How To Track The Best Lawn Mower Blade That Is Best For You

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One of the garden equipment that will never cease to disappear is the lawn mower. It is an effective tool in getting rid of annoying grass and weeds in the lawn and makes boosts the garden’s aesthetics and neat look.

As we already know, lawn mowers make use of sharp blades to mow or to cut grass to specific height. The cutting height can be adjusted depending on your desired requirements. This is why the blade is the most important part of a lawn mower.

Unfortunately, although very durable, the lawn mower blades do not last forever. They can also get chips and can dull after continued use. There will also be times when you will have to replace them.

To help you find the best lawn mower blades for your specific needs, we’ve come up with a few details and considerations to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.


Product Name




Stens 2-in-1 Mulching Blades

97/100 Review


Poulan Pro OEM42MK

95/100 Review


Husqvarna HU21462

91/100 Review


Craftsman Mower Blade

86/100 Review


Murray 492418MA

83/100 Review

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Lawn Mower Blade Maintenance

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What many lawn mower users fail to know is that the blades don’t really last for a long time especially upon constant use and when using over thick types of grass or weed. This is the reason why it is important to always clean and maintain your blade.

One good way to make sure your blade is as good as when it’s new is to always inspect them after every use. Make sure that there are no chips or it hasn’t dull before storing it. If you found a few damages on the blade, make sure to sort them out right away to avoid corrosion and further damages.

With regards to maintenance, it is also a good option to refer to the product manual that comes with your blade upon purchase. It should come with a few maintenance as well as general tips on how to extend the life of your mower blade.

sharpening a mower blade

Oiling your blade after every use can also be a good option to relieve the blade of any residues that are left from mowing which could cause rusting for the blade.

Ideally, mower blades are replaced after every 2 years of use. However, it can vary depending on the level of usage. Say if you use your mower every day for commercial use, it is advised that you change the blade sooner than 2 years as it can already be dull by then.

One good way to know if your blades need replacing is by noticing the cuts on your lawn. If the grass is not cut uniformly, you will know it’s about time to change blades.

Things To Consider When Buying Lawn Mower Blades

The moment you purchase your lawn mower, you’ll be given tips and advices as to the ideal lawn mower blade to buy in case the current blade ceases to function well. While this may be a good option, it may not always be the affordable as well as the ideal one that is suited for your specific needs.

So before buying that blade replacement, be sure to refer to these few considerations for you to get your money’s worth and to make sure you are getting the ideal lawn mower blade that best matches your requirements.

1. Size Of The Blade

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Blades for lawn mowers are available in various lengths as well as widths. Before you buy one, be sure to know which one works for your specific model of mower. You can’t always guess the length of a blade seeing that longer blades won’t fit the mower and shorter ones will deliver a small area of cuts for your mower.

As for the width, it isn’t really as important however coming up with a width that matches your mower’s requirements will give a better performance for your mower.

2. Shape Of The Blade

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Make sure to note the original shape of the blade which your specific lawn mower has. Notice their material and the number of blades that are present. You need to note the shape requirement for your mower whether it be parallel or perpendicular and how many there are for optimum performance.

3. Holes In The Blade

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The blade holes are the places where you connect the blade to the mower. Newer blades are designed with various features and may not be suitable for the older versions of mowers. So, it is important that you check the holes along with their number and sizes to match your needs.

Also, carefully measure their distances apart and make sure that it would fit snugly on your mower.

4. Blade Serial Number

lawn mower blade

Lawn mower blades also come in serial numbers. This helps the manufacturers as well as retailers determine the specific type of blade which your mower needs. Also, a serial number for your blade can help you find other possible blade replacements.

Top 5 Lawn Mower Blades Today

Now that you have an idea of your ideal lawn mower blade, let’s jump right into your top options in the market. We have here the list of top 5 lawn mower blades that you can find in the market today. Each of these options is carefully handpicked using affordability, durability and positive reviews as criteria.

1. Stens 2-in-1 Mulching Blades

This 2-in-1 Mulching Blades from Stens could be your best choice if you are looking to have a blade that can serve two purposes – discharging and bagging. Just like the previously mentioned options, this blade is also considered high lift blade for the reason that they consider better airflow under the mowing deck.

Better airflow means more lift for the clippings and grass and therefore makes better and cleaner cuts.

This replacement blade is ideal for lawn mower models such as OEM MPN, MRD models, Troy-Bilt and Cub Cadet.

These blades are manufactured with high quality steel and carbon coated for corrosion and rust proofing. It is designed with durable material and is guaranteed to last a long term of use in the garden.

It has a total dimension of 18″ for its length, a width of 2 1/2” and a thickness of 0.149″.


  • Durable and heavy duty
  • Blades can be used over a variety of lawn mower brands and models
  • Effectively cuts grass
  • Leaves the lawn looking well-manicured
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not as durable as other smaller sized lawn mower blades
  • Comes with a long length for other models of mowers

2. Poulan Pro OEM42MK

This product from Poulan Pro is a guaranteed durable choice of lawn mower blade because of its name alone. As being a product from Poulan Pro which is a known name in terms of durable and robust garden equipment, it is also expected to deliver a robust and durable outcome.

Poulan Pro OEM42MK comes with a mulch kit along with blades that perfectly fits all popular lawn mowers that are under the same brand name. It is made from high quality materials that makes it last a long time even when used regularly.

It has a total dimension of 45” for its length, 10” for its width and 10” for its thickness. It is also guaranteed sharp and doesn’t dull easily.

It is made available with an instruction manual and user’s guide to help you set up the blade to your mower. Also, addition info and maintenance tips are included in the manual for better and more efficient blade usage.


  • High quality parts that are guaranteed to last
  • Instruction manual with full installation set up
  • Black powder coating to prevent rusting and corrosion


  • Blade bends easily on bumps
  • No warranty
  • Instructions may not be easy to interpret for those without prior knowledge about lawn mowers

3. Husqvarna HU21462

If you’re into a lawn mower blade that is thick and has good length, the Husqvarna HU21462 could be your ideal choice. if features a 46” premium high-lift blade with 2 pack that measures 23” for its length, 2” for its thickness and 7” for its width.

This lawn mower blade is an ideal choice especially for side discharge as well as bagging applications in the garden. The best part about it is that it comes available in 2 packs. This means that you can save more with your next purchase since the package comes with another blade.

Both blades from this 2-pack lawn mower blade are made durable with very high quality steel that makes your blade last a long time even with constant use. Also, since it is made from durable material it does not blunt easily and is easy to maintain.

If you’re looking to save more from your blade purchases then this 2-pack blade can be a great bargain for you.


  • Made from durable steel
  • Doesn’t blunt easily
  • Heavy duty to cut thick weeds and grass
  • 2 pieces of blades in one purchase


  • Constantly bends as soon as stump is hit
  • Does not fit other types of mowers

4. Craftsman Mower Blade

The first lawn mower blade featured in this list is the Craftsman Mower Blade which offers the most number of blade sizes to match your specific requirements. It comes with various blade sizes which include 18 inches to 28 inches – all of which are readily available in any hardware store.

This blade works by lifting the grass on your lawn to effective cut it at your desired thickness or height. This blade is a popular choice because it has a proven track record or durability that could last a long time of constant mowing.

Also, one important thing to note about this choice of lawn mower blade is that it doesn’t require constant sharpening unlike others. This blade is easy to maintain and comes cheaper than other alternatives.


  • Longer lasting sharpness compared to other lawn mower blades
  • Durable blade construction
  • Heavy duty and can cut through thick branches and weeds


  • Much more expensive than other blades
  • Durable material can be hard to sharpen

5. Murray 492418MA

This lawn mower blade from Murray is a set of 42” high lift blades that deliver a robust and durable solution to your mower blade requirements. It is designed with high lifts that are made for bagging with a .852” hole for which to install the mower from.

These blades are a popular choice because its material construction is 25-40% harder than the materials used on other models or mower blades. With its superior level of durability, it ensures you a long term of use for this set of blade.

Considering that the package comes with an extra blade, you are able to save 50% more on your money since you don’t have to purchase another blade when the first blade is no longer usable.

Since it is harder than most mower blades today, this product also has a sharpness that lasts a long time. Also, it is designed to resist bending and with tolerance for tightness.


  • Delivers even cuts even on thick grass and weeds
  • Durable and heavy duty
  • Convenient high lift blades
  • 2 blades for a single purchase


  • Doesn’t match all size of bolt holes for lawn mowers
  • Much more expensive than other lawn mower blades


mower blade sharpening

These lawn mower blades are definitely the best in their field and each of these has their own unique feature. As a personal suggestion, we would like to recommend the Stens 2-in-1 Mulching Blades.

The reason is that it can go along with a large variety of lawn mower models and brands. Also, it is more durable than most mowers today which make it last longer than others.

While it can effectively cut grass on the lawn, it also serves two functions which compose of discharging and bagging. With these two features, you can have lesser yard work and you won’t have to clean the lawn after mowing.

What do you think of our top 5 choices of best lawn mower blades that are available in the market today? Do you have more to suggest? If you do, please leave a message below through our comment box.

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