Dealing With Garden Weeds With The Best Crabgrass Killer

The last thing you want in your beautiful garden is have it stained with weeds and unwanted grasses. There are those weeds and grasses that are easy to remove and those that are really quite a pain – one of which are the crabgrasses.

In this article, we’ll giving all the details you need to know about how to eliminate weeds grasses in your garden or lawn using the best crabgrass killer that are available in the market today. Furthermore, we’ll be providing you with the top 5 options in the market today to help narrow down your choices.


Product Name




Scotts Crabgrass And Grassy Weed Killer

97 /


Bayer Advanced 704140

94 /


Drive XLR8 Herbicide

91 /


Tenacity Turf Herbicide

88 /


Ortho B Gon MAX Plus Crabgrass Killer

84 /

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What Are Crabgrasses?

Crabgrasses are one of the peskiest type of grass that you don’t want to encounter in your lawn or garden. It features finger-like leaves that are long and dark green in color. These grasses grow in bunches over the soil and have roots that can be very difficult to pull out since they are buried inches within the soil.

It is a tropical type of grass which grows in warm regions and is considered as weed because of its ability to grow and multiply at an alarming rate. During summer, it dies out and can become very unsightly in a garden.

It’s an annual plant and it flourishes only for a couple of months but the effect that it leaves on the garden’s aesthetics as well to the soil can be quite alarming and can last a whole a year. This is the reason why garden owners deal with the problem of crabgrasses at the first signs of it.

Considerations To Make When Purchasing The Crabgrass Killers

Weeds are a persistent foe in the garden. Whatever you do to kill them, they always keep coming back. While there is still no definite way to eliminate the problem of weeds in the garden permanently, there are surely a few ways on how you can keep them from coming back any time soon.

To ensure that they don’t come back right away, we use crabgrass killers. This solution is proven and tested to deliver the weed extermination that you need for your garden.

Finding one that suits your needs however can be quite a challenge since there are lot of crabgrass killers in the market to choose from. So, to help you with that, we’ve came with a few considerations to make.

These considerations will help you make a better decision on the best option that matches your requirements and your budget.

1. Pre-Emergent And Post Emergent Herbicides

Crabgrass killers will be mostly about herbicides and there are a lot of herbicide varieties to choose from. The first variety is the emergent herbicides which are covered by pre and post emergent herbicides.

The pre-emergent herbicide functions by blocking the enzymes in a grass in its seed germination. This results in stopping the grass or weed from growing. This can only be an effective herbicide to use when applied during summer or when the temperatures are high.

The post-emergent herbicide on the other hand is used after the weed has already grown and flourished in the garden. This type of crabgrass solution could be a good choice after using the pre-emergent herbicide and still left with a few stubborn weeds.

Although the latter herbicide is not very effective against thick and established crabgrasses, it can be used for the rest of the seasons for longer effect.

2. Contact And Systemic Herbicide

Contact herbicides are all about poising the plant when they contact each other. As soon as the plant contacts another, it breaks down the photosynthesis process as well as chlorophyll which starves the plant and causes it to die.

Furthermore, it causes abnormal growth as well as unproportioned distribution of nutrients in its system causing it to strangle itself. If you’re looking for a quick herbicide then you can choose contact herbicides.

Systematic herbicides on the other hand is the method that takes more time among the two. However, although doesn’t work as quickly as contact herbicides it leaves a lasting effect on the plants.

3. Selective And Non-Selective Herbicides

Selective herbicides as its name suggest are specific types of herbicides that only work on eliminating selected plants. This is an excellent solution especially if you’re only looking to eliminate grass around a flower or a plant.

Non-selective herbicides on the other hand is the general kind of grass or plant killer which kills almost any kind of plants. This is a rather risky herbicide to choose since it can kill all nearby plants and vegetation in a garden or lawn. The non-selective herbicide would be an excellent option if you’re looking to work your garden from scratch.

4. Environment-Friendly Options


You can choose from an organic crabgrass killer and the natural crabgrass killer. While both options are environment-friendly and doesn’t use chemicals, they can use other non-natural tools and accessories to be effective.

One of which is the black plastic mulch with organic crabgrass killers use – these are non-natural and may leave less-impressive results than natural crabgrass killers.

5. Safety Measures

pulling weed

One more good consideration to add when buying crabgrass killers is to check its safety measures and cautions. Not only will this help you steer clear of injuries or accidents but will also help you rid yourself of unnecessary expenses.

Among those common safety measures and cautions provided when using these products include:

  • The use of herbicides on specific plants only
  • A specific mix and measurement of ingredients prior to use
  • Product expiration and where to store the product
  • Proper use and maintenance

The Top 5 Crabgrass Killers In The Market Today

If you’re dealing with crabgrasses in your lawn or any type of weeds that could be unsightly and could harm your plants, then getting a crabgrass killer would be a fantastic decision to make. Doing so however is not easy since there a lot of crabgrass killer options to scan in the market.

So to relieve you with that problem, we’ve narrowed down your choices to the best 5 crabgrass killers. Our list of options will be based on the most effective weed killers as well as most affordable options in the market today.

1. Scotts Crabgrass And Grassy Weed Killer

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking to eliminate crabgrass on a large area of lawn or garden. This weed killer from Scotts can cover an area of 500 sq ft and can be used in any seasons of the year. This is a common favorite since it causes varying effects depending on the season.

An example of its varying effects on different seasons is its ability to eliminate henbit, chickweed and poa annua during the autumn season. Another seasonal effect is when used during spring where carbrass and goose grass flourishes the most.

The best way to use this product is to apply it while the grass is still young where the leaves and roots are still thin and small which allows the solution easier seepage through the plant.

It is important to note that there is a list in its package that covers those grasses that this product cannot handle. And it is advised to let it dry before accessing the grass. This means you shouldn’t go close to the treated plant or grass since it can be harmful to your health if treatment hasn’t lasted more than an hour.


  • Lasts longer compared to other crabgrass killers during spring and summer
  • Still works effectively on any weather and season


  • Uses a few harmful chemicals in its list of ingredients
  • Needs to water and till top layer of the soil for better seepage
  • May not be very effective other kinds of grass

2. Bayer Advanced 704140

This advanced all in one crabgrass killer from Bayer comes is a concentrated solution in a bluish 32-oz bottle. It is not advised to use for eliminating floratem grass, bahia grass, carpet grass, dichondra as well as centipede grass and St. Augutine grass.

To make the most out of the effects of this product, it is advised to water your garden or lawn 2 days before using this product. Winds and rains will no longer be a problem after using this product on the lawn since it sets itself fixed after an hour of application.

One should be cautious however since using this product on flowers and plants can also cause adverse effects on them. For better effects, it is also best to use this product only when the temperature has cooled down.

Amazingly, although it can only contain a lesser amount of solution it can cover a wide area of up to 500 sq ft in the garden.


  • A safe solution since it doesn’t harm the plants and flowers
  • Wide variety of grasses to eliminate
  • A proven solution to crabgrasses
  • Seeps through the plants within an hour of application and is cannot be washed away by rain
  • Fast-acting solution and can mow grass after a day or two


  • Crabgrasses grows back after withering in two weeks if not pulled out right away
  • Can kill plants close to the weeds

3. Drive XLR8 Herbicide

This crabgrass killer from Drive is an excellent choice if you’re looking for state-of-the-art weed killing solutions. The Drive XLR8 is a water-based solution that has been a known and popular choice for controlling weed and certain kinds of grasses in the garden.

It comes with a bottle that is good enough to cover an acre of grasses and plants and performs faster than most crabgrass killers in the market today. It can also kill a wide variety of grasses and can be easily be absorbed for quicker and more efficient effect.

For a better effect on its already amazing weed-killing performance, you can use Microyl Crop-Oil with the solution. Among those weeds that are no match for this solution include Dandelions, Dollar Weed Foxtail, Signal Grass, Torpedo Grass, Kikuyu Grass and Clover Crabgrass.


  • Effective even against mature and thick crabgrasses
  • Long lasting effect of up 1 – 2 months
  • A common preference for eliminating grass on sports fields and lawns with large areas


  • Wrong amounts of ingredients will not make the solution work
  • Instructions can be hard to follow

4. Tenacity Turf Herbicide

The only residentially approved herbicide which removes specific types of grass in the garden or lawn is the Tenacity crabgrass killer. It is an excellent choice of solution for eliminating nimble will as well as bent grass in the garden.

It also includes crabgrass, clover, goose grass, windmill grass, yellow foxtail, oxalis as well as ground ivy in the list of grasses that it can eliminate easily.

It is composed of meotrione which is its main ingredient that can be used as pre and post emergence herbicide. This solution is tough against weeds but is gentle on plants.

The Tenacity solution works by limiting the photosynthesis process which plants need. With limited flow of nutrients to the plant, its leaves loses chlorophyll which in turns starves the plant and eventually kills it.


  • Safe on flowers and plants, tough on weeds
  • Leaves a uniform look
  • Kills bentgrass instantly


  • Not very effective against nimblewill
  • May require a second application
  • A bit pricey

5. Ortho B Gon MAX Plus Crabgrass Killer

This product is an excellent choice if you’re looking to eliminate crabgrasses and leave the healthy plants and grass alone. This is also Ortho’s best crabgrass killer yet which is a common favorite among garden and lawn owners.

One good thing about this crabgrass killer option is that it kills a wide variety of weeds in the garden. It is an effective solution to killing many varieties of weeds from its tips to the roots for a lasting effect.

This product comes in a gallon container with a trigger spray that is easy to manage and control. There’s no need to mix and you can use it right out of the box.

This is a quick solution for alarming numbers of weeds in the garden. The good part is that although small and with lesser volume, it can cover a wide garden area of 500 sq. feet.


  • Kills a lot of varieties of grasses and weeds
  • Provides lasting effect since it kills weeds from the roots
  • Doesn’t harm the lawn
  • Fast-working solution


  • May not be very effective if used evenly on gardens with large areas
  • Slows down the growth rate of weeds but doesn’t guarantee its total removal


Crabgrass killers are indeed an excellent solution to the annoying and unwanted weeds in your garden. It alleviates the aesthetics of a garden and it helps plants get enough nutrients for better and healthier growth.

As a personal recommendation from this list, we would recommend the Scotts Crabgrass And Grassy Weed Killer for the grounds that it is effective in handling large areas of lawns or gardens, it relatively cheap and it is purchasable in any hardware or DIY store everywhere.

What do you think of our top 5 list of crabgrass killers available in the market today? Do you have other ideas of crabgrass killers that should be added to this list? If you do, please let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts about it on our comment box below.

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