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People who are accustomed to having birds and parrots in the garden or some area inside the house choose to acquire special cages. Therefore, this time we will talk about several that serve for parrots, which are also optimal for other types of domestic birds. However, before making the purchase of a cage of these, it is best to know what size and design you need, as well as the material of manufacture.

Although there are many cages for parrots in the current market, it is best that, before buying, discover what qualities they must have, in order to make an appropriate choice. For example, characteristics such as materials, size, doors, number of hangers, food containers, wheels, among others, are some of those that you must take into account to acquire a good product. Next, we present a guide to buy the best parrot cage, maybe this will clear up your doubts.

If you need a new home for your parrot, you must take time to confirm the type of cage that would make the best parrot cage you need. That said, it takes a lot of will power to go the extra step in researching the best option among the overwhelming array of bird cages you might see on display (or offered online).

How will you go about checking for the right cage for your parrot?

You may try going through reviews, blog posts, catalogues, and other information yourself to get at the information you need to decide what cage to buy. You could even ask a friend for a recommendation.

Or, you can consult reliable bird cage reviews and buying guides. That is where this review and buying guide steps in. You need not doubt that the information contained here is a reliable guide to the best parrot cage you should consider.

Editor’s Recommendation: 5 Best Parrot Cage

Parrot Cages Buying Guide

Before you dive into the five recommended parrot cages, here are a few things you may need to consider when choosing a cage for your parrot.

Space: The main consideration when choosing the best parrot cage for your bird is the space it carries. Your bird needs a lot of space to keep physically active and psychologically healthy. Small birds that love to fly will need enough space to fly about. Bigger birds need space to flap its wings without touching the bars. Also, your bigger birds need space to do its gymnastics and play with its toys. Birds with long tail feathers require taller cages that allow them to fit without damaging their plumage. That said, the ideal cage for your parrot is one that gives your bird sufficient space to have fun.

Materials: The right cage for your parrot must be made of material that it cannot destroy. That means, your cage should be sturdy and durable. Furthermore, it should also be made with safe materials, that are not toxic or contain harmful chemicals. So, even the paint or finish should be checked out to avoid harmful effects on your pet.

Security: The parrot is a clever bird that can learn a few tricks. Such tricks include how to escape a locked cage. If your cage is very secure, then the parrot will have a hard time escaping from it. Of course, the same should apply to anything wanting to get inside the cage. The cage, therefore, should be secure enough to prevent the parrot from escaping and keeping other pets (or intruding animals) from breaking in.

Bar spacing: When selecting your parrot’s cage, consider how wide apart the bars are. Space should be narrow enough to prevent your parrot from sticking its head or squeezing through. For the safety of your parrot (and other birds), the bar spacing should not be more than half an inch apart.

Your Parrot’s Size: Not to be overlooked, you also need to know your parrot’s size to find the perfect cage for it. Given that birds come in different sizes, not all cages will be appropriate. Confirm with your supplier whether the cage you are about to select is the recommended kind for birds in your parrot’s league. It is better to make sure of this than to buy an unsuitable cage that you have to return afterward.

5 Small Parrot Cages Reviews

  1. Nova Microdermabrasion 53“/61″/68″ Large Bird Cage

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First of all, the Nova Microdermabrasion cage is a spacious option for your parrot or collection of medium to large birds. Not only is this cage well designed to hold your birds comfortably, but it is also a secure container for your active birds. It is a perfect home for your feathered friends. The design is stylish yet simple, and its size is perfect not only for parrots but for cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds, and other medium and large birds.

Furthermore, the play area above the cage is versatile and allows for your interaction with your pet. Plus, it is not easy for your parrot to bite through the bars of this sturdy Nova cage. Indeed, the cage’s ability to stand up to harsh weather also makes it a preferred choice for owners who want to keep their pets safe and secure for a long time. Much like most parrot cages with removable trays, the Nova Microdermabrasion cage is easy to clean and maintain. Your birds won’t make too much mess, thanks to the cage’s design.

Americans might be a little confused by the information that this cage is ideal for parakeets. These cages are not ideal for the budgies that Americans also refer to as “parakeets.” These are different birds – parakeets are larger.


  • A solidly built cage that won’t deteriorate or deform over time, quite durable;
  • The Nova bird cage is spacious enough to hold numerous birds. It is also stylish yet simple;
  • Your parrot has extra space to play thanks to the pyramid top play area and ladder;
  • It is also easy to clean – remove the top and bottom metal slide-out trays;
  • Cage has four swivel casters so you can easily move it wherever you want.


  1. Prevue Pet Products Square Roof Parrot Cage, Black

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0040QJ4Y8″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”www.johnsonweld-20″ width=”500″]

One thing you will find useful is that the Prevue Pet Products Square Roof Parrot Cage is quite spacious. Your parrot will have loads of fun playing or moving around in this square-roofed cage. Not only can you access the bird via the big landing style front door, but you can also clean it easily by removing the bottom grille and taking out the tray.

In addition, this cage is supplied with two perches that you can place anyhow you like. It also comes with three durable plastic dishes. This cage is also a safe place for your parrot thanks to the ¾ inch wire spacing. It won’t get itself stuck. Another thing is that this cage is not too light, nor is it too heavy to handle. The bars are strong, so your parrot can’t bite through or bend them. Furthermore, the Prevue cage is easy to assemble and pull down.


  • A small parrot has lots of space to play and move around in this cage;
  • You can remove the bottom grille and remove the tray to clean the cage easily;
  • It is provided with three durable plastic cups and two perches;
  • The wire spacing of ¾ inches is safe for your parrot – it won’t get its head stuck between the bars;
  • Dimensions of this cage are Height 29 ½ inches, length 25 inches, and width 21 inches.


  • The food cups are small and are located to the cage’s bottom. This placement is not best for parrots as these birds tend to stay toward the top of the cage. You can correct this by getting larger food cups and putting them at a different part of the cage.
  • A clever parrot will soon learn to open the doors to get to the food dishes. You can, however, use other methods, like zip ties, to secure the doors.
  1. Yaheetech 61” Wrought Iron Rolling Large Bird Cages

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With this Yaheetech 61-inch wrought iron rolling cage, your parrot will have a safe and enjoyable home to stay. There is plenty of room in this 61-inch cage to keep your parrot busy. With the extra perches, your parrot also has different areas it can rest or hang around. The stainless-steel feeders add to the cage’s well-designed look.

While it may be a little difficult for you to assemble without help, once you are through, you will be pleased with the results. Not only is the cage a nice-looking home for your parrot, but it is also safe and secure. The Yaheetech cage is reasonably priced so it won’t destroy your budget. A useful feature also is the slide out tray that prevents droppings and feed from creating a mess inside and outside the cage.


  • This parrot cage is supplied with a parrot bungee rope that, made of polyester and metal wire, is not easy to bite through; A ring bell is also included for your bird to have fun;
  • It is also durable. It has an iron frame coated with a non-toxic finish;
  • The cage is large enough for your parrot. Dimension (including the stand) are height 61.8 inches, width 25.2 inches and length 25.2 inches;
  • Also, at the bird entrance is a button lock that is locked and unlocked with a simple motion;
  • Conveniently designed feeding doors with hook locks that you can operate to replenish feed without disturbing your parrot;
  • Perches are also provided with this parrot cage so your bird has different areas it can rest.


  • You may need help to put the cage together.
  • It is also a little difficult to align the holes for screws, but once you get them aligned, you will finish assembling the cage.
  1. Homey Pet L24 xW22 xH61 Large Parrot Cage, Open Playtop, Black Hammer Spray

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A large cage may be just what you prefer for your parrot. In that case, the Homey Pet Parrot Cage is the one for you. With such space, your parrot has enough room to play. Furthermore, the cage comes with three water and feed cups. You can get to them without opening the front door.

It is indeed a sturdy cage made with stainless steel. The bowls that also come with the cage are made of stainless steel. Cleaning is a painless task thanks to the cage’s slide out tray. Also, the bottom of the cage features a grate that also allows waste to drop through. Because of its size, you may need help from someone to put it together.


  • The cage is quite easy to clean –remove the slide in tray so that you can clean it;
  • Dimension are height 61 inches, length 24 inches, and the width is 22 inches;
  • The Homey Pet parrot cage is safe to use as it is non-toxic.’
  • The play top can be closed;
  • For your safety, this cage was sprayed with a non-toxic coat to prevent rusting.


  1. King’s Cages ATT 1214 ALUMINUM PARROT Bird Cage pet travel carriers cages

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00BB7DWDI” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”www.johnsonweld-20″ width=”500″]

Finally, there’s the ATT1214 Aluminum parrot bird cage. This convenient travel cage is suitable for when you are taking your parrot to the vet, or when traveling out of town. Suitable for birds, reptiles, and rodents, the Kings’ Cages bird cage does not rust easily. Not only is the cage rust resistant, but it is also sturdy though lightweight. Cleaning and disinfecting the cage are very easy to do. A tray that slides out also makes the cage easier to clean and maintain.

Furthermore, the cage, like the others supplied by King’s Cages, is not toxic. So, your pets will be safe using it.  Another improved feature is the cage has longer legs that keep it off the floor. In addition to the cage, you receive two wooden perches which you can put wherever your bird will be comfortable. The dimensions of this cage are height – 15 inches, width – 12 inches, and depth is 14 inches.  For your bird’s safety, the bars are 4.5 mm, but the spaces between bars accounted for 5/8 of an inch apart.


  • The cage is lightweight and portable – excellent when traveling;
  • It is also designed with front doors that have hidden magnets to keep them closed, even during traveling;
  • The cage is easy to set up and use, no hassles involved;
  • For easy transportation, the cage also has a carrying handle.


  • The aluminum pan at the bottom of the cage is too easy to push up. It is not secured to the bottom. This issue can, however, be corrected by DIY or your supplier.

How to Keep Your Parrot in a cage

Among the birds that are often used as companions are parrots, not only for their bright and colorful plumage, but also because of their intelligence, which allows them to interact with their owners to establish true friendly relations. If you have purchased a special cage to give you a home, here are some recommendations.

Make sure you keep the cage tightly closed

The parrots as we mentioned, are curious animals and their beaks become a very versatile tool that can be used among other things to open doors. Therefore, always try to verify that the closures are correctly placed. Since they can find a way to activate the simple bolts and escape, which can put them at risk of getting lost or being captured by another animal that you have at home.

Keep the cage clean

So that the appearance of the cage is not deteriorated in a short term, as well as to keep your pet’s home in better condition, cleaning is essential. To achieve this, you can frequently remove the hangers, trays of food and water to wash them. In the same way, you must do this with the lower tray, where the stool is deposited, which you can wash more easily using very hot water and a little diluted liquid dish soap.

This combination of ingredients can make it easier to remove the remains if you let it soak for a few minutes and can reduce the time to rub, to get it clean. If you do this activity periodically, you will avoid spending more time than you have planned to maintain the hygiene of the cage, if you allow the dirt to become embedded for too long.

Place it in an appropriate place

To maintain the health of your pets, try to place them in a ventilated place, where they are not direct sunlight. Also, you must verify that your pet does not have access to plants or any nearby object, remember that they can use their legs as a press, to hold on to things and in this way to bring them closer. This can be a risk if you can reach a vegetable that is toxic, for example.

To cover your biting needs, you can add a safe toy inside the cage, so that you can naturally wear out your beak and not have the urge to damage the bars. In addition, this will prevent deformations in this part of your body, since it never stops growing.

Replace damaged accessories

When you notice that some of the pieces that are part of the basic accessories to feed your parrot is in poor condition or broken, it is better to replace it, these accessories are usually easy to find or purchase separately and when you remove them you can prevent your parrot gets hurt with a sharp point.

Be careful with painting

If after a while of using the cage, you consider it necessary to paint it, use appropriate enamels, remember that being birds that hold on to the bars, they run the risk of ingesting traces of paint, which could put them in danger if it is a toxic enamel.


So, there you have it. This guide to the best parrot cage you should consider for your parrot has been put together for your consideration. Are these recommended cages the right fit for your parrot? If not, you may check your supplier or online pet supply stores for the kind of cages that are ideal for your pet. Remember the guidelines on what to consider when buying a parrot cage. These are helpful for you in making your selection. Not only will your parrot be safer with the right cage, but it will also be happier in its new home.

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