Best Cat Scratching Post to File Nails

Cats have a natural desire to scratch, so it is important to buy them the best cat scratching post to fix this issue. If they don’t have a scratching post, it may lead to disastrous events such as broken furniture and such. This type of issue can be minimized if you find the suitable scratching post for your feline.

Trying to stop their scratching is possible because this habit comes in naturally. It signifies that they are only marking their territory and can also act as a stress-reliever. Materials sometimes get stuck in their paws and scratching is their answer to remove it.

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Best Cat Scratching Post Review

The scratcher posts that we are going to list down here are the best scratching post for cats. They are the best-selling scratching posts suitable for large or small cats.

1. Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post

SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post (Beige)
  • 32″ height allows cats to stretch fully and tone muscles
  • Sturdy 16″ by 16″ base eliminates tipping and wobbling
  • Fibrous and durable woven sisal naturally inspires scratching

Every cat needs a full stretch and the Pioneer Pet SmartCat can give your cat their exact need. This durable scratching post is perfect for a full stretch and is easy to assemble. There are two screws included in the package to help you assemble this best cat scratcher.

The scratcher post is made with durable and fibrous sisal which is a material that naturally attracts cats to scratch on it. Your cat can stretch vertically because the post is thirty-two inches high. The base is strong, so wobbling or tipping is impossible with this scratching post.

The Pioneer Pet SmartCat scratching post is also called the Ultimate Scratching Post and it is available in beige. The scratcher can boost the stimulation of your cats, physically and mentally. The design of this scratching post is designed with the pleasure of your cats in mind, making it the perfect place to mark their territory.

The full stretch that the scratching post provides will help your cat to warm-up before playing around your household or with you. The scratcher also makes a perfect companion to tone their muscles and exercise their body. Since not all cat lovers are at home all the time, it is a good product to use whenever your cat is feeling bored, frustrated or stressed.

According to a reviewer, it is good to have a large cat scratching post. At first, they were doubtful that the scratching post would work on their cat but they were surprised when it worked for their cat after a few tries. They were also impressed with how sturdy and strong it was and also with how easy it was to set up. It didn’t take them hours to finish assembling the scratcher.

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2. KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher

KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy
  • Satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts by encouraging Appropriate scratching...
  • ally friendly cat scratchers are made with renewable resources and are recyclable
  • Scratch pads are Reversible for extended use

The KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher is considered as one of the best cat scratchers in the market because of its features. This cat toy is a natural scratcher and it improves the suitable scratching behavior for your cat while providing ample satisfaction for them. The materials used for this incline scratcher comes from renewable and all-natural resources.

The stretcher pads of the cat stretcher are made with no-mess materials which lessen clutter while your cat is playing with the product. Since KONG Naturals focuses on natural methods and recycling, most materials used to build this scratcher is good ecologically. It also has a toy included inside the scratcher.

The incline scratcher is also infused with KONG Naturals Premium Catnip which encourages your cat to play with it. The scratcher pads can be reversed to prolong the use of the product. If the scratcher pads start to wear out, KONG Naturals offers cat scratcher refills. The incline scratcher has a hole on each side where the toy is located so small kittens can fit inside it.

The quality of the scratcher has been rated by a lot of reviewers. Cats love it and their owners are happy that they are somehow helping their environment. A good thing about this cat scratcher is the hole where you can put additional toys aside from the free toy that comes with it. Whenever your cat is not interested in playing or relaxing on the scratcher, the hidden toys are enough to catch their attention.

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3. TRIXIE Pet Products Parla Scratching Post

TRIXIE Parla Scratching Post | Durable Sisal Rope | 24.5" Tall | Gray
  • Post wrapped in natural sisal
  • Sturdy base wrapped in soft plush
  • Platinum gray

TRIXIE Pet Products Parla Scratching Post is another cool cat scratching post that cats will love because it is made with natural sisal. Natural sisal is wrapped around the whole post which is perfect to capture your cat’s attention. Soft plush is perfectly wrapped around the base for a supple feeling.

The scratching post is available in two different colors: platinum gray and beige. It weighs 7 pounds and it is twenty-four inches tall. The dimension of the soft plush base is sixteen by sixteen inches which are also perfect for a catnap. The product is suitable for any type or age of the cat, which makes it the precise small or large cat scratching post.

The sturdy and strong base of the scratching post is one of the most important parts of the scratching post. It is good to have a strong base because it would seem like it is a natural thing for your cat while they are playing with it. The color of the scratching post is not distracting because they are on the neutral side of the color spectrum, which will blend easily with the decoration or theme of your home.

If you doubt its durability, a one-year warranty is also included when you buy the scratching post. Although durability shouldn’t be a problem with this product because a lot of cat lovers testify that its stability is good even for large cats. Compared to other products, TRIXIE Pet Products Parla Scratching Post is cheaper but is still enough to satisfy your cat.

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4. Petstages 710 Invironment Easy Life Hammock Scratcher and Rest

Petstages Easy Life Hammock Corrugated Cat Scratcher With Catnip
  • 2-IN-1 SCRATCH & NAP: Petstages Easy Life Hammock Cat Scratcher is made from sturdy...
  • COMPACT & EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The unique "X" design of the Easy Life Hammock Scratcher is...
  • ENCOURAGES POSITIVE SCRATCHING HABITS: Made to mimic the feel of real bark, the extra...

The Easy Life Hammock Scratcher and Rest have a dual purpose: for relaxing or lounging and as a scratcher. This scratcher has an “X” design and it can be folded whenever your cat is not using it. Catnip is also included in this package to make sure that your cat is interested and focused on scratching the product.

This is being considered as one of the best cat scratchers because it is made with corrugated materials which are good materials to keep your cat’s interest in scratching it instead of your furniture. This is your normal hammock for cats but it is still sturdy and durable even when they are scratching or resting on it for a long time. The company also offers other products that may keep your cat’s interest in this scratcher.

Petstages 710 Invironment Easy Life Hammock Scratcher and Rest is inexpensive and it is also made with recyclable cardboard. The cat scratcher and rest weigh about 2.6 pounds. It is suitable for larger cats and they will enjoy the relaxation that it will provide whenever that they are resting on this scratcher. Some cat owners even use the scratcher with their twenty-pound cat and it is still sturdy as it should be.

Some customers didn’t like it at first and thought that the quality is low since it is cheap compared to other scratchers or hammocks for cats. However, they usually notice that after a day or two, their cats will start playing with it and exploring how it would work for them. Some cat owners have two or three cats and they noticed that they usually fight over it, and they ended up buying it again because their cats love it.

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5. Max and Marlow Sisal Scratching Post

Max & Marlow Cat Scratch Post 26" | Tall Cat Scratcher Post with Sisal...
  • SCRATCH AWAY: Max & Marlow Cat Scratch Post provides your cat a safe and perfect place to...
  • PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE: The sisal rope's coarse and fibrous texture helps groom your cat's...
  • HOURS OF FUN: Our cat scratching post features a hanging bird toy and a toy on a spring to...

The Max and Marlow Sisal scratching post is another scratcher made with sisal that is designed to attract your cat. The post is also covered in stylish and versatile fabric cover that adds to its classy feeling. The design for this cat scratching post was made to avoid scratches on your wooden floor, furniture and carpet that would be caused by your pet.

The fibrous and coarse material of the post can also help out with the conditioning of your cat’s claws. The scratching post also comes with a rope made of sisal and it is wrapped up around the center of the scratching post. The product also includes an attention-grabbing toy hanged from the topmost part of the post.

The scratching post is thirty inches tall and the fabric used for the post is made with heavy-duty designer fabric. The construction of the scratching post is a combination of wood, fabric, and sisal. The post itself is firmly wrapped with sisal to guarantee perfectly stretched muscles and conditioned claws.

Another feature of the Max and Marlow Sisal scratching post are the faux fur and houndstooth. The toy is in a shape of a bird and it is made with the aforementioned houndstooth. It is a great scratching post for cats and cat lovers can testify to that.

Customers liked how it worked for their cats and the durability of the scratching post is also sturdy, even though their cat always plays with it. It is also not as wobbly because the base of the product is large enough to support the weight of the whole scratching post. The height of the post is perfect for large cats and even kittens that are growing up fast.

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Best Cat Scratching Post Buying Guide

Training a cat to scratch the post instead of your furniture or carpet is a bit difficult, especially for people who are new to scratching posts. This will act as your guide to start training your cat with this particular issue.

1) Start Early – This tip may only be applicable for people who own a young kitten that always scratch their furniture. It is easier to introduce or train them while they are young and they will adapt to this behavior while they are growing up. It will be easier for them to adjust while they’re still young instead of introducing something new when they are all grown up.

abrasive cat scratcher

2) A Secure Post – To avoid wobbling, the scratching post that you should be looking for is sturdy and has a strong base. Cats oftentimes put pressure on the item that they are scratching on and it is the reason why a sturdy post is needed. They won’t feel happy with a scratcher that cannot provide enough resistance while they are playing with it.

Large and heavy scratching posts often provide the cats with the resistance they want. You can also secure it down or buy a scratching post that has a sturdy base.

3) Appropriate Height – Stretching is important for cats and it is one of the reasons why they like to scratch on things. They do this in order to stretch their body or spine and it is important to have a scratching post that is tall enough for them. Choose a scratching post that has a suitable height for your small or large cat.

cat nail file pad

If you chose a short scratching post, there will be a tendency that they won’t use it because it won’t provide them with enough satisfaction to stretch their whole body.

4) The Right Place – If you notice that your cat is not playing with their new scratching post and instead, prefer they keep on scratching your wall or carpet, place the post near said wall. Knowing their favorite spot and position whenever that they are scratching is important. Place it horizontally near your carpet to make them think that it is part of their favorite spot.

If your cats prefer to scratch your wall, you can place it vertically or buy a scratcher that can be mounted on your wall. The location is an important aspect in order for them to learn how to use and play with a scratcher.

5) Keep Them Interested – Some cat scratchers offer a hole where you can hide some cat toys and it is a good way to attract your cat to play around the scratcher. You can try to use catnip or buy a scratcher that is infused with catnip already. Putting cat treats around the scratcher is another way to attract your cat to the scratcher.

Cat toys, such as fishing-rod types, are a great way to capture their attention if they are busy scratching your wall. Once you get their attention, move towards the scratcher then persuade your cat to pounce or jump on the cat toy while they are on the scratcher. Sooner or later, they will realize that they are standing on a great place to scratch on.

6) One Scratcher per One Cat – Cats have their natural habits such as scratching and it usually means that they are marking their territory or they want to remove junks from their claws. If you have two or more cats in your house, it is better to let them have their own scratching post. Always provide one scratcher per cat to avoid fights.

When a scratcher has been marked already, the other cats may not want to play with it. This would lead them to scratch on your wall, furniture or carpet.

Tips on Choosing the Right Scratcher

It is not hard to choose the best material or scratcher that your cat might like. These tips will help you with choosing the best cat scratcher.

best cat scratching tree

1) The Correct Shape – Some cats love to stretch their body vertically but some of them like to do it while laying down or in a horizontal position. If your cat likes to stretch in an upward position, choose a tall scratching post suitable for their size. If your cat wants to do it horizontally, choose the type of scratcher that is tilted or a hammock type of scratcher.

Hammock types of scratcher can be used as scratchers and they could also rest on it. Complete relaxation is the purpose of this type of scratcher.

2) Extra Features – Some cat scratchers don’t just offer scratching and stretching purposes. There are other products that include toys and other things that come with it. If you want them to fully enjoy a scratcher, find a scratcher that offer more benefits to your cat.

3) The Correct Texture – The material of the scratcher or scratching post that you are offering your cat is also important. Just like their favorite place or position, they also have their favorite texture. Scratchers have different textures and they provide different feelings for your cat. Before you buy a scratching post or scratcher, try to notice what the usual texture that they want to scratch and play with.

If you noticed that your cat likes to scratch your carpet, why not buy them a scratcher that offers them the same feeling. Carpet, sisal rope, and corrugated cardboard texture are the famous material used for scratching posts.


These cool cat scratching posts stand out among the rest but there should be one that is the most recommended product. Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post is the perfect scratching post for your feline because of its top-notch quality and scratching features. It provides enough roughness for their claws in order for them to keep coming back on this scratching post.

It will give your cat the whole body stretch that they want and it is also perfect for small or larger species of cat. Many people have testified to this and they will keep on coming back to this product because of its durability and quality.

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