Best Hoof Rasp for Horses

Rasp, a coarse form of a file that is specially used for shaping hoofs and hardwoods. Horse hoofs walls are always crank and harsh. For this, they need sharp and coarse files to give them suitable structure.

A strong hand tool with top work quality. Construct with high carbon steel and include chrome objects—a great material combination that ensures its optimum and unique features.

Do you know the difference between rasp and file? Generally, files are used to smooth metal, but rasp is not the same, specially made for shaping hard hoofs. Its workability is very high from the regular file.

Here we present some good rasp that would help you most to select the best one.

#List of the Best Hoof Rasp – Editor’s Pick:

Top 10 Best Hoof Rasp for Horses Review

1. Nicholson 18155N 14″ Farriers Handy Rasp and File

Nicholson 18155N 14' Farrier's Handy Rasp and File - Cushion Grip

Brand: Nicholson

A strong hand with a rectangular shape. It has double-sided cut teeth. One side cut teeth for aggressive removal of material and another one for rapid removal. Its single-cut teeth work for smoothing edges and double-cut teeth for removing materials. Its forged and cushion grip on the tip handle is very comfortable to use.

Weight and price are not so high. So, you can easily collect that and use it comfortably.

A sturdy and strong pattern would ensure you’re about its stability. Don’t be tense and use it once. Hopefully, it would be your favorite hoof rasp.

Nicholson 18155N 14" Farrier's Handy Rasp and File - Cushion Grip
  • Rectangular shape with rasp-cut teeth on one side for aggressive removal of material
  • Double-cut teeth on reverse side for rapid removal of material
  • Single-cut teeth on edges for smoothing

2. CatYou Black Master RASP with Rasp Handle, Tanged RASP for Horse Hoofs

CatYou Black Farrier Hoof Tool with Handle for Horse Hoofs,...

Brand: CatYou

All farriers, especially those who have horses like a sharp fine rasp. They always like to find the new one that would be highly stable and sharp than the old one. But we think this is the one that you find as a farrier.

This rasp is quite good. Its sharp, aggressive teeth can easily shape hard hoofs and smooth the hoof walls. You can use this many times, and after use, you could see that same just like a new one.

A different product that works well in all conditions. It even works better in muddy wet conditions. Quickly level the hoof wall with less pressure and fewer strokes. Its size: 14 inch(L)* 1.75 inch(W): and not have high weight. At the bottom, you can say it is a more- easy usable rasp.

CatYou Black Farrier Hoof Tool with Handle for Horse Hoofs,...
  • 🔆Sharp, aggressive and durable teeth cut with ease
  • 🔆Trim and level hoofs with less pressure and fewer strokes
  • 🔆Tool Size: 14 inch(L) * 1.75 inch(W); Comes with a Handle

3. SiS EQUINOX Farrier Hoof Rasp Horses

SiS EQUINOX Farrier Hoof Rasp Horses Cow Animal and Carpentry Use


Hoof rasp that works with double-sided aggressive cut teeth. It has a strong handle made of ergonomic wood that improves the quality of this rasp.

Suitable for all types of works. You can use it in professional as well as non-professional works. Some people use it as hoof rasp, and some are carpentry works.

Do multiple rasping works with its coarse grade grooves and serrated surfaces. Improved rideability and confirming accurate edges are very important for riding horses. Substantial hoof has become an excellent problem for riding horses, and this rasp is the perfect solution for them.

SiS EQUINOX Farrier Hoof Rasp Horses Cow Animal and Carpentry Use
  • Double Sided Hoof Rasp with handle. A very fine quality hoof rasp with improved grooves.
  • This files contains coarse grade grooves and serrated surfaces for multiple rasping work.
  • Improved quality ergonomic wooden handle. The handle fits comfortably in users palm.

4.LAJA IMPORTS Farrier Rasp File and Wood Handle Mini Rasp Hoof File

LAJA IMPORTS Farrier Rasp File and Wood Handle - Rasp Hoof File Equine...


Mini rasp file is short but works for many animals like horses, goats, pigs, etc. Its wood handles are very comfortable to put in and look like antique instruments.

It is made with high stainless steel, which is stable and durable. It helps smooth the hoof wall and remove the extra-build wall that would disturb the horse at the ride time.

You can collect this rasp from Laja Imports to buy the best one. We ensure you it would satisfy you most and could use it again and again. If you feel any problem after use, you can inform us about that. We are always ready for your service.

LAJA IMPORTS Farrier Rasp File and Wood Handle - Rasp Hoof File Equine...
  • Farrier Rasp File and Wood Handle
  • Made In Stainless Steel
  • Same Instruments as in the Picture

5. 9″ Shinto Saw Rasp

9' Shinto Saw Rasp

Brand: Shinto

Although we saw many types of rasp in the market, every rasp is not coarse and fine. Shinto rasp has double-sided coarse and fine teeth that are more effective.

Proper construction ensures us about proper works ability and proficiency. This rasp is constructed with hardened steel, and a handle made with plastic. A small grating and weight are not so high, only 0.44 pounds. It has a smooth and rough side, and both work well.

Effortlessly do the work without much pressure. Another good thing is it doesn’t clog up as much as old others.

Like other comments before, you would say it’s the best performing rasp you have ever seen.

9" Shinto Saw Rasp
  • Hardened Steel Teeth
  • Teeth Designed To Prevent Clogging
  • Double sided: Coarse and Fine

6. Diamond Farrier HR15 14” outlaw Horse Rasp and File

Diamond Farrier HR15 14' Outlaw Horse Rasp and File

Brand: Diamond Farrier

Do you have any rasp that performed well in both dry and wet conditions? Here, we have one who gives 100% best performance in both wet and dry situations.

An excellent rasp that is always well worth the money. It’s one side teeth aggressive, and another one is regular file teeth. Both sides are safe 7/8″/22mm at the point.

Those rasps start clogging. They are not good rasp. This rasp resists clogging with its angled tooth face.

After a long time of use, a great tool still seems to stay sharp than a black diamond. So, try it once, and we hope you will say what it should be.

Diamond Farrier HR15 14" Outlaw Horse Rasp and File
  • Superior Performance in Both Wet And Dry Conditions
  • Resists Clogging Due To the Angled Tooth Face
  • Both Sides Are Safe 7/8"/22mm At Point

7. Rural 365 Farrier Rasp with Wooden Handle, Mini Hoof Rasp File

Rural365 Farrier Rasp with Wooden Handle, Mini Hoof Rasp File –...

Brand: Rural 365

Mini nail rasp with wooden palm handle easily fits in our pocket. Perfect for miniature horse owners who are experienced farriers. To do work efficiently, this one-handed grip helps much and gives comfort.

Main materials high stainless steel. Aggressive steel teeth are very sharp that helps to design hoofs and rapidly smooth edges. Flares and cracks can easily remove by this rasp and also aid in creating the actual contour of the Mustang Roll.

Deep smooth wooden handle measures 2.5 inches(6.4cm) and a file at 1.8 inches (12.7×4.6cm). More than half of the hoof thickness removal is harmful to horses. So, don’t remove more than that. Gloves and glasses are very necessary at works hours for safety.

Rural365 Farrier Rasp with Wooden Handle, Mini Hoof Rasp File –...
  • MINI NAIL RASP: Designed to help round hooves and to fix problem areas, the Rural365 Mini...
  • FIX CHIPPING AND SPLITTING: Whether you are a miniature horse owner or an experienced...
  • AGGRESSIVE STEEL TEETH: This simple hand tool has a 5 by 1.8 inch (12.7 x 4.6 cm)...

8. NRS Save Edge Farrier Hoof Rasp 14

NRS Save Edge Farrier Hoof Rasp 14

Brand: NRS

An unusual and extraordinary tool that is very important for a racing horse. Great for any farrier who needs an extra measure of accuracy.

Two-sided exclusive rasp, one side has smooth cutting teeth, and the other has super rough-cutting teeth. Professional and non-professional users can easily use this rasp.

Recently, this file has become more favorite hoof rasp among farriers. Little weight rasp file quickly cut unwanted growing hoof with low pressure. It would save your energy, time, and worth.

We highly recommend this rasp for professional farriers.

NRS Save Edge Farrier Hoof Rasp 14
  • Safe edge on one side and one side has super smooth cutting teeth
  • This is a tremendous tool for use on everything from show horses to race horses
  • The rasps exclusive combination is perfect for the professional Farrier

9. Crescent Nicholson 12” Flat Double Ended Horse Rasp and File-17873N

Crescent Nicholson 12' Flat Double Ended Horse Rasp and File - 17873N

Brand: Cooper Hand Tools

Heavy rasp files mostly- irritate the farriers. When they use that, it becomes a painful tool for them. Heavy rasp works slowly and can not use rapidly. Now, we show you a lightweight rasp that is very easy to use.

Crescent Nicholson 12″, a super rasp file, and works well. Has double-sided cut teeth with a rectangular shape—one side for aggressive element removal and the opposite side for smoothing the surface. For shoeing horses walks fine teeth which made with solid materials.

Although you previously tried various rasp for your horse, we think you should try this rasp for once. In this way, you would know about the benefits of these tools.

Crescent Nicholson 12" Flat Double Ended Horse Rasp and File - 17873N
  • Rectangular shape with rasp-cut teeth on one side for aggressive removal of material
  • Double-cut teeth on reverse side for rapid removal of material on straight surfaces
  • American pattern file for non-precision material removal

10. Cody James Littlefoot Hoof Rasp-Best Mini File to Trim Smaller Hooves

Cody James Littlefoot Rasp - A quality file that doesn't clog -Choose...

Brand: Cody James Tools

Small hoofs need a mini rasp for shaping and trimming because a mini rasp is comfortable to put and use. Its other specialty is that it can quickly transfer everywhere and less expensive rasp, which helps save your money.

Designed with various sound features. One-handed rasp that works quickly and cuts nails effortlessly without much pressure. Fine, medium and aggressive are three different options for this rasp. When you feel a, need you can easily replace the refill but not the frame. Works better than a traditional old rasp file.

Whether your pet animals are small and you need a strong mini rasp for trimming hooves, we recommend you to collect this one. Its teeth are very aggressive and sharp. So, please don’t waste your time and try it for once.

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