A Detailed Guide To Buy The Best Compact Tractor

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Compact tractors are an excellent equipment to have because it lessens the daunting work of landscaping and gardening. Furthermore, it relieves us from stressful as well as dangerous tasks such as carrying and moving materials in the garden, cutting the grass, tilling the soil, pulling out the weeds and many others.

Using compact tractors can also relieve you from the long walks for gardens with large areas. This is a popular reason why many prefer to use compact tractors.

Having the best compact tractor to suit your needs however is not as easy as buying newspaper from a newspaper stand. You’ll have to consider a few things to make sure you’re investing on the right kind of compact tractor.

In this article, we will be giving you the top considerations that you have to make when buying compact tractors as well as the top 5 options that are available in the market today.


Product Name




Raven MPV7100S

97 /


Husqvarna 960430211

95 /


Cub Cadet Xt1

91 /


Poulan Pro 960420174

88 /


Husqvarna 960450057

83 /

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What You Need To Consider When Buying A Compact Tractor

Getting a compact tractor can be quite a challenge because of the wide array of choices available in the market today. Also, each of these choices has their own specific features which make it even harder to pick the ideal option that suits your requirements.

To make it easier for you, we’ve laid out the things you need to bear in mind so you can get your money’s worth on your spending. These considerations are as follows:

1. Horsepower

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The first thing you have to consider when buying tractors is its horsepower. To be able to know which horsepower you need for your ideal tractor, simply think of the tasks you’ll be using your tractor for.

Is it for simple and basic mowing tasks or is it for heavy duty tasks such as carrying heavy loads or cultivating large areas in the farm or garden? You should bear in mind that the tasks which you’ll be able to do later on will be limited only to the horsepower that your tractor has so make sure to consider this beforehand.

2. Spending Budget

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This is probably a common consideration which one has to make whenever trying to spend over anything. Coming up with a definite budget is one thing that should influence your ideal compact tractor. If you have a good budget, you can simply opt for a better quality of compact tractor.

Although the most expensive option can surely offer better features, you don’t want to spend for more for features that you don’t really need.

3. 2×4 and 4×4

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If your working area is composed of an even terrain with smooth soil, the 2x4 would be a good choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking to work with muddy as well as grounds that are always wet by rains, you could probably assume the 4x4 tractor as the more convenient choice.

A 4x4 tractor is also an excellent choice if you’re looking to stay in the field for longer hours. And with HP that is not less than 50 HP, you can reduce the accumulation of wear and tear in your equipment.

4. Front Loader

a compact tractor

If you’re looking to move things on your garden then it would also be best to consider your tractor loader. Make sure that your loader can handle the things which you have in mind like hays, soil, garden wastes and many others.

Also, make sure that your loader is durable to withstand tough materials such as rocks and stones.

5. Tractor For Mower


If you’re looking to use the tractor as a mower, you will want to consider its cutters. You can also set up your compact tractor as a mower by using a bush hog set up at the back of your tractor.

6. Brands

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Whatever you purchase, it is always inevitable to consider the brand. This is because each brand name reflects customer reviews and what clients think about the product.

If you’re not into trying out new brands, you can simply opt for the recommended brands.

7. Transmission

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There are a lot of transmission systems for tractors today and you can choose according to your preference. Among those transmissions available today include hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic and the standard transmission.

Each of these transmission systems have different settings and it is important that you choose one that you are familiar and comfortable with.

Top 5 Compact Tractors Available In The Market Today

Getting the ideal compact tractor that suits your needs is indeed quite a challenge since there are a wide array to choose from in the market. Also, not all of us have the resources to check all the hundreds of options one by one.

So to help you with that, we’ve already compiled the best choices there is in the market. This list of top 5 compact tractors can guarantee that you’ll be getting your money’s worth and that you’ll be getting the job done in your garden or farm.

1. Raven MPV7100S


A compact tractor is simply an excellent investment for your garden chores. This is because it offers a variety of capabilities which include mowing grass, tilling the soil, carrying objects and materials around the garden and many others.

Among those powerful and fast performing compact tractors that you can use is the Raven MPV7100S. This product is a 3-in-1 equipment since you can use it as a power generator, a riding land mower and a generator itself. This machine can be powered by either through gas or through electricity.

It tops others when it comes to power because it features a 420 cc gas power engine which is used to rev up the generator in its system. In turn, this powers up the cutting blades while also charging the batteries for a smooth and continuous mowing.

Not only does it pack enough power but it also moves pretty fast with 17 mph for its top speed. One thing to note with this product however is that it may not be very effective against uneven terrains because it lacks a good suspension system.


  • This machine is all about power
  • 3-in-1 purpose
  • Large storage capability
  • With back up batteries


  • Requires thorough battery and engine maintenance
  • Poor customer support
  • Battery doesn’t last very long

2. Husqvarna 960430211


This compact tractor from Husqvarna features an 18.5 HP engine which is a popular choice for gardeners because of its quality and optimum performance. It is designed with air induction system which allows for consistent and accurate cuts on brush.

This product features an automatic transmission that allows for efficiency and convenience while the operator focuses on work not on driving. The good thing about having an automatic transmission is that it is easy to maintain and can easily be managed over any terrain.

This piece of equipment comes with a deck wash port which enables for easy hose set-up and cleaning. Also, the seat is designed to bring the most comfort while using this tractor. Currently, this tractor sits on the top of the most popular lawn mowers in the market today.

To deliver easy operation, it is also designed with a fender-mounted deck lever that is aided by the spring. With its amazing features and stylish look, it is quite impressive that this compact tractor is much cheaper than its competitors.


  • Stylish design and color
  • Seat provides comfort
  • Easy to maintain
  • Powerful and efficient operation
  • Fairly-priced


  • Locking differential may require tightening
  • Not very effective in mowing around trees
  • Less cushion on the seat

3. Cub Cadet Xt1


Landscaping and gardening is easy provided that you have the right tools for it. One task that you definitely don’t want to do manually is mowing the lawn. A good choice of lawn mower and tractor is the Cub Cadet Xt1 - Enduro Series.

This compact tractor is a crowd pleaser because it has just the right amount of power to mow lawns on any kind of terrain whether it be straight, rough or even on sloping grounds. It makes use of an 18 HP engine with hydrostatic transmission for that smooth and powerful push that you need when mowing the lawn.

It is also a popular choice of compact tractor because it features a rear-wheel drive which provides ease and convenience of driving even while in reverse. In addition, it has a manageable mowing deck that is controllable with a single handle and a cruise control that can be set by merely pushing a button.

Lastly, this product comes with an adjustable seat to provide the operator with optimum comfort while doing all sorts of gardening and landscaping work.


  • Cruise control with just a push of a button
  • LED lights for working in the dark
  • Easy steering


  • Flat seat enables sliding when the tractor is moving
  • Doesn’t include arm rests in the package
  • A bit pricey

4. Poulan Pro 960420174


This compact tractor from Poulan is an excellent choice if you’re looking to work on large areas of landscapes with uneven or rough terrains. It comes with a V-Twin engine delivering 24 HP making it versatile, premium and durable.

This product uses automatic transmission system and control pedals which take care of speed levels depending on the operator’s preferences. It is designed with a large tank capacity of 2.5 gallons so the operator can work for extended hours without losing power.

Lawn maintenance and upkeep shouldn’t be as daunting as standing all day and pushing the heavy lawn mower. It should be as easy as using this compact tractor where you’ll just have to sit and let the tractor do all the mowing and moving.

It is designed with an enforced 54” – mowing deck that allows for convenience when mowing. The best part is that it also features a 10-year warranty which offers you peace of mind while using this equipment within those years


  • Powerful 24 HP engine for optimum performance
  • Comes with headlights that allows the operator to work even during the night
  • Covers a large are of brush for efficient and quick mowing
  • 10-years of warranty


5. Husqvarna 960450057


Getting yourself a compact tractor can be quite difficult because you don’t know which one works and which one doesn’t. Fortunately for the Husqvarna 960450057, it works! If you’re looking for the tractor that packs the most power then you definitely should go with this product.

It features a 24V hydro pedal that allows you to work on any hilly or sloppy terrain like how you would in a flat terrain. With its obvious power and with its name, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting every bit of your money’s worth.

It is designed with an adjustable high seat for convenience and comfort when working on your lawn. Despite its bulky size it is much lighter than other compact tractors in the market today. It also come with a quick automatic transmission system for that zero-maintenance operation.

Its pedals are also positioned at a convenient height to match every user’s height. Easy front and back mowing is also introduced through the pedals.

This compact tractor runs at a top forward speed of 7 mph and a backward speed of 2 mph which is more than enough speed to work on lawns and gardens.


  • User-friendly and comfortable to use
  • Quick automatic transmission
  • Works best on slopping terrains
  • Packs more than enough power and push


  • Poor fuel monitoring feature
  • Very heavy
  • More expensive than other alternatives


There are many compact tractors in the market that may be compatible with your specific needs. However, this list of top 5 compact tractors is definitely worth trying because they hold the most positive reviews from previous users as well as the most useful features.

As a personal recommendation, we would go with the last option – the Raven MPV7100S for the grounds that has more than enough power for garden and yard work. Furthermore, it has a good top speed and lasts longer than other compact tractors.

What do you think of our top 5 compact tractors in the market today? Do you have better suggestions or comments about the options in the list? Do let us know. We would love to hear your thoughts on our comment box below.

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