Best Squat Stands Reviews

One of the best things you can have in your home is a squat stand.

Why is this?

It will save you the commute to your gym.

That is pretty much the only reason.

Want to be really loud when you lift weights but the gym you go to looks down on it?

A squat stand in your home can solve that.

Tired of waiting several minutes to use a squat rack?

A squat stand in your home solves that as well.

No waiting, no looking for weights, no gym staff confronting you for making too much noise, no dealing with whatever germs might have been left on the barbell, a squat stand solves many, many problems.

But which squat stands are the best ones out there?

That is a good question.

You really need to consider a few things before buying a squat stand before making your decision.

Squat stands: A buying guide

Ordering the most popular squat stand or a squat stand that is very aesthetically pleasing is not a good idea and you should not do such a thing.

Instead, it is a better idea to consider a few things before buying one.

What kind of exercises do you plan to do with your squat stand?

Believe it or not, squat stands are not just for performing barbell squats.

You can do many exercises with a squat stand as well, and you should seriously consider this before buying one.

How many people will be using your squat stand?

This is a major thing that you should consider before buying a squat stand.

If you need to buy a squat stand for a gym that you own, you need to consider the fact that many people are going to use it you need to understand that they have different uses for your squat stand.

Purchase a squat stand that is too complicated to use or doesn’t have a heavy enough weight capacity, and you could alienate those who you bought it for.

What kind of weight limits do you need?

Different squat stands possess different weight limits, and this is another major thing that you need to consider when buying a squat stand.

This is somewhat related to the above consideration about how many people are using it. Paying attention to the weight limits of the squat stand you are looking for is important for that reason. 

Even if the squat stand is for your own personal use, you should consider the weight limits.

What kinds of barbells can the squat stand support?

Just like not all squat stands are made equal, neither are barbells.

While most squat stands utilize a standard barbell, some do not.

This is something that you should pay close attention to, as insignificant as it may seem to be.

Nine featured squat stands

1. Squat stand and rack tower by Valor Fitness

If you are looking for a squat stand that is extremely versatile and can accommodate many different gymgoers, you’ll want to pay attention to what Valor’s squat stand has to offer. The ends of the stand adjust to where you can place a bench under it, which allows you to perform bench press exercises on it.

Valor’s squat stand is safe, as well. It contains a safety rack towards the bottom of it, which can catch the barbell if you are using it to bench press. It can also catch the bar if you are doing a squat and need to drop the barbell.

Another really good thing about Valor’s squat stand is that it contains a j-hook on the rack that will keep the barbell in place while putting plates on it. This allows you to change plates safely, and few squat stands contain this feature.

Unfortunately, Valor’s squat stand has a weight capacity of only 350 lbs. If you are looking for a squat stand that can be used in more advanced gyms or to set up weightlifting competitions, you will need to look elsewhere.

2. Adjustable squat stand by Yaheetech

It is difficult to find a squat stand that can handle a lot of weight as well as be able to adjust to almost any given height. Most of them have clear limits on both of these parameters and this can be frustrating to deal with.

Yaheetech’s squat stand practically solves both of these issues, which makes it ideal for those who enjoy lifting heavy, whether it is people in a gym or yourself. Its max load is 480 pounds and it can adjust from as short as 44 inches to as tall as 70 inches.

The simplistic design of Yaheetech’s squat stand makes it easy to put together as well. You won’t need to worry about the design being too complicated like you sometimes worry about with other squat stands.

Yaheetech also keeps safety in mind with their squat stand. It has spotters on the side that will perfectly catch the barbell and it has safety locks on the height adjustment this way it does not fall when you place the barbell on the rack.

Although the safety locks of Yaheetech’s squat stand are well intentioned, they are not perfect. It can be difficult to adjust the height and if you do not adjust things perfectly, the stand could fall. 

3. Sturdy steel squat stand by F2C

Finding a squat stand that can handle weights over 500 pounds might be exactly what you need for yourself or the gym that you own, but actually finding one can be frustrating, seeing that the average weight capacity of any given squat stand is 350 pounds.

F2C’s squat stand solves this issue with its impressive weight capacity. It can hold upwards of 550 pounds, making it a solid choice for anybody who needs a squat stand for those who enjoy lifting very heavy weights.

Another good thing about F2C’s squat stand is that it is built for safety. It contains spotters that will catch the barbell. These spotters contain 13 different positions and this makes it versatile in its safety measures as well. You will never feel unsafe when you are using F2C’s squat stand.

There are a couple of things that prevent F2C’s squat stand from being perfect. First, it is limited in its height adjustments, only being able to extend up to 66 inches. This makes it a little difficult to use for taller individuals.

The stands on the bottom can get in the way of a lot of things as well. Different than most squat stands, they can take up a lot of space and this can be problematic if you do not have a lot of space for it.

4. Barbell power and exercise rack by Cap

Anybody who is looking for a squat stand for multiple purposes will get a lot out of Cap’s squat stand. Not only does it have a weight capacity of 500 pounds, but it also has a bar on the top of the stand that you can use for pull-up related exercises. This makes Cap’s squat stand useful for almost any kind of small gym.

Another thing that makes Cap’s squat stand ideal for a small gym is that the rack can reach over 80 inches. This makes it suitable for people of almost any height and adds to its versatility. The rack itself contains j-cups which hold the barbell in place very easily.

The design of Cap’s squat stand is also very simple and does not get in the way of many things. This is a nice departure from most other squat stands and it is one more thing that makes it ideal for placing in a gym.

There is only one thing that prevents Cap’s squat stand from being perfect, and that is the fact that it does not have spotters. This takes away from its safety measures and can make it a little difficult for newer lifters who may not be so confident to work without spotter racks.

5. Adjustable squat rack and stand by Yaheetech

A lot of squat stands can support either standard barbells or olympic barbells, but not both. It can be very stressful to own a squat stand that only supports one of the two when a situation that warrants the other type of barbell is called for.

Fortunately, Yaheetech’s squat stand can support both standard sized barbells as well as olympic sized ones, and this makes it very convenient, especially if you need a squat stand in a gym when many are using it. It will satisfy those who prefer standard and olympic barbells.

Nearly everything on Yaheetech’s squat stand is adjustable, and this makes it compatible with all kinds of barbell exercises. Again, this makes it useful for inserting in gyms. But it is also very nice if you need it for personal use.

The feet of most squat stands are made of the same iron or steel material that comprise the entire stand and this can result in you scratching the floor. Fortunately, the feet of Yaheetech’s squat stand are made of plastic and this will prevent you from scratching the floor when moving it.

Yaheetech’s squat stand would be one ounce better if it was able to handle a bit more weight. It has a capacity of about 400 pounds, which means you will need to look elsewhere if you were expecting a squat stand that can handle more weight.

6. Multi-function barbell rack and dip stand by Ollieroo

It can be difficult to find a squat stand that you can also use for bodyweight exercises. While some come with a bar on the top where you can do pull-up related exercises, very few contain stands where you can do dip related or abdominal related exercises.

Fortunately, you do get a dip stand with Ollieroo’s squat stand, and this makes it fantastic for anybody who is looking for a stand where they can do squat-related barbell movements as well as something that they can perform dips and abdominal related exercises on.

The design of Ollieroo’s squat stand alone lends itself to being able to do practically any kind of movement. While most other squat stands only allow you to perform squat and bench press related barbell movements, Ollieroo’s stand will allow you to do many others and this is very nice if you need a squat stand for the home.

There is one major issue with Ollieroo’s squat stand and that it severely lacks in the area of height. It can only extend to 65 inches, which is well under the average length for most squat stands. This makes it almost ineffective as a stand that you can place in a gym.

7. Multi-Function barbell rack with plate rack by Ollieroo

If you are looking for a squat stand that can be used in a gym, you will get a lot out of Ollieroo’s squat stand. A lot of squat stands do not have a rack where you can stack plates on. Ollieroo solves this by having racks on each end for plates. This is one thing that makes it effective for placing in a gym.

You will be able to do nearly any kind of barbell movement with Ollieroo’s squat stand as well. It has two different racks that can be adjusted, meaning you can do bench press type movements with it as well as even back movements such as rack pulls with it.

The weight capacity of Ollieroo’s squat stand is 480 pounds, which means that it is diverse enough to be placed in a gym. Those who prefer to lift very heavy weights will not be alienated with Ollieroo’s squat stand and this is a very good thing.

The only real drawback about Ollieroo’s squat stand is that it does not contain spotters. Rather, you can attempt to use the bottom rack as a spotter if necessary, but this does not take away from the safety that you get from solid spotters that other squat stands possess.

8. Multi-Function dip stand by BalanceForm

If you are looking for a dip stand for your gym that nearly anybody can use and has multiple uses, consider BalanceForm’s dip stand. While it is not a squat stand in and of itself, BalanceForm’s dip rack has everything you could possibly need in a dip rack.

The stand itself has a capacity of 500 pounds. This is fantastic if you need to put this inside of a gym that people of all shapes and sizes exercise in. Possessing a dip stand that has a lower capacity can alienate certain people and BalanceForm’s stand will eliminate that.

The bars on the stand are adjustable as well, which means that people of all kinds of heights can also use BalanceForm’s stand to perfection. This is another thing that makes BalanceForm’s dip stand very suitable for a gym.

You will not need to worry about losing grip on the bars on BalanceForm’s stand, either. The bars of the stand contain foam grips which will prevent you from losing your grp. It has a bar on the bottom that you can do push-ups with, and they have the same nice foam grips.

The only issue with BalanceForm’s dip stand is that it cannot hold a barbell at all. It can only be used for dips and push-ups. You will not be able to perform any barbell exercises with it.

9. Adjustable squat stand and rack by Merax

The majority of squat stands are missing one or two things from being perfect. If they are easy to adjust, they usually cannot handle a lot of weight. If they are able to handle a lot of weight, they are usually limited in their adjustments. If they have a solid weight capacity and are able to adjust to a lot of heights, they are usually not too versatile.

Merax’s squat stand solves all of these issues, and that is what makes it a really good squat stand. First, it has a max load of 550 lbs, which is among the heaviest weight capacity of any given squat stand. You can adjust the rack from 43.5 inches to 67.5 inches which will accommodate most people who use it.

Merax’s squat stand also functions as a dip stand as well, and that makes it even more versatile. If you want to perform bench presses on it, you can do that as well because of how adjustable it is. You can also store weight plates on the bottom of the stand, which is a quality that most squat stands do not possess.

There is one glaring drawback to Merax’s squat stand, and that is that it takes up a lot of space. This will make it difficult to place in a small gym or almost any given room in your home.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are squat stands any good?

A: For most people, squat stands are a very ideal replacement for any kind of squat rack or bench in the gym. This is what makes them very good. If you are the type who is advanced and lifts very heavy weights, squat stands may not be too useful since they do have weight capacities that can alienate advanced lifters.

Q: What should I look for when buying a squat rack?

A: The answer to this question depends on your needs. If you just need a squat rack for the home, for your gym, and who is using the rack. Some squat racks do not have a solid weight capacity but can be used for different things. Some of them have a substantial weight capacity but can only be used for squat related exercises.

Q: Can you use squat stands for bench pressing?

A: Most squat stands possess two racks, one on the top for squatting and one halfway down for the bench press. So the answer to this question is “yes,” but only for certain squat stands, not for all of them. Also, bench pressing on a squat stand can feel a little different than bench pressing on a standard bench.

Q: How much do squat racks cost?

A: Most squat racks cost as little as $150, but there are some that can cost as much as $300. This price range depends on a few things. It depends on how adjustable the rack is, whether you can perform bodyweight exercises on it, and the weight capacity. All things considered, prepare to spend around $200 on a squat rack.

Q: Can you squat without a rack?

A: Depending on the weight, it is possible to squat without a rack. If you can safely lift and then press a barbell over your head, you can get into a position to squat. However, doing this can be extremely dangerous and it does take some skill. If you wish to perform squats this way, you will likely not be able to squat too heavy, since you probably wouldn’t be able to press the same weight you use to squat.


Squat stands are one of the best investments that you can make when it comes to your fitness.

If you do not feel like commuting to your local gym but still want to perform barbell movements, you can do this with a squat stand as well as your own barbells and weight plates.

This does cost a lot of money, but it can certainly outstrip the money that you spend in gym memberships.

Do not hesitate to purchase a squat stand if you feel like owning one would be better than going to the gym to lift weights. You will not regret it.  

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