Ariens Lawn Tractor Review

Sometimes it takes a professional-grade tool to get the job done. If you’re tired of slow, inefficient or low-quality lawn mowers, consider a professional zero-turn Ariens lawn tractor. These highly effective mowers will make quick work of your lawn with durable, easy-to-use features. If speed and power are what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with a zero-turn mower. This review will compare the pros and cons of a zero-turn mower, highlight all the features of the Ariens Ikon X 52 and compare it head-to-head with other great zero-turn mower options. Whether you are a professional lawn care expert, or you just want your lawn to look like a professional product, the Ariens Ikon X 52 is an excellent choice.

Ariens Lawn Tractor 
Pros & Cons

The Ariens lawn tractor Ikon X series offers plenty of high-quality features to love, but there are also downsides to choosing this zero-turn mower. Consider all your options carefully, and use the pros and cons lists to determine whether this mower is the best choice for your yard.


  • Zero-turn mower has unmatched build quality, with 11-gauge steel
  • The chair with armrests is a very welcome feature, particularly for large yards
  • The dial for changing the cutting height is incredibly useful and easy to use
  • Ikon X line also includes 42-inch mowing deck options
  • Plenty of customizability, including 13 different cut lengths available to get the perfect look for your lawn
  •  Durable frame and wide mowing deck
  • Cost-effective machine for the speed at which it clears even the largest yard


  • Twice as expensive as a good-quality riding lawn mower
  • Ikon X line doesn’t offer any front mower deck options
  • Some customers feel the lap bar handles are too difficult to use and prefer a standard steering wheel
  • Not recommended  to clear grass longer than 6 inches

Ariens Lawn Tractor 

Zero-Turn Mower Buying Guide

There are several key factors to consider when comparing zero-turn mowers. These machines are designed for professional use in mind, so there may be additional features that you aren’t used to. They are also highly specialized, so you won’t have the same versatility as a traditional lawn tractor. However, it’s one of the most efficient means of mowing large areas of grass, whether it is even or not. They are durable and reliable, so many homeowners choose to use these for their own yards. Before you decide to switch to zero-turn mowing, take a look at this helpful buying guide. If you have already used a zero-turn mower, be sure you haven’t missed any of the important features or extras available.

Zero-Turn Radius

There are a few combined features that allow mowers to achieve the highly-prized zero-turn radius. First, these mowers have independently driven rear wheels. Next, the front swivel wheels have a large range of movement. Together, that allows one wheel to turn in reverse, while another turns naturally, which causes your mower to make an immediate change-of-direction, with no forward movement. With a little bit of practice, it allows even the largest mowers to navigate sharp turns, awkward corners and a maze of obstacles. While there are zero-turn mowers with traditional steering wheels, most use two lap bars. Controlling a mower with two bars can take some practice, but it gives you much more control for those tricky turns. This type of mower is also great for achieving a professional look to your lawn. Those zig-zag lines will never look better.

Accessories and Towing

While your garden tractor and riding lawn mower can happily pull a heavy trailer across your yard, you’ll want to be careful attaching too much to these specialized machines. A zero-turn lawn mower typically has a transmission that isn’t capable of pulling much more than 180 pounds. Beyond that, you could ruin the transmission of a very expensive piece of equipment. Either resort to an old-fashioned wheelbarrow or consider keeping your old lawn tractor to pull your wagon. You also won’t be able to rely on a zero-turn mower for any snow blowing. However, all of these zero-turn models can be equipped with mulching or bagging equipment, which gives your yard a perfectly-manicured feel. While they don’t traditionally come with headlights, like a standard lawn tractor, you can add lights as an additional accessory.

Mower Deck Positioning

While most mower decks, including the zero-turn Ariens lawn tractor models, are located roughly in the middle of the mower, some are designed with a mower deck in front of the main body. Also, while these front-deck mowers may look odd, they are very more useful for getting close to obstacles, like trees or flower beds. While a zero-turn mower will certainly cut down on the time it takes to mow wide open yards, you should consider a front-deck mower if you want to eliminate some of the trim work that always needs to be done after you mow.

Grass Length

While you may imagine that a high-powered machine like this may make quick work of any length of grass, you’d be mistaken. Although there is a wide range of cut lengths available on a zero-turn mower, they work best if you keep your yard regularly maintained. This means that if it’s particularly overgrown, you may need to find another option to cut your grass back to a manageable height. This is only a consideration if you let your grass grow extremely tall, so it isn’t a factor for most homeowners.

What Is an Ariens Lawn Tractor?

Since 1933, Ariens has been producing high-quality lawn tractors for American buyers. Now an international company, Ariens is still proud to be a family-owned company. The Ikon X Series offers several professional-grade zero-turn mowers, with a variety of mower deck and engine sizes. Not all zero-turn mowers are created equal, and there are many pros and cons to larger or smaller models. The Ariens lawn tractor Ikon X 52 Kohler is one of the largest, most premium models offered by Ariens. It features a massive, 52-inch mower deck, as well as a powerful 24-horsepower V-Twin engine. You’ll be able to easily adjust this machine to an impressive 13 different cut lengths, and the dual handles provide excellent control. Ride with style and comfort with a fully supportive seat and armrests. 11-gauge steel makes this fabricated deck incredibly durable. It’s one of the best models on the market, with an excellent range of warranties, depending on the part. The price of this mower is very competitive with other zero-turn mowers but is very expensive when compared to other types of lawn mowers. Most customers love the high-end quality and durability of this machine, as well as the extended safety features. However, some customers don’t like the lack of a traditional steering wheel and feel it is sometimes difficult to start.

Ariens Lawn Tractor: Specifications of the Ariens Ikon X 52 Kohler

  • 24 horsepower
  • 725 cc V-Twin engine
  • 52-inch mower deck
  • Four-point hanging system for deck
  • 13 cutting positions with quarter-inch adjustments
  • High-back seat with armrests
  • Lap-bar steering
  • Three-year warranty, up to five-year warranty of specific parts
  • Customer rating: 4.6 stars

Ariens Lawn Tractor: Pricing

These zero-turn riding mowers represent some of the most expensive residential mowers on the market. While you can spend only a few hundred dollars on an inexpensive riding mower, zero-turn mowers are generally much more expensive. The mowers on this list range from, $2,854.88 to $3,483.84. The Ariens lawn tractor Ikon X 52 Kohler is right in the middle at $2,999.00. Carefully consider your yard and determine the type of mower that would be most effective, both in terms of size and obstacles. Generally, a higher priced mower will not only last longer but also provide more horsepower and a wider mowing deck. Zero-turn functionality is also more expensive than a traditional turning radius. While zero-turn models save you precious time on extensive yards, they aren’t practical for smaller yards, so a yard under one-half an acre should consider an alternative mower.

Ariens Lawn Tractor: How It Compares

Ariens Ikon X 52 Kohler

Ease of Use: 4 stars
Build Quality: 5 stars
Warranty: 5 stars

John Deere Z345R Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Ease of Use: 4 stars
Build Quality: 5 stars
Warranty: 4 stars

This slightly smaller zero-turn mower still provides plenty of quality features and a very reliable brand name. The John Deere Z345R only comes with a 42-inch mower deck and a slightly smaller 22-horsepower engine. It’s incredibly comfortable, with an easy-to-use starting system. The chair has a high back and is adjustable, giving you a comfortable ride. Add a bagger or mulcher for an even more professional look to your yard. It’s a reasonably fast mower, getting up to 7 miles per hour. It’s an excellent mid-range, zero-turn model particularly well suited for yards between one-half acre and two acres. The stamped metal deck uses 12 gauge steel, which isn’t quite as sturdy as the Ariens mower. Still, for a slightly less expensive and more compact mowing system, the John Deere zero-turning mower offers a great value for a professional machine. While John Deere advertises high-quality delivery services that include careful instructions regarding the use of their mowers, most customers didn’t receive this service from the delivery driver. However, customers love the effectiveness of this powerful and highly functional riding mower.

Husqvarna 967271701 Kawasaki Zero-Turn Mower

Ease of Use: 4 stars
Build Quality: 5 stars
Warranty: 5 stars

You can’t go wrong with a Husqvarna machine, and this mower is no exception. It comes with a great, four-year warranty, and an incredibly wide 54-inch deck. The Husqvarna engine only offers 23 horsepower, but the air induction system delivers an excellent cut. It works by using air to help lift the grass as you drive over it, which gives you a clean, accurate cut. The deck is easily adjustable using a spring-assisted lever. It still uses the bar lap steering design, which takes some time to use effectively. However, once you are used to this system, you’ll love the accuracy and maneuverability. Customers love how fast this zero-turn mower drives and how wide the mowing deck is. Some customers, on the other hand, struggle to use this mower with tall grass. Like all zero-turn mowers, it’s most effective when you keep your lawn trimmed consistently. The Husqvarna 967271701 is the most expensive model on this list, so consider how wide of a mowing deck you need before determining which model is the best fit for your lawn care needs.

Ariens Lawn Tractor: Conclusion

If you’re looking for a zero-turn mower with a durable frame and reasonable price, the Ariens lawn tractor Ikon X 52 Kohler receives a 4.5 out of five stars. It’s an excellent model for quickly mowing your mid-range and large yard and will make you feel like a professional lawn care expert. If you’ve never used a zero-turn mower before, you’ll be amazed at the amount of maneuverability you have. There are many kinds of zero-turn mowers available and several reasons to reconsider purchasing one. Take your time and determine the best mower for your yard and budget. While it’s a big investment for a specialized piece of equipment, the Ariens lawn tractor Ikon X 52 Kohler has the ability to save you hours this summer. Take back your lawn and your free time with this fast and efficient mower.






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