Yard Lover Gifts They Really Want for Christmas!

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With the holidays fast approaching, you may find yourself looking for yard lover gifts for your friends who love the outdoors. As we find ourselves living in extraordinary times, many of us use our yards more than ever. So, all those jobs we have put off for too long in the yard take priority, and we feel proud of our work.

Perhaps you like to entertain in your yard, or you use it as a relaxing space to escape the stress of everyday life. The yard represents a safe place and a haven from the strange times we live in, and if you love your yard, you want it to look good. Our list of yard lover gifts provides the ideal solution to your gifting woes for all those who enjoy the outside.

Yard Lover Gifts

Rectangular Brown Wooden Table

The average American spends up to 32 hours a week maintaining the yard. From caring for the lawn to weeding the beds, we spend a lot of time looking after our properties. More so than ever, our outdoor space is precious to us, and a gift that relates to the yard may prove a hit this holiday.

We have something for everyone from sophisticated gifts like the Wi-Fi Drone or the family-friendly Giant Jenga. A useful 7 Piece Gardening Tools Set may be a perfect idea, while dazzling Flickering Flame Torch Lights add a touch of atmosphere to any space.

Spending downturn

As the world battles with a pandemic, retail sales continue to plummet. We simply don’t have the money to spend on luxuries as we try to figure out how to live a normal life. Consequently, you may find yourself looking for yard lover gifts that offer value for money.

We cover numerous products to suit most budgets while presenting you with a range of quality merchandise. From innovative lighting to quirky sculptures, our list brings something fresh and exciting to add to your list of yard lover gifts.

Plus, each item brings with them an excellent range of positive reviews. Reviews remain an indispensable guide to understanding the quality and usefulness of any product as the end-user has the experience of using the item.

Yard Lover Gifts Revealed

As you explore our list of yard lover gifts, you may find something to suit most members of the family, from young to old. And with our eyes fixed continuously on value, we have something to brighten even the darkest of days.

Giant Timber Jenga

Giant Timber - Jumbo Size Wood Game - Ideal for Outdoors - Perfect for...

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The Giant Timber Jenga Game from TIMBER is a must for your list of yard lover gifts. The game is fun for all the family and comes complete with 60 large precision-crafted wooden blocks.

The set is easy to carry and includes a heavy-duty, high-quality storage bag. When you venture into the yard, you can have the game set up in no time, and the game is suitable for ages eight years and up.

The wood used in the set comes from a sustainable source from kiln dried New Zealand Pinewood. Furthermore, the edges feature smooth rounded detail, so no splitting, cracking, or splinters may result. Also, the smooth finish provides excellent playability.

Jenga is a game that everyone will enjoy in the yard. Alternatively, the set makes the perfect drinking game for adults while enjoying a barbecue.


SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone with 1080P HD Camera,Voice Control,...

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The Wi-Fi FPV Drone from SNAPTAIN makes the perfect holiday gift for the yard lover who loves tech. The drone provides video transmission within a range of up to 80 meters to stream to your phone. You may edit the High Definition footage and directly upload your masterpiece to your social media accounts.

The drone is perfect for capturing those back-yard barbecues and parties from an exciting aerial perspective. Any budding filmmaker may love the ease of use and intuitive controls to create innovative and interesting home videos.

The powerful propellers use propeller guards to ensure a safe flight. With one press of a button, the drone takes off and remains in your control with the familiarly designed control pad linked to your mobile phone.

When you consider yard lover gifts, the Wi-Fi Drone from SNAPTAIN offers a unique way to appreciate your yard from a whole new perspective. The budget-friendly gadget is sure to provide many hours of outdoor fun.

Aityvert Flickering Flame Torch Lights

Aityvert Solar Lights, 43' Flickering Flames Torch Lights Outdoor...

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The Solar Flickering Flame Torch Lights from Aityvert look amazing in the yard. The 43-inch high solar-powered lights on stakes feature a realistic flickering flame effect that looks particularly stunning when the sun sets.

The lights use 96 LED lights to cast a soft, safe mood-enhancing light to provide an atmosphere in your yard. Each lamp features a rechargeable battery, which means no messy or complicated wires to install.

Aityvert manufactures its lights from hard-wearing, durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance. Each light may last up to 5 hours on a full charge during the winter and 12 hours in the summer.

Anyone who loves their outdoor space will love these lights. They look particularly effective when placed amongst plants or used to mark the edge of a path. The incredible light which flickers in each lamp gives a fantastic effect of a real flame. So, the Solar Flickering Flame Torch Lights from Aityvert make the perfect yard lover gifts.

Brightown Outdoor Globe String Lights

Outdoor String Lights 25 Feet G40 Globe Patio Lights with 26 Edison...

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The Outdoor Globe String Lights from Brightown add a touch of retro-chic design to any yard. The set comprises 25 glass bulbs that you can dim and features energy-saving benefits. The warm white light casts a relaxing, sophisticated glow across any space.

A smart touch comes in the form of their connectable nature, which means you may add up to three additional sets to each strand while only using one plug point. In fact, you could fill your yard with these enchanting globes of light to add atmosphere and decoration.

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The lights use weatherproof technology to provide a long-lasting feature in your space. And a built-in spare fuse makes for easy replacement.

You may string the lights around your yard and create a warm, welcoming space that proves perfect for entertaining. The elegant, slightly retro feel to the globes adds a touch of style and may look fantastic in any outside area.

Marathon Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart - Green/Black

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The Yard Rover Wheelbarrow Garden Cart from Garden Star is the perfect yard gift for anyone who likes to work in their garden. The wheelbarrow features two air-filled wheels making it easier to lift, balance, and maneuver.

A large loop handle allows users to push or pull the contents easily, and it has a rust-proof five-cubic foot ploy tray. You can load the cart to a 300-pound capacity, making it the perfect workhorse for your yard.

The lightweight yet sturdy construction means the wheelbarrow weighs 25 pounds. It takes moments to set up with a crescent wrench and a flat head screwdriver.

If you find yourself looking for yard lover gifts this holiday, the Yard Rover Wheelbarrow Garden Cart from Garden Star is a versatile, cost-effective gifting choice.

Suncast Hideaway Resin Outdoor Trash Can

Suncast 33 Gallon Hideaway Can Resin Outdoor Trash with Lid Use in...

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This Hideaway Resin Outdoor Trash Can from Suncast makes the perfect gift for yard lovers who like their space to remain spotless. And compared to conventional trash cans, the Suncast model is decorative and attractive.

The trash can features a 33-gallon capacity that may prove ideal for most yards. Plus, the rigid, durable resin construction ensures longevity throughout every season. So, the trash can is waterproof and fade-proof.

The hinged lid allows for easy access and latches securely to keep trash inside the bin. The lovely wicker design complements any yard without looking out of place to provide a decorative yet functional feature.

SteadyDoggie Solar Wind Spinner

SteadyDoggie Solar Wind Spinner New 75in Jewel Cup Multi-Color...

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The Jewel Solar Wind Spinner from SteadyDoggie may prove a colorful delight in any yard. When the wind catches the blades, the decorative paddles spin to provide hypnotic, kinetic movement that is fascinating and relaxing. In addition, the wind spinner features a color-changing globe that enhances the beauty of the sculpture.

The sculpture features multiple blades that smoothly rotate in opposite directions. A sturdy stake ensures easy installation with the minimum of fuss. The wind’s kinetic energy powers the solar battery and then lights up the glass globe in an array of pretty colors.

The sturdy construction ensures longevity, and the brushed bronze copper tones blend in beautifully with the yard. The illuminated crackle ball at the heart of the sculpture measures 3.5 inches and may last up to 5 hours on a full charge.

In the Breeze Rainbow Curlie Spinner

In the Breeze Best Selling Rainbow Curlie Spinner - 24 Inch Colorful...

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The Rainbow Curlie Spinner from In the Breeze is a pretty, decorative wind charm ideal for hanging from trees or gazebos. The sturdy polyester fabric comes coated with a durable rainbow spectrum of colors that look as though they move and melt as the spinner moves.

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You may choose from various sizes starting at 24 inches, going up to 84 inches. The spinner is 4.5 inches wide, and the fabric is stain and ultraviolet resistant. The plastic ball attached to the end weighs the decoration down and spins freely in the breeze.

The spinner’s outer edge arrives encased with a heavy-duty plastic strand that forms the striking curly shape. And when the breeze catches the spinner’s edges, it creates a soothing illusion of floating up and down.

The Rainbow Curlie Spinner from Breeze represents excellent value and forms the perfect addition to the list of yard lover gifts.

CosyLand 12 Piece Gardening Tools Set

COSYLAND Garden Tools Set 12 Pieces Gardening Hand Tool Kit, Durable...

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The 12 Piece Gardening Tool Set from CosyLand provides a practical holiday gift for any yard lover. The set comprises a pruner, weeder, trowel, cultivator, hand rake, and a transplanter.

The stainless steel pruner is durable, and the other tools in the set, made from thick, strong metal just as reliable. Consequently, the set is durable and rust-resistant, making them suitable for long term use.

A sturdy holder provides the ideal case in which to store the tools. The rubber-coated handles allow for a comfortable, non-slip grip. And the tote bag storage is convenient for carrying around because the tools fit comfortably into its various pockets.

Yard lovers may appreciate such a thoughtful and useful gift.

TomCare Kneeler Seat Garden Bench

TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat Garden Bench Garden Stools Foldable Stool...

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The Kneeler Seat Garden Bench from TomCare may be the ideal yard lover gift for those who have difficulty kneeling down to perform tasks. The multifunctional kneeler also doubles as a set.

Two convenient pockets in the kneeler’s sides act as the ideal place to store tools on the go with multiple pouches for storage convenience. Not only that, the kneeler folds away for easy and convenient storage, and the rugged, durable material is easy to clean.

A foam-padded cushion provides additional comfort to the top of the kneeler.

Anyone who has arthritis and hip and knee conditions may appreciate the Kneeler Seat Garden Bench from TomCare. It proves such a useful and helpful tool when kneeling down and acts as a convenient, portable seat.

Yard Lover Gifts Explored

The holiday season always brings its own set of worries, and finding the perfect gift is one of them. With money tighter this year than most, it is essential to spend wisely while still providing the ideal holiday gift.

The Solar Wind Spinner makes the perfect decorative addition to any yard. And the Kneeler Seat Garden Bench makes a practical, useful choice. However, tech lovers may appreciate the Wi-Fi Drone while families may enjoy the Giant Jenga game.

However you may choose to spend your money this holiday, it is always the thought that counts. Buying the perfect yard lover gifts offers the opportunity to spend wisely while buying something thoughtful. From tolls to lights and fantastic wind chimes, the ideal gift sits at your fingertips.

Do you have any suggestions to add to our list of yard lover gifts? Why not comment in the space below with your tips.

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