These products are being manufactured abroad in order to cut costs and make them more affordable as they hit the market. Of course, this results in a significant impact in terms of quality.

This is especially true when it comes to brands that seem to suddenly come out of nowhere. One of the brands that people want to know more about is the Blue max chainsaw. This is because they are being sold in many US stores and they have unique features. Their products also have mixed reviews online.

Why Would You Want To Spend Your Money On A Blue Max Chainsaw?

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In most cases, people would be interested in buying the chainsaw simply because it is very affordable compared to other brands. At first glance, it does have a very nice and solid look which might attract potential buyers right away. Its design also resembles that of chainsaws made by popular brands.

One of the popular chainsaw products made by this company is the Blue Max 03265. This model has an 18 – inch long guide bar and it also features a 45 cc high performance engine. This model is typically sold for around $150 and it also has an automatic oil feed system for the chainsaw’s bar and for its chain.

This chainsaw weighs only 16.8 pounds and it is said to work very well when used to cut trees and when used to make firewood. There are those who say that this chainsaw can start without any problems and that it also has some features such as the heavy chain that you would typically find in popular brands.

What Are The Downsides Of Blue Max Chainsaw?

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One of the downsides of these chainsaws is that while it might look good at first glance, once you get to personally handle the product, you will immediately notice its casing which feels cheap. Many of its users say that its plastic is not made from quality materials and that the forward portion will easily melt.

This is because the exhaust system is not properly designed and can easily get very hot. There are also those who say that its chain lube system will easily get a leak and that the chain will also need to be tightened from time to time because it will easily loosen after cutting 10 – 12 pieces of wood.

There are also reports that this chainsaw only functioned for a few hours and that it never started again after that. There were even reports that upon ordering this product, it arrived with the chain missing and that it was very difficult to get help from its manufacturer. In general, it has serious quality issues.

Who Makes Blue Max Chainsaw?


Upon doing my research, I found out that the Blue Max chainsaw is manufactured by the North American Tool Industries (NATI). According to its website, this company has been operating for fifty years making tools and equipment. It also states that their products are ideal for professional use.

This company also offers logistics services as well as manufacturing services for farm, construction and automotive tools and equipment. The website also points out the address of the company as being somewhere in Indiana. My first impression of the website was that it lacked a lot of vital information.

In fact, it does not indicate whether the company does manufacture its own equipment. There is also doubt on whether this company has truly existed for 50 years. This is because their chainsaws are very cheap and one expert believes that it is made from China, following the trend of most cheap products.

Blue Max Chainsaw - Conclusion

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There are some who do love their Blue Max chainsaws and there are those who say that they are worth buying for as long as you lower your expectations and focus on what it is made to do. I, on the other hand, think that buying one Blue max chainsaw, even at a low price is still risky because you might end up wasting money.

You need to consider the fact that there are a lot of people who gave their products a negative feedback and that the best thing you can do is to learn from their mistakes. With all the other chainsaw products available today, you might as well look for other makers to spend your money.

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Jim Abbott says May. 2018

I have had the same BlueMax Chainsaw for over 9 years and I have only had one issue with it. The chain oil leaks out when sitting. What I was told by a friend of mine who is a outdoor small equipment dealer was to try not tightening down the cap so hard. I have not tried that yet but will when I get a new cap, I brought the last one due to over tightening. LOL.

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