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Bat numbers are declining day by day, and most of the species are becoming extinct. You can think of these bat mammals as black-clad kids or Dracula, but there’s more to these fuzzy mammals. Bats are known to help in pollinating plants, and they also eat thousands of insects overnight. When you place the best bat house in your compound, it could help increase their numbers.

However, with very many bat houses in the market, you have to figure out the things to search for in a quality bat house. Bats will eat all the pesky mosquitoes ruining rests at the balcony.

Top 3 Bat House On The Market – Comparison Table:

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Tips To Pick The Best Bat House From The Market

There are many bat houses in the market, so it will be a tough task to get the best bat house, but with these key factors, you can easily make your choice.

  • Material

A quality bat house is constructed using untreated wood, although you might encounter some that are made of molded plastic in the market. The wooden bat house can be stained or painted on the outside but can’t be treated because these mammals are very sensitive to the chemicals. Although the molded plastic houses are less common, they require less maintenance and are more durable. Mostly cedar wood is used in constructing the bat house, and it is resistant to insect damage and rotting, which means your box will serve for many years.

bat house reviews
  • Size

Mostly, bats prefer living in larger bat houses. You will attract large numbers of bats to your bat house that measures 14″ wide by 20″ tall. The house should also have a landing area of around 1/2 feet in length. If your bat house isn’t this large, then bats can’t get in readily.

  • Chambers

A bat house should have several slim Chambers since bats like staying in tight spaces. Some of the houses bear six Chambers with each chamber measuring 0.75 inches to 1.0-inch depth. Although single-chambered homes are still okay if you have a tight budget, studies show that bats go into multi-chambered large houses. Besides, if you would like to encourage breeding or attract mothers with their pups, you will require at least four Chambers.

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  • Gripping surface

Bats love a house that is scored and grooved to give them sufficient purchase. They should be able to grip the inner walls effectively, and this will be a perfect place for them to stay. The grooved surface allows the bats to land and roost safely. Alternatively, you can cover the inside with plastic mesh, although it’s considered inferior to the grooved surfaces, and they also break easily.

Top 10 Bat House You Can Choose From

1. BIGBATBOX -Bat Houses for Outdoors

BIGBATBOX -Bat Houses for outdoors - With our proven Bat Box design,...
  • 98% GREATER OCCUPANCY over non-certified Bat Houses. Modeled after our proven BCI...
  • This 2-Chamber Bat House, holds up to 75 bats. Effective in eliminating mosquitos! and can...
  • BUILT FROM CEDAR! Handcrafted from high-quality cedar wood, this Bat house for outdoors...

This bat house is formulated to attract bats, and you can enjoy seeing bats in the backyard cleaning up mosquitoes for you. The premium two-chamber house is modeled and built after the successful and proven Triple-Chambered nursery bat boxes that are BCI certified. This two-chamber house is engineered and built to high standards for success.

The well-constructed bat house helps in enjoying nature through the conservation of bats. You can now enjoy your evening as you watch bats swooping about while clearing those pesky mosquitoes. Also, theBIGBATBOX bat house is designed to accommodate up to 75 bats, and it’s very useful. The boxes are built from cedar and give those mammals dry and warm homes for several years.

Moreover, these boxes come in three colors, which include black, brown, and cedar. The black boxes are designed for those cooler places as it absorbs a lot of heat while the brown ones are for the intermediate climate areas. Cedar bat boxes are meant for the hot areas because they absorb the least heat.


  • Accommodates a large number of bats
  • It’s easy to install
  • Comes in three colors
  • No assembly required


  • Has no installation guide
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2. Kenley Bat House – Outdoor Bat Box Shelter with Large Double Chamber

Kenley Bat House - Outdoor Bat Box Shelter with Large Double Chamber -...
  • Designed for bats - This Kenley bat house has been developed using available research on...
  • Naturally weatherproof - Handcrafted from high-quality cedar wood, this Kenley bat house...
  • Popular with bats - When installed in bat territory, the Kenley bat shelter has an 80%...

With this well-developed Kenley bat house, you will have catered for all bat needs and preferences. It features specially engineered exterior and interior perches that makes it easier for bats to roost and land. This is a large box that is designed with two chambers, and it measures 15 inches by 9.2 inches by 3.2 inches on its external dimensions. The handcrafted Kenley bat house is produced using cedar wood that is naturally weatherproof and of high-quality. Also, the bat house keeps the bats out of snow and rain. It’s constructed to last for many years as it resists decay and rot naturally.

The box is stained with black color, which is perfect for cold climates as it absorbs a lot of warmth. This bat house has 80% of being occupied, which is higher than those single-room designed models. The bat house has two interior rooms, which form a well-spaced and grooved inside for roosting. It also has rough skerfs and a platform to make landing easier. There is a hanger hook that allows you to mount it on a wall, tree, or pole. It’s perfect for eliminating caterpillars, mosquitoes, beetles, and other insects. 


  • Has two interior rooms
  • It’s of high-quality and weatherproof
  • Has a rough landing are
  • Easy to install


  • No enough ventilators
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3. Home Goblin Large Outdoor Wooden Bat House

The large outdoor bat house measures 24 by 17.5 inches, which is twice an average bat house. It’s constructed as per the BCI guidelines (Bat Conservation International) and can accommodate double occupancy of the smaller bat houses. The box has a 70% chance rate of bats occupying this box. It is constructed with 100% red cedar and is perfect for exterior use. It requires less maintenance, and it lasts longer.

The box is painted with three black paint layers out and inside to provide a dark and warm environment for the bat family. It’s easy to install and assemble as it comes with only four screws. It is easy to mount the box, and the french cleat allows easy installation on higher grounds.

Also, the inner side has no metal screws that can hurt the bats. This bat house is constructed using research done by BCI to ensure bats enjoy the dry and warm home. Its stylish design allows landing perches and platforms more comfortable for bats to roost and land.


  • It’s large
  • Made of 100% red cedar
  • Requires less maintenance
  • It’s easy to mount
  • Comes with 30 days refund


  • It painted inside
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4. Premium Bat House Large Bat Boxes for Outdoors

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This premium bat house is constructed with the BATCON Org. specifications, and it measures 22 inches long and features a landing area measuring 3 to 6 inches. To protect the box from nests forming on it, it has an opening of ¾ inch. The bats’ crawl chamber measures 18” by 12” to allow the bats in and out of the house quickly.

Again, the house is designed with exterior-grade screws, so there are no dangerous nails to hurt the bats. The premium bat house is also made with high-quality wood that makes it serve a life purpose. It also features ½ inch grooved intervals for the bats to climb quickly.

You should hang the bat house on an angled roof to allow quick water runoff and prevent the wood from rotting. With this quality bat house, you will have mosquitoes numbers reduced in no time. It is also easy to use and mount on the roof as it comes with screw holes on the back to enable easy hanging. These bats guarantee you 100% bats landing in the box, or else you get your refund. 


  • Comes with hanging holes
  • Has a landing area
  • Made of quality wood
  • Guarantees 100% bats


  • May be hard to mount on the roof
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5. Evergreen Natural Wood Solid Pine Single Chamber BAT HOUSE

Evergreen Natural Wooden Bat House
  • BEAUTIFUL IN ANY OASIS: Crafted from humidity controlled natural wood. The rustic look and...
  • EASY TO USE & A GREAT SIZE: Ready to Mount! - 9"W x 5"D x 13.5"H Fits in anywhere!

This is an eco-friendly way of eliminating insects in your garden without the use of nasty chemicals. By helping the friendly bat family survive, pesticides will not have a place in your garden. The bat house is made of durable and weather-treated wood. Most of these bat species consume large amounts of insects, including the most dangerous pests in agriculture. Mosquitoes are bats’ favorite, and some of them can feed up to 1200 mosquitoes within an hour.

The Evergreen Garden bat house is designed to hold a maximum of 12 bats. Many bat species are charming, with some of them resembling little Chihuahuas, rabbits, and deer. These bats allow your flora to flourish because they pollinate the plants and take care of those nasty bugs naturally.

The nocturnal creatures are usually active after sunset and bring magic in the garden overnight. They run after the insects and nectar as they spread pollen while flying. The unique rustic look of the bat shape with a cut-out makes it an ideal addition to your garden, whether you have an industrial, farmhouse, rustic, or modern taste. This Evergreen bat house is of considerable size, easy to use, and also ready to mount as it comes with metal hooks for easy mounting. Its walls are grooved for easy gripping and roosting.


  • It can fit anywhere
  • It’s easy to mount
  • Easy to use and of great size
  • Made of quality weather-treated wood  


  • Holds very few bats
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6. Applewood Outdoor Premium Bat House

Made in USA! | Premium Pre-Finished Bat House | Choice Brand of...
  • MADE IN THE USA! Superior quality you'd expect from American sourced materials and US...
  • PRE-FINISHED QUALITY PINE- High Grade Pine, stained with a dark, weather resisting finish
  • IDEAL BAT SHELTER- Grooved interiors for bats to land and roost, tight inside dimensions...

The Applewood Outdoor bat box is produced in the USA, and it is perfect for most various climates in the US. You shouldn’t fall for the Chinese bat houses in the market because they are made of ½ inch lumber, which is prone to warping and splitting after the first year. This bat house is stained with a weather-resisting, dark finish. It is highly recommended for the Northern states for maximum heat absorption. The pre-finished bat box has suitable living conditions with a full ¾ -inch thick lumber that provides proper insulating properties.

The select grade pine with straight-grained features will ensure there is structural integrity, and it withstands harsh climatic conditions. Also, the premium lumber is knots-free, which prevents any sap odor that can deter inhabitation. The house interior is grooved to enable bats to land properly and roost. With the narrow interior design, there is a cozy conducive environment for maximum heat retention. 


  • Features a weather-resistant finish
  • Provides a perfect area for landing and roosting
  • Has insulating properties
  • It’s backed up with a money-back guarantee


  • The small interior may not accommodate many bats
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7. Woodlink Audubon Bat Shelter Model NABAT

Woodlink Audubon Bat Shelter Model NABAT Light Brown, 12'' x 4.25'' x...
  • Interior surface and landing platform are made of rough cedar and are grooved for clinging...
  • Includes zinc plated deck screws and predrilled holes for mounting
  • Holds up to 20 bats

The Audubon bat shelter features a single chamber that is large enough to hold a maximum of 20 bats. It is perfect for a small backyard colony. The landing platform and the interior surface are constructed with rough cedar and also grooved to allow proper clinging when landing and roosting.

The bats that use this excellent bat box include Yuma, southeastern, Rafinesque’s big-eared, palla’s mastiff, pallid, northern long-eared, Mexican free-tailed, little brown, evening, eastern pipistrelle, cave, and big brown bats. The bat house should be mounted 8 to 12 feet above the ground, and this can be under the building eave or in a tree. You can also install it near streams, lakes, or ponds that face the sun.

Moreover, the bat box is handcrafted with zinc-plated deck screws, and it also features pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. This well-crafted bat house is made in the USA, and it’s perfect for the hot areas as it absorbs less heat. It can be mounted with the zinc-plated deck screws and the holes without much hassle


  • It’s ready for mounting
  • Perfect for different bat species
  • Made of rough cedar for clinging
  • Can be mounted on various places


  • Can’t hold more than 20 bats
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8. Applewood Ideal Bat Shelter for Extremely Hot to Warm Climates

Made in USA! | Premium Grade Cedar Bat House | Wildlife Enthusiast and...
  • MADE IN THE USA! We constantly improve our design and construction and continually make...
  • WESTERN RED CEDAR- North American grown in sustainable forests, Cedar is naturally weather...
  • IDEAL BAT SHELTER- Our bat houses have ideal living conditions, full 3/4 inch thick lumber...

This Applewood Outdoor bat shelter is made in the USA using western red cedar, which is suitable for warm to scorching climates. The ideal bat shelter is eco-friendly and helps you to control mosquitoes and other garden pests. The western red cedar used is found in sustainable forests in the US.

Naturally, cedar is resistant to rotting and insect damage, thus ensuring many years of use in harsh environments. This ideal bat house has suitable living conditions with a full ¾ -inch thick lumber that provides proper insulating properties. Its interior is grooved to enable bats to land appropriately and roost.

With the narrow interior design, there is a cozy conducive environment for maximum heat retention. The bat house comes with two pre-drilled holes and a sturdy hanger on the back along with 2½ inches of exterior-grade deck screws for easy mounting. You shouldn’t fall for the Chinese bat houses in the market because they are made of ½ inch lumber, which is prone to warping and splitting after the first year.


  • It’s resistant to insects damage and rot
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • Backed up with a money-back guarantee
  • Easy to mount
  • Grooved for landing and roosting


  • Has narrow interior
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9. Nature’s Way Bird Triple Chamber Bat House

Nature's Way Bird Products CWH6 Triple Chamber Cedar Bat House, 20.5"...
  • Easy Grip nylon hanging mesh gives bats a place to easily grip for hanging. Unlike metal...
  • Landing kerfs on the extended base of the house make it easier for bats to land and climb...
  • Stainless steel screws are used in the construction of this bat house to ensure a secure,...

This is a triple chamber bat house that can hold up to 300 bats. It measures 20.5” by 12” by 5” and comes with a hanging nylon mesh to provide a secure grip for the bats while hanging. Nylon mesh doesn’t corrode or rust unlike a metal mesh; it will not also cut or scratch the bats. The extended base features landing skerfs making it easier for the bats to climb and land on the house. In case the bat’s foot has stuck, the nylon mesh can tear up to prevent it from injuring its leg.

The house is constructed using stainless steel screws to ensure it’s safe, durable, and secure for the bats to use for life. Research has shown that multi-chamber designed bat houses are more occupied than single-chamber designed houses. The cedar wood used to make the bat house is resistant to rotting and insect damage, thus ensuring many years of use in harsh environments. The Nature’s Waybat house should be mounted 8 to 12 feet above the ground, and this can be under the building eave.


  • Safe, durable and secure
  • has a large capacity 
  • Is multi-chambered
  • Comes with a nylon mesh for hanging


  • No backup money-back guarantee
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10. NoJack XL Two Chamber Bat House for Outside Bat Roosting

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This No Jack Outdoor bat house is fully assembled with all that it requires to operate. It features a grooved interior that has a two-chamber design that imitates a natural habitat. The bat house is made of high-quality C-select cedar material, which is rot-resistant and weatherproof. You enjoy seeing your bats occupying the cedar construction for generations.

Also, this bat house is approved by Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD Inc to ensure unmatched craftsmanship. The bat box will help you to control mosquitoes with a single bat eating around 1200 mosquitos within an hour of feeding. It comes with a lifetime warranty to guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

The bat house shouldn’t be hanged above foot traffic areas or valuable items because the bat droppings fall. It should also be attached 10 to 20 feet from the ground while facing the South or East to ensure it receives direct sunlight for at least 6 hours. The hanging place should also be free from difficult predator and flight obstructions because bats are more vulnerable when leaving or entering their home. 


  • Made of high-quality wood
  • It’s weatherproof and rot-resistant
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Helps in mosquito control
  • It’s well inspected


  • May not be easy to mount as it comes with no screws
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FAQs Section

Q: Which is the best position for a bat house?

Answer: Your bat house should be placed at 12f above the ground to 20f on the side of your building or a pole. Bats are not fond of using houses mounted on trees, and also trees are not safe for them due to predators perching on the branches and waiting for the bats to come out of the houses. The house must also be placed in a place that receives a lot of sun because they require much warmth.

Q: What is the number of bats accommodated by a bat house?

Answer: The number of bats occupying your bat house depends on several factors, which include the type of species attracted, how many Chambers you have, and house size. Most of the manufacturers overestimate the bats that can be accommodated in the house, but only a maximum of 65 bats can stay in a chamber.

Q: How do I attract bats into the bat house?

Answer: Bats are commonly found in places with many insects. If your area doesn’t have many insects, you can plan on planting garden types that attract insects and especially the flying ones, which in turn encourages bats into your area. Also, bats require water near the leaving area so you can also construct a water pond or a birdbath.

Q: Why do I need to encourage bats in my area?

Answer: Bats usually eat their body weigh in those pesky insects such as mosquitoes. Installing a bat house will minimize the population of mosquitoes in your compound. It is cost-effective and allows you to enjoy outdoor activities after sunset.


You can now enjoy your evenings on the balcony without mosquitoes biting you. With the best bat house, bats will quickly get in and live in it and eat all the mosquitoes along with other insects in your garden. They also help in the pollination of plants in your garden. Most of these bat houses are made of high-quality cedar wood that is rot resistant and isn’t damaged by insects. You should go for a bat box that is easy to mount. Also, a multi-chambered bat house is more occupied than that with a single chamber. If your bat house isn’t large, then bats can’t get in readily.

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