Best Roach Killer: Finding Something Deadly For These Pests

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A lot of us are looking for the best roach killer simply because our houses have been infested with these dirty and irritating pests. Cockroaches can carry with them diseases and they can be quite irritating when they crawl unexpectedly in the living room, kitchens, and even in our children’s bedrooms.

Getting rid of roaches is very important. This is because these bugs can actually harbor a wide array of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and Hepatitis. When they come in contact with food, they can cause diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea, and even pneumonia.

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A Word Of Caution

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Getting rid of roaches will require the use of pesticides which might be harmful to children and to pets.

These pesticides can contain chemicals that are toxic to the body when ingested. This is why they haveto be stored properly inside the home, and you need to make sure that your kids will not touch them.

Cockroaches can also cause infestations as they can multiply very quickly. If you have them in your home, there is a huge chance that they are already dozens of them living in between the walls. They can also live in basements or attics, so you might want to think about where they are hiding.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Roach Killer

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There are a lot of products that are designed to kill cockroaches. You can find ones that are in aerosol form so you can easily spray the cockroaches, and there are also gel baits and bait traps. Many of these products are effective, but the key to proper elimination is knowing what and when to use a pesticide.

Sometimes, home owners will have to consider making a strategic campaign against the cockroaches so that the entire house can be free of these ugly bugs in one fell swoop. You should also know what each product can or cannot do. For example, baits only work best if the entire population is feeding on it.

You should also consider what other living creatures are inside your home. If you have other bugs, then you might want a pesticide that has a broad spectrum. But if you are more concerned about your kids, or the pets in your home, you might want to opt for something that is less hazardous or invasive.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Product

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There are other factors that you need to consider before trying to eliminate roaches through pesticides and other similar products. And no, I am not referring to their importance to our eco system. What I am referring to is the possible reason why they are infesting your home.

Believe it or not, it is crucial for you as the homeowner, to make sure that your houses are kept clean and well maintained if you truly want to be free from roaches. A thorough cleaning can help reveal problem areas, and getting rid of unwanted junk and clutter can help minimize their hiding places.

Another thing that you should consider is if our house is dilapidated and is in need of renovation or upgrading. Old houses can attract roaches especially if some parts have already rotted, and you should also check if your house has cracks or crevices. These need to be fixed if you want your efforts to work.

Things You Need To Know About Roaches


As Sun Tzu once said, if you want to win, then you have to know your enemy. And if you want to completely eliminate the roaches in your house, you should know where they are most likely hiding, what conditions they like the most, and what they like to eat.

Cockroaches are actually nocturnal. They tend to run around the house at night especially when the lights are turned off. They tend to like areas that are dark, damp, or where there is a lot of moisture. They can thrive near leaky pipes, as well as walls or basements that are damp.

They are also known to thrive in warm areas, they can hide inside hot houses, unused rooms, or cabinets especially if there is surface water. In terms of reproduction, a female can produce hundreds of offspring. This is why an infestation of hundreds can easily turn into millions without the right measures.

The Best Roach Killers

In this section I am going to showcase some of the best products for killing cockroaches. I gathered different products so that you can easily select the one that works best for your home. You can also use two or more of these products for your home if you are facing a difficult infestation.

Here are some of the products I recommend:

1. The Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait

This product uses a powerful insecticide that has a high performance against cockroaches. It is formulated for high consumption and it does not contain ingredients that will act as a repellent. This will allow the bait to attract cockroaches without losing its potency.

As a matter of fact, its formulation is irresistible to cockroaches, allowing the powerful combination of chemicals to control huge roach populations with ease. This product is ideal for house use, and it can also be used in condos or in highly urban areas that have different species of cockroaches.

Another great feature that this product can provide is that it is actually a professional grade insecticide that you can safely use. Its packaging will also allow you to put the bait in nooks and crevices that are otherwise too small for other baits.


  • It allows you to put bait on selected spots
  • It can help control large infestations
  • It can attract roaches that will normally stay away from common baits


  • It is not ideal for killing individual cockroaches
  • Some say that it does not work on German roaches
  • Eliminating the cockroaches will take time
  • Can be dangerous if the bait is placed in the open

2. The PestGuard Zap-A-Roach Boric Acid

This product is a roach killer that has been trusted for quite some time. It is formulated using boric acid to kill cockroaches as soon as they come into contact with the powder. This product is nice because you can easily apply the powder in very small areas, this will allow you to put it inside or near the nest.

This product will also help you avoid having to open up walls or wall sockets. Unlike baits that attract roaches, this product works in reverse. The cockroaches do not like the boric acid at all and they will try their best to flee from it. When placed strategically, it can kill cockroaches with even with a light dusting.


  • It can reach inaccessible areas through small nooks and crannies
  • It can keep cockroaches away
  • It can kill cockroaches
  • You will only need to dust an area lightly


  • The product can be a danger when placed in open areas
  • Care must be given when handling as the product since it can pose harm when ingested or when blown into the eyes
  • You will need to know the right areas to place the insecticide

3. The Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer

The Ortho Home Defense MAX insect spray is an absolute killer not just for cockroaches but also for other harmful insects and pests both inside your home and outside in your home perimeter. This product is designed to kill insects with just one application.

What’s more, aside from killing insects on the spot, it also provides months of protection for your home and family. This product creates a barrier that will deter more cockroaches from entering your home. This makes it an effective tool when it comes to eliminating roaches, and preventing future infestations.

This product can be used for a very long time and it can also combat other insects, I find this feature advantageous as a home owner simply because it allows me to have an insecticide that I can use for different purposes.


  • It creates a barrier that protects your home and property for 12 months
  • It is a multi-insect killer and it can also eliminate ants and venomous spider
  • It is very effective against cockroaches
  • It does not stain


  • It does not discriminate between harmful and non-harmful insects
  • It uses chemicals that can be harmful to children and pets if it is not dried properly
  • Some issues with the packaging
  • The chemicals inside the product are sometimes rendered ineffective in some instances

4. The Combat Source Kill Max R2 Large Roach Bait

This product is a killing cockroach bait that can be easily used inside the home. This product is quite unique simply because it can kill roaches right at the source of the infestation. Instead of killing the cockroaches on the spot, it will simply entice them with the bait and allow them to carry it to the nest.

This allows the cockroach to share the bait to other cockroaches deep in their hiding places. In effect, it will not just kill dozens of cockroaches, it has the potential to kill hundreds and also destroy the nest. The bait is also secured inside the housing of the product, keeping kids and pets away from danger.

The Combat Source Kill Max can also be placed in discreet areas where there is not much room which is great because it can be used in areas where cockroaches hide frequently. This product is ideal for those who want to deal with the infestation itself and not just the individual cockroaches.


  • It can be placed under the sink, behind appliances, or in inaccessible areas
  • It can destroy the source of the infestation
  • It can kill large cockroaches
  • You do not have to find the nest yourself


  • It cannot kill cockroaches on the spot
  • Eliminating the cockroaches may require some time

5. The Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

This product uses a handy fogging system to get rid of cockroaches as well as other insects. It can easily get into cracks and crevices in your house that is very hard to access without damaging your interior. This can allow you to kill the roaches right where they breed or hide.

Because it uses a unique system, this product does not stain surfaces and it does not leave behind any residue. What I like about this product is that it can actually continue to kill cockroaches in the applied area for 2 months.


  • It can kill a broad spectrum of insects
  • It is designed for deep reach
  • It is an insecticide fogger so it can kill roaches on the spot


  • If applied on the wrong area, it will be able to control infestations
  • The chemicals used can be harmful to children and pets


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The different products that I have shown to you are very effective in their own right. Each one has a different way of dealing cockroaches, and each one also has a different mechanism when it comes to killing them. It would be wise to select one according to the actual conditions in your home.

Although they all have their pros and cons, the clear winner for me would have to be the Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel. This is because it is meant to treat heavy infestations, and because it can be placed discreetly. If you want them dead on the spot however, this product might not be for you.

Despite the clear winner, what I do advise on the other hand, is that you use at least two of these products so that they will work together towards the same goal. If you are scared of roaches, you can buy a contact insecticide to kill it ASAP, and a bait that will deal with the ones you do not see.

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