Essential Tips On Buying The Best Grow Box That Suits Your Needs

During the winter season, fresh greeneries are a rare sight to behold. This is for the reason that many plants cannot survive the extreme cold temperature and their supply of nutrients is diminished. With this kind of weather, it is best to opt for indoor gardening.

Other than being able to grow plants which are off-season, growing plants indoors cleanses the air in your home. Also, it can improve the aesthetics of your home while providing organic food for the family.

Growing plants indoors is a great option if you don’t have much space for a garden in your backyard or lawn. So how can you start an indoor garden? The answer is simple – through a grow box.

So what is it and what are the things to consider when purchasing the best grow box for your needs?

In this article, we’ll be giving you all the details you need to know about grow boxes and how to purchase the ideal one for you. Also, we’ll be supplying you with our list of top 5 grow box suggestions to narrow down your choices.

Top 5 Best Grow Box - Comparison Table

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Reviews of 5 Best Grow Box On The Market

Now that you have a clear understanding of what you should have in your ideal grow box, let’s check out your list of options in the market. These choices are based on the considerations mentioned above along with special features to help you choose the best grow box for your specific indoor gardening needs.

1. Dealzer Grandma's Secret Garden 3.0

For a fully-automated grow box, you can also opt for Dealzer’s Grandma’s Secret Garden grow box. It can accommodate 9 plants in the box and is perfect in producing high yields of plants. It has the same size of a mini fridge and is easy to fit in tight spaces within the room.

The package comes with 6500k grow bulbs along with 2700k flowering bulbs for flexibility when growing plants in all stages. These bulbs can be lowered or raised inside the box as the plants grow which gives optimum lighting while the plant matures.

This product also features an air pump along with a reservoir bubbler with fan that has carbon filter to reduce the odor that is emitted by the plants as they mature.

This is a common favorite among beginners since it has a plug and play feature which lets you use the system right away upon delivery. The best part about this product is it available with a lifetime warranty and comes with a lifetime technical support.


  • Compact in size but can contain a good number of plants (9 plants)
  • Delivered with a number of accessories and kits
  • Lifetime warranty and customer support
  • Package includes lighting and filter set up


  • Not available with rock wool and other nutrients to grow plants
  • No noise-reduction feature for the fan
  • Little odor still seeps through the box

2. Cash Crop 5.0 - 6 Grow Box

This newest release of grow box from Dealzer has already been a common favorite among indoor garden enthusiasts since its launching in the market. The Cash Crop 5.0 is designed with 2 sizes – the first with 2 feet and the other with 3 which is the more popular among the two.

This grow box is an ideal choice if you’re looking to grow no more than 6 plants in your indoor garden environment. It is constructed out of durable steel having sturdy as well as lockable doors to help seal odor and to keep pests and insects from coming in the box.

The package comes with LED lighting which is best for growing flowers as well as vegetation since it provide optimum light nutrients to the plants. Also, it is made available with plastic trays where you can conveniently place your plants in and to avoid water seepage on the box floor.

The box is covered with Mylar sheeting to provide optimum lighting coverage even under the leaves.


  • Lifetime warrant
  • Lockable door to avoid insects and pests from getting in the box
  • Available with LED lighting from package
  • Affordable
  • Compact design and can fit any space


  • Package doesn’t come with nutrient solutions
  • No space available for more than 6 plants
  • Loud fan

3. Grow Box Super Locker 3.0

Another popular and well-known grow box to root for is this grow box from SuperCloset. It is one of the tops of the line closets that are available today because of its 16 gauge steel frame that provides optimum security and durability.

With this material, it is expected to last a long time and is fireproof. It also comes available with LED lighting with 12 band spectrum which is perfect for supplying the required amount of light nutrients for the plants. It also comes with T5 lighting on the sides which is an excellent feature whenever cloning plants.

Among those accessories and kits that come with the package include filters, fans, starter kit for nutrients that plants need and other equipment that you’ll need to fully set up your grow box.

This choice of grow box is ideal for those looking to grow flowers since it provides enough space, breathing and lighting for a lush and lively growth.


  • Package comes with a wide array of accessories and kits
  • Advanced LED lighting
  • Product comes with T5 lighting for cloning plants
  • With 3 years of product warranty


  • More accessories in the package means the product is more expensive
  • Cabinet height is tall and cannot be easily concealed from view
  • Inorganic nutrients from package

4. Supercloset Superbox

If you’re looking to have a more compact and smaller sized grow box to fit smaller spaces in your home then you can opt for the Superbox 200 from Supercloset. It is manufactured with 16 gauge steel frame and is also lockable as well as resistant to fire.

It has a total dimension of 30"x18"x24” which makes it a perfect choice for smaller sized rooms. It is a 200W grow box that is fully automated and comes with everything that you’ll ever need to grow your plants indoors.

This product can grow up to 10 plants using fluorescent lighting that can easily be modified in case you want to switch from fluorescent lighting to CFL or even HID.

Some of the accessories and kits that are included in its package are: filters, nutrients, fans, TDS meter, hydroton rocks as well as rock wool cubes. This grow box is easy to set up and can be installed without expert knowledge.


  • Easy setup feature
  • Compact and recommended for tight spaces within the house
  • Small footprint
  • Package includes a variety of accessories and kits


  • Available with only red spectrum for its lighting
  • Box is not durable
  • Poor packaging – sometimes the bulb are delivered broken

5. Hydroponic Speaker Box

If you want a grow box solution that is perfectly hidden from view within your home then the Hydroponic Speaker Box could be your best bet yet. It features a stealthy design which makes it look like an ordinary wooden speaker but inside is a fully automated hydroponics system.

This is a popular choice also because it is easy to set up and you can get to grow your plants within minutes after set up. It comes with all the accessories and kit for a full set up. Some of these include full hydro set up, fans (both intake and exhaust), carbon filters, along with socket adapters for lighting.

Its box is designed for optimum ventilation along with carbon filter to get rid of the smell which plants emit as they mature.

Package comes with a full installation instruction to help you set up your grow box without prior expert knowledge. Also, it is delivered in a discreet package which leaves nosey neighbors unsuspecting.


  • Discreet and stealthy design which makes the box look like a real speaker box
  • Comes with many accessories and kits
  • Much affordable compared to other compact grow boxes
  • Discreet package upon shipping


  • Does not provide warranty
  • No nutrient solution in package
  • Exclusive only for US residents

What Is A Grow Box?

grow tent

One simple way to picture a grow box is a simple self-contained growing atmosphere for plants. It functions exactly the same way as an ordinary garden except that you can completely manage it and it is situated in an indoor setting.

This indoor environment for your plants lets you take control of all the nutrients and materials that your plants need. Via hydroponics, you are able to grow cleaner as well as healthier plants without having to exert much effort like you normally would in a garden such as tilling the soil, pulling out weeds, etc.

grow box

Another good advantage of using grow boxes for indoor gardening is that all other environmental factors such as UV rays, rains, snow and even pests or insects are fully controlled.

Grow boxes also allows for more discreet growing of plants. Nobody really knows you are growing plants! Also, grow boxes come in many features and designs to comfortably match your indoor aesthetics and furniture settings.

What To Look For When Purchasing The Best Grow Box For Your Needs

A grow box is basically the best option to take when you are looking to grow your plants indoors. Purchasing one however can be a hassle because there are a lot to choose from and each of these options has their own specific feature.

To help you get a better picture of your ideal grow box, we’ll let you have a peak of our list of things to consider when buying one. These considerations will help you immensely in choosing the perfect grow box for your needs and will guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth.

1. Hydroponics Or Soil

grow vegetable in tent

One of the things to consider when buying a grow box is the soil or hydroponics. If you’re used to using soil to grow your plants or to plant your seeds, you can opt for soil grow boxes that conveniently uses soil for indoor planting.

As an alternative to using the conventional soil for growing plants, you can also use a hydroponic system which is a growing medium aside from soil. This can either be rock wool or coco coir – both of which are proven to be effective replacements for soil.

Hydroponics provide better yield for many plants and is an ideal choice if you’re looking to have a big harvest.

2. Space

marijuana growing

There are a wide variety of grow boxes sold in the market and each of these come with different sizes to varying space requirements in a home.

While it automatically converts that if you want a big harvest, you should go with the bigger dimensions for your grow box. You should also consider the growth of your plants.

As the plants grow, your grow box may become more crowded and the plants may be suffocated with the tight space. Consider a grow box that can handle a good number of your plants when they have fully matured.

Of course you should also make sure that the box fits the space provided for in your home.

3. Lighting

growing marijuana in tent

The most commonly used lighting equipment for grow boxes today are the following:

  • CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) – this type of grow box lighting is ideal for those looking for an effective and cheap lighting alternative. This is also an excellent choice because of its basic features which are best for beginners or starters.
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) – it is advised to use only full spectrum LEDs for better efficiency. Although they are definitely more expensive than other lighting alternatives, they usually provide the highest yield and makes use of less electricity.
  • HID Lights (High Intensity Discharge) – this set of lighting is not ideal for closed spaces because they tend to get hot quickly. This is a common preference for bigger sized grow box or for open-air gardening.

4. Chambers

vegetable in tent

A grow box with dual chambers is an ideal choice because it offers continuous harvesting in one setting. Dual chamber box allows you to start a new set of seeds halfway through your first grow. On the other hand, with a single chamber, you can only start new seeds after harvesting.

5. Customer Reviews

making feedback

Lastly, you may also want to check the customer reviews for your ideal grow box. This is for you to know which one works in the public and which one doesn’t. Also, by checking customer reviews you are able to find recommendations as well as fix to some problems that you may encounter in the future with a specific product.


If you’re looking for the ordinary grow box for any indoor gardening application, you can simply opt for any of the grow boxes that are mentioned on this list. However, if you’re a beginner and are looking to choose one that is not too complicated to use, we would recommend the Grandma's Secret Garden 3.0 from Dealzer.

This is for the reason that it is easy to set up and is ready to use upon delivery. Also, despite its compact size it has a capacity advantage compared to other options with same size. Lastly, it is a full set up that comes at a very affordable price.

Did you like our list of top 5 grow boxes in the market today? If you have more to share do let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts through our comment box below.

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