Best Hay Feeder for Horses

Horse owners know that their horse should always have access to grazing 24/7. They are meant to take in small amounts of meals throughout the day. Most of the horse owners often forget to give them the meals and rush off to work; hence getting the best hay feeder for your horse will be the best option.

If you leave your horse with a rumbling tummy, it may get boring and starting eating anything on the ground. The hay feeders that have only a limited number of feeding may not be ideal for the horse because it has to access the food throughout the day. Paddocks and box stalls don’t provide a free choice of grazing.


However, choosing the best hay feeder for your horse could be a daunting task as there are many horse feeders available on the market.

#List Of The Top 3 Hay Feeder for Horses – Compariosn Table:

Top 5 Horse Hay Feeders Review

1. Grain and Hay Country Manufacturing Horse Feeder

Country Manufacturing Combination hay and Grain Horse Feeder
  • Horse hay and grain feeder
  • All steel welded construction
  • Brackets for hanging on fence rails included

This Country Manufacturing horse feeder is designed both grains and hay. Its construction features a rectangular tray at the bottom where no grain or hay goes to waste as it falls into the bin. The horse feeder measures 2ft width by 1ft depth by 2 ½ ft height, and this enables it to hold a bunch of hay as well as five gallons of grain. It can be used for the stall or corral. 

Besides, the combination feeder is made using rugged 16 gauges steel to enable it to withstand the horse punishment as it feeds. This best hay feeder for horses can be hung onto your trailer or fence.

It also comes with hay bars that are made of heavy steel to ensure the hay remains in place, and they can also withstand the pressure while the horse is having meals. Moreover, the hay hoose feeder can be mounted on the stall wall for secure storage or when the horse is feeding on inside. 


  • All the available hay is utilized
  • You can easily hang it on the wall, trailer or fence
  • Has a large capacity
  • Made of heavy-duty and durable material
  • Designed for both grass and grain


  • The heavy steel bars may cause injuries on the gums of the horse
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2. Behlen Country Poly Wall 78110147 Feeder

Behlen 78110147 Poly Wall Feeders With Brackets
  • Poly - with brackets
  • One piece molded unit with smooth edges and a galvanized steel hay rack
  • Can be mounted to corral or fence

The gray horse feeder is fabricated with a massive ⅜-inch solid steel rod, which enables it to serve you for a long time. The one-piece constructed unit features smooth edges and galvanized steel hay rack that can be mounted on the fence or wall. The hay rack is designed to ensure no hay goes to waste.

It has Food Grade Polyethylene that is FDA approved and corrosion-free; hence you can also feed your horse from outside during the rainy season, and it would not rust. It is designed for feeding both grain and hay from the same feeder.

This Behlen Country Poly wall 78110147 does not require any assembling; it is ready to use right from the store. It also comes with mounting brackets to assist you in hanging the horse feeder onto a portable stall or attaching it directly to a wall.


  • It can be used for feeding grain and hay
  • It is resistant to corrosion and hence ideal for all-weather changes
  • The rack edges are smooth to protect the horse from injuries
  • Comes with mounting bracket
  • No assembling required


  • It can hold small amounts of hay or grain
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3. Miller 2-in-1 Metal Feeder

Little Giant Classic Heavy-Duty Galvanized Metal 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep...
  • MOUNTABLE DESIGN: Space-saving hook-over design mounts on rail, chain-link, or hurricane...
  • REDUCES FEED WASTE: Helps reduce waste as well as ingestion of parasites
  • EXTRA HAY CAPACITY: Able to hold two flakes of hay

It is a double L shaped metal feeder that has a unique hook over design that enables you to hang it on a rail, hurricane fencing, or chain-link without tools. Using this type of feeder will help to protect the horse from ingesting parasites. It is good to keep the forage waste, hay, and grain off the ground because horses are usually close grazers. The Miller Metal feeder is made of a heavy-duty galvanized metal that helps to prevent corrosion and rust.

It features a hay rack that holds the hay flakes, grain, and forage, which is then dispensed through the wire grid to reduce wastage of feeds. The rack is also big enough to hold two flakes of hay.

Also, the metal feeder measures 21.5L by 13.06W by 23.26H inches. It also has a compact design that takes up minimal space. It can also be used to feed goats and sheep. The big-sized feeder takes off the stress of adding feed for the horse now and then.


  • Has a compact design
  • Features unique hook over for easy mounting
  • Reduces wastage of hay


  • The rack might hurt the horse gums as it feeds
  • Lacks a backup warranty
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4. Freedom Feeder Full Bale Slow Feed Hay Net

Freedom Feeder Mesh Net Full Bale Horse Feeder – Designed To Feed...
  • FREE FROM MEAL ROUTINES – Freedom Feeder nets are a way for you to be free from meal...
  • FEEDS HORSE UP TO 7 DAYS – provides a horse with high fiber, low calorie forage...
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY AND EASY TO USE – Top of the line DuPont nylon netting can hold an...

The Freedom Feeder slow hay feed net assist in freeing your horse from mealtime routines. It gives you a more comfortable life and reduces behavioral issues and anxiety around mealtimes. This mesh feeder holds up to seven days feeds and enables you to monitor the consumption rate of your horse. It helps in giving low calorie and high fiber forage throughout the day.

Also, it features superior durability as it is made of DuPont nylon and can hold 125lb hay bale for slow feeding. It has three mesh net openings that provide an optimal eating space for aggressive eaters and large horses. The mesh net feeder also comes with two-break away carabiners that help you to tie down or hang it on the wall.

The freedom feeder slow feeder undergoes rigorous quality inspection for maximum durability and quality. It is passed through heat exposure and tear tests to ensure all the degrees are met.


  • Hold a large amount of hay for several days feeding
  • Reduces the anxieties and behavioral issues around mealtime
  • Has superior durability
  • It is easier to use than most horse feeders
  • Rigorously tested for durability and quality
  • Improves digestion and absorption


  • Lacks a warranty
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 5. ASOOLL Black Deep Corner Feeder for Horses

ASOOLL Horses Corner Feeder Deep Corner Hay Bag Goats Large Capacity...
  • 【ULTRA-TOUGH MATERIAL:】Our corner feeder constructed of 1000D mesh bottom and nylon...
  • 【AIR-PERMEABLE MESH BOTTOM :】Mesh bottom design prevents debris and dust from flying...
  • 【EASY ATTACHMENT: 】The corners of horse feeder bag are complete with reinforced...

The black ASOOLL deep corner horse feeder is constructed of webbed nylon edges and 1000D mesh. The webbed nylon edges are reinforced with grommets at each corner. Its mesh bottom is porous and can allow debris and dust to escape the feeder to keep the feeds dry. It also features heavy-duty double-end snaps that will enable secure attachment to the stall or trailer.

The straps are also adjustable to fit the feeder to the desired height. It measures 33.5 by 25.6 by 22.7 inches and a depth of 10.6 inches, which enables it to hold much hay for several hours of feeding.

However, if you don’t like the results of your feeder, you can return it during the 30 days of purchase to get a refund. Again, if it is damaged before the one-year warranty period ends, you are free to call ASOOLL for a replacement. But you should not that, a hay horse feeder that has been damaged due to your horse’s actions like chewing or biting, it will not be covered by the warranty.


  • The feeder is backed up with a warranty
  • It is easy to attach to a trailer or stall
  • Made of ultra-tough material


  • May not be able to reduce the hay wastage
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How to Install the Best Hay Horse Feeder

Installing a hay feeder is simple and easy. Most of them come with a user manual that you can easily follow. They come with straps or hook over to attach them to the stall or trailer. When the hay horse feeders are attached to the wall, they allow easy feeding and also minimize the amount of hay wasted. You can easily install these horse feeders inside the stalls or in the yard where your horse feeds.

farmco horse feeders

Also, you should ensure that the feeders are not installed too high or too low where the horse will struggle to feed. Best hay horse feeders help you to reduce hay wastage hence saving a lot of money yearly. Most of the feeders do not require any tools for installation; therefore, it is simple and easy.

FAQ Section

Q: Can I use a hay horse feeder for an older horse without some teeth?

Answer: As long as your horse can chew, you can use a horse feeder on them. It will also be more comfortable for it to eat at its level. However, those hay feeders made of heavy-duty metal might cause harm to their gum; hence you should always check them regularly.

Q: Why do I need the best hay horse feeder?

Answer: Having the best hay horse makes it easier for your horse to graze throughout the day. This also prevents your horse from mixing its feeds with beddings, which makes it eat dirt and ingest parasites. The feeder will also help you to know how much hay the horse feeds as well as preventing much hay wastage. Again, the best hay horse feeder will help you to reduce the number of time you have to add the feeds and also gives you horse the freedom to eat anytime.

Q: Can these horse feeders be used for other livestock?

Answer: Some of the customers buy these horse feeders for their goats and sheep because they are also close grazers. However, these animals can shorten the lifespan of your feeder if they chew it. They are efficient in preventing your animals from ingesting bacteria that can cause them health problems.


Once you have purchased the best hay horse feeder, you will get the freedom of attending to other tasks without worrying about the horse’s feeding hours. If your horse feeds on schedules, then it might have to stay hungry sometimes because you’re not always around.

It is also safe feeding your horse from a feeder because it won’t be at risk of ingesting parasites and eating hay mixed with the beddings. You will be able to monitor the horse’s consumption rate as well as prevent wastage. However, you should be keen when choosing your hay horse feeder because most of the brands do not allow refund or replacement.

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