Finding The Best Roach Killer For Apartments

Finding The Best Roach Killer For Apartments

I have always hated cockroaches for as long as I remember. Cockroaches can give you and your family diseases and they can cause a massive infestation especially in small areas like apartments. This is why when I used to stay in one, I always made sure to keep the place clean and have a roach killer ready.

Knowing the best insecticides that you can use for roaches inside your apartment is very important. You need to consider the fact that if you use the wrong products, you might end up discomforting your own neighbors. To help you out, here’s my recommendation for the best roach killer for apartments.

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Finding The Best Roach Killer For Apartments

Why Do I Recommend These Roach Killer Products?

I recommend these products simply because I have tried using them in my own apartment. I was able to use the Advion Cockroach Roach Gel in the past and it worked very well for me. It did not disturb my family or neighbors in anyway and it helped me kill several mature roaches.

I personally think that these products stand out from the rest of the products because they are not just good at killing roaches, they are also useful when it comes to helping you avoid severe infestations. You should also know that you cannot use invasive products in an apartment without proper considerations.

Things To Consider When Killing Roaches In The Apartment

When it comes to killing roaches in the apartment, you might not want to use a product that can disperse strong and harmful chemicals especially when the chemicals can go into areas where you store or prep your food or if the chemicals can go into your next door neighbor’s rooms or dining area.

What you can use are roach killers that can kill discreetly or those that are not too invasive or harsh. Since most apartments have limited space, you will need to use products like baits so you can kill them easily without causing any disturbance in your apartment. You can even use homemade poisons.

I do recommend however, that you try to make use of professional or commercial products for best results. You can also opt to use products like baiting stations and baiting gels so that you will be able to maximize the killing potential of these pesticides. You can also opt to use roach pesticide dust.

How These Products Differ From A Roach Bomb

Unlike roach foggers or roach bombs, these products are not known to easily spread all over the apartment and they are also not known to cause respiratory issues if used properly. You can use them on specific areas of your apartment conveniently without having to disturb your neighbors in any way.

How to get rid of roaches in your NYC apartment, even in a roach-infested building. from nyc

Things You Need To Consider Before Using The Recommended Products

Apartments have a unique layout which can work against you when it comes to roach infestations. This is because while you might spend a lot of money for their elimination, for as long as the owners of the other units will not do their share of the work, the roach population will never be placed under control.

This is why aside from using the products that I will recommend, you should also consider talking to your property manager or landlord first. With their help, you might be able to work together for the complete removal of cockroaches in all of the units through a combined effort.

You can work together so you can hire a professional pest control company and you can also ask the manager where the roaches might be nesting on the property so you can target them right at the source. For as long as the roaches have an undisturbed nesting spot, they will thrive in your apartment.

More Facts About The Products

The products that I will recommend are mostly poisons that can kill the roaches as soon as they have ingested the lethal dose. Depending on the manufacturer, these products will use different chemicals to kill the insects. Instead of working on contact, baits and similar products can give you results in days.

While these products are quite affordable and very easy to use, you should know that they might not be powerful enough to help you deal with severe infestations. In these cases, you should never hesitate to report the problem to your landlord or try to contact an exterminator so you can get professional help.

The Best Roach Killer For Apartments


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#1 The Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer

The Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer

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This product can be used as an insecticide spray that will help you eliminate roaches and other insects staying or infesting in your apartment. What I like about this product is that it can provide you with as long as 12 months’ worth of protection against roaches, making it ideal for heavy infestations at home.

This product includes a comfort wand that will allow you to easily spread it to specific areas. What makes it ideal for use in the apartment is that it does not leave behind stains and it is also odor-free so you won’t be bothering your neighbors each time you need to use it in your own unit.

This product is formulated to kill different roach species and it is also formulated for indoor use. What’s more, you can also use this product in order to create a barrier that can keep the roaches away from your apartment. Its contents however, can be hazardous to humans and pets if ingested.


  • It can be used as a barrier against roaches
  • It can kill different roach species as well as a wide array of insects
  • It can keep on killing for up to a year


  • There have been reports of bad batches
  • Some of the products were delivered with broken parts

# The Combat Roach Killing Bait

The Combat Roach Killing Bait

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This product combines the killing power of poisoned baits as well as the advantages of a bait station. It is designed to kill the roaches by allowing them to safely eat inside the bait station until they are able to ingest a lethal dose or until they can take some of the bait to their nest to feed and also kill juveniles.

This product is ideal for apartments since it is ready to use, it is also very easy to entice roaches to go into the station and the product is also designed to be child-proof. This product will not make any mess. You will simply have to open the product and let it work day and night to attract and kill roaches nearby.

The product is small enough so you can easily use it under the sink or under the bed. This allows you to put the bait station in a strategic location where it can attract the most roaches in your apartment. The product contains 8 bait stations so you can easily kill roaches by the dozens.


  • It has a child-proof design
  • It can be used to kill mature and juvenile roaches at the same time
  • It can work non-stop to kill roaches


  • The poison used in the product might not work on some cockroach species
  • If there is a more attractive food source available, the roaches will not go inside the bait stations

#2 The Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder

The Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder

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This product is ideal for use in killing roaches in apartments because you can put the product in specific areas instead of spreading it all over your place. Instead of using poisoned baits, this product uses Boric acid to kill the roaches. This product can also be used to kill different roach species in your home.

Although it cannot kill upon contact, roaches that come into contact with the powder can be expected to die within 72 hours. This product also uses a lure that will allow it to attract the roaches towards the boric acid. The lure used is a food grade ingredient that will entice the roaches out of hiding.

It also has an applicator straw that will allow you to apply it on cracks and inaccessible spots. The boric acid in this product will continue to work for as long as 2 weeks. This will allow you to kill more roaches over time. You should take note however, that the powder can be hazardous to your health.


  • It can kill roaches 72 hours after contact
  • It has a food-grade lure to attract roaches out of hiding
  • It can keep on killing for as long as 2 weeks


  • The product is quite messy to use
  • You might have to use a lot of it to produce the desired effects

#3 The 30 Gram Tube Dupont Advion Cockroach Roach Gel Bait

The 30 Gram Tube Dupont Advion Cockroach Roach Gel Bait

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This product is formulated to use Indoxacarb as its insecticide. As a gel bait, it works by attracting the roaches towards ingesting the gel and by killing the roach once it consumes the lethal insecticide dose. What makes it better than the other baits is that you can use it in very specific areas of your apartment.

Since it is in gel form, the product can easily stick in the underside of cabinets, molding and other areas. You can also use it along walls and along crevices or between wood joints and panels. It is also formulated to help you get rid of different roach species that might be hiding or nesting in your home.

This product can actually be used for heavy infestations. You will need to put 3 to 5 spots per 10 feet so you can deal with dozens of roaches. This product has a high-performing bait matrix and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also use it for commercial establishments.


  • It uses a high performance matrix
  • It can kill different roach species
  • It can be used for heavy infestations


  • There were reports of people getting bad batches or expired ones
  • The insecticide used was not powerful enough for some roaches

#4 The Roach Busters Cockroach Traps Premium

The Roach Busters Cockroach Traps Premium

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Instead of using poisons, this product is designed to kill roaches using glue. Basically, this product unfolds into a box that contains an adhesive panel. You will have to crush up the bait provided and put it in the middle of the panel with the glue. You will then have to place the box in highly trafficked areas.

What makes this product ideal for use in apartments is that it is non-invasive and it is very easy to use. The cockroach will simply walk inside the box and towards the bait where it will get stuck by the adhesive until it dies. After using the product you can simply fold the box and throw it away in the trash.

The product can be placed in the kitchen, garage or the bathroom. It does not make use of toxic materials which can poison humans and other animals. This product can also work against other insects such as ants and spiders. It can however, be mistaken for an ordinary box or a toy by children.


  • It is very easy to use and it provides easy disposal
  • It does not use toxic chemicals
  • It can also work against other insects


  • It can be mistaken for an ordinary box by kids
  • It does not have a lot of online reviews
  • The bait might not be attractive enough for some roaches


When it comes to killing roaches in your apartment, you will have to use products that will not affect or cause any problems with your neighbors. So you can deal with these pets, I recommend that you try the five products until you can find one that will better suit the actual conditions in your own place.

For me, the product that stands out among the rest would have to be the Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer simply because it can kill roaches and it can create a barrier at the same time. However, you need to be careful when using it because it uses toxic chemicals.

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