How To Get Yourself The Best Wasp Spray For Your Needs

Wasps are probably among those unpleasant neighbors that you don’t want to meet around the house. They can be quite troublesome to deal with and can pose danger to those who are allergic to them. Once you find a hive nearby your home, it is essential that you exterminate it right away before they take over your property.

One proven and effective way to deal with these pests is through a wasp spray or wasp killer. A wasp spray or killer provides a clean and environment-safe solution to your insect problems. Getting yourself one at the first signs of wasps is essential because these guys can multiply really fast if you ignore them.

Making a purchase for a wasp spray is not easy though because there are a lot of choices in the market with each having distinct features and requirements.

To help you with your purchase, we’ll share with you these few considerations to make sure that you’re getting the best wasp spray that suits your needs and is just right for your money.

Top 5 Best Wasp Sprays – Comparison Table

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Reviews of 5 Best Wasp Sprays On The Market

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Now that you have a better picture of your ideal wasp spray, let’s take a look at your best choices with this list of top 5 wasp sprays.

1. Total Solutions Buzzsaw Wasp Spray

Lastly, you may want to consider the Wasp spray from Total Solutions Buzzsaw if you want a product that comes with powerful mixtures and ingredients. This product is designed with Tetramethrin and Phenothrin which instantly kills insects at first contact and coats them with solution to keep them from coming back.

A good advantage of choosing this product is that you can use it around electrical wirings or cables as well as on fuse boxes with its non-conducting composition.

It comes packed with enough power to spray a reach of 20 feet from your standing position. With this distance, you can immediately react the moment the insects fight back. Also, it has a powerful spray force which lets you worry less about the solution that is blown back to your face.

Not only is this a proven solution in getting rid of wasps but is also known to work effectively against hornets and bees. Each bottle comes with 14 ounces of solution.


  • Produces shotgun type sprays
  • Good reach of 20 feet
  • Good to use for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Effective formulation
  • Can be used around electrical connections and wirings
  • Effective against hornets and yellow jackets


  • More expensive than other alternatives
  • Doesn’t work with bigger insects

2. Spectracide HG-65865

One option that you can look at when looking for cheap and effective way of dealing with wasps in your home or garden is the Spectracide HG-65865. This is a popular brand that has received gold product rating due to its effectiveness in dealing with persistent insects such as hornets and wasps.

This product provides a good distance of coverage when spraying with as far as 27 feet away. With this good distance, you can steer clear of any oncoming wasp that would want to prevent you from your mission.

Also, this is a good coverage especially when you’re dealing with hives that are hard to reach such as on trees or under roofs. This product makes use of synthetic pyretroid which disrupts insect’s nervous system.

In addition, this product also comes with oils as well as mineral spirits which are permeable to the wasps’ outer shell. Consequently, this makes eliminating insects faster and safe for the environment.


  • Impressive projectile or distance of coverage of as much as 27 feet
  • Fast acting agent that kills wasps upon contact
  • Renders the nest uninhabitable
  • Doesn’t stain


  • Uneven mist pattern and may shoot steam of foam
  • A fast-acting product making it more expensive

3. Hot Shot 13416 Wasp Killer

The Hot Shot 13416 Wasp Killer is another great solution to those persistent and territorial wasps that thrive outside your home or on your garden. This is an effective product in totally rendering the nest uninhabitable to keep the pests from coming back.

A bottle of this solution comes with 17.5 ounces and can deliver a coverage distance when spraying at 27 feet with jet power spray. This is an impressive distance that can keep you safe from insect bites and sting whenever spraying.

This product is environment-safe and water-based. Unlike like the other options, this product doesn’t leave behind a pungent odor and doesn’t stain when sprayed on skin, clothes, walls, etc.

It is also proven to work fast in killing wasps, just a few seconds after spraying. Also, the sprays don’t spread unlike other options and lets you spray accurately on your desired target. Prior to using this product, it is important that you shake it well for the solution to be thoroughly mixed within the can.


  • Delivers killing blow as soon as the solution contacts the insects
  • Also renders the nest uninhabitable
  • Effective in exterminating other insects such as tent caterpillars, scorpions and yellow jackets
  • With impressive distance coverage of 27 feet


  • Not for sale in some areas
  • Thin sprays can render only stunning the insect
  • Doesn’t work effectively against red wasps

4. Raid Wasp Killer 33 Spray

If you are looking for an established, tried and tested wasp and hornet spray, you can opt for the Raid Wasp Killer 33 Spray.

Raid has been one of the most popular providers of insect killers since 1956 because of their effectiveness in dealing with wasps and hornets without having to harm the environment.

It comes with a good coverage with as much as 22 feet away which is more than enough distance to give you time to run when the insects are onto you when spraying. Also, it works with a jet spray feature which allows you to make sprays without having to worry about the solution being blown back to your face.

It is also formulated to permanently disable the nest or hive and make it uninhabitable for the insects. However, it should be noted that this particular wasp spray should not be used indoors or in the home because the powerful jet spray can cause damages if used within confined environment.

It is also fast-acting and can render the insects immobile right after a few seconds of spraying.


  • An effective solution to disabling an entire fleet of wasps along with their nest
  • Works effectively against wasps as well as hornets
  • Non-conductive for electricity on power lines, electrical outlets, etc.
  • Good distance of coverage


  • Messy sprays which spreads everywhere
  • Not very effective for thick nests
  • Weak spray force

5. Ortho Wasp Killer

Another option to look at if you’re tight on the budget but want a proven and effective solution to dealing with persistent wasps in your property is the Ortho Wasp Killer.

Ortho has been an established company and a reliable name when it comes to dealing with unwanted insects inside and outside home. This 16 ounce wasp killer comes with foam that traps wasps right on the first spray.

Any wasp coming back to the sprayed nest will also perish as the solution renders the nest uninhabitable and instantly kills wasps upon contact.

With this, you will no longer have to worry about what to do with the nest after spraying on the insects – you can just leave it there as an accessory or something to improve the aesthetics of your garden.

The best thing about this particular wasp spray is that it comes with a price that is more convenient than most.


  • An affordable option when dealing with wasps, hornets and yellow jackets
  • Kills insects instantly and leaves the nest uninhabitable
  • Good spray reach of 20 feet
  • Accurate jet sprays and doesn’t spread off target


  • Not recommended for bigger insects
  • Not permeable to insects shell – some can survive the attack

Considerations To Make When Purchasing A Wasp Spray

Buying the right wasp spray is not easy especially for first time users because having to purchase the wrong one can bring you further trouble. To help you make the right choice (and to save you from wasting your money), here are the considerations to make prior to buying the ideal wasp spray for your needs.

1. Its Projectile Or The Distance That The Spray Can Cover


When it comes to insect sprays, you would always want to consider the distance that it can cover or projectile when in use. A spray that can cover big distances can also provide a greater area of coverage when spraying.

Bigger distance and coverage provide you with faster and more efficient solution to dealing with these insects.

When dealing with pesky pests such as bees and wasps, the last thing you want to do is staying close to them as they can hurt you more than you think – and with their numbers, you could get in real troubles if stung by them.

2. Formulation

Another thing to check when buying a wasp spray is if it is formulated to eliminate all kinds of wasps and if it renders the nest to be uninhabitable. Back in the days, eliminating wasps with a wasp spray wasn’t as effective because it only works on the wasps itself and doesn’t render the hive to be uninhabitable.

If you do not deal with the hive right away, wasps could keep coming back and you’ll have to deal with them over and over again. So, to deal with the insects and totally shutdown their hive, make sure your spray comes with the right formulation for the task. It’s could cost a bit more than the regular wasp spray, but it can provide a more permanent solution to your problem.

3. Fast Acting

spraying insect nest

Of course when buying any kind of solution, you’ll want to see fast results. This is the same when buying a wasp spray; you would want it to deal with the insects right away.

Another good reason why you would want your wasp spray to be fast-acting is because wasps can be very territorial and if ignored they can start to feel attached to their new home and will definitely sting without having second thoughts.

4. Environment-Friendly

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When dealing with chemicals such as wasp sprays, you would want it to be safe to the environment and to your family. Although the wasp spray is not composed of chemicals that are used in pesticides or insecticides, it still comes with a few ingredients that may not be so-friendly to the environment.

In general however, wasp sprays are still considered environment-safe and are the more humane-way of dealing with wasps. But you should be careful because there are those imitations as well as replicas that can try to deceive you with false information on their labels.

5. Added Features

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There are many added features that come with wasp sprays today. One of the most common features that have been introduced to wasp sprays is its capability to disable flow of electricity.

Not all wasps want to thrive on obvious places such as on the wall, under the roof, under stairs or others. Sometimes, they even feel like living in power lines or beside a circuit breaker. With this, the last thing you want is using a regular spray on them as it can cause major problems when being in contact with a live wire or electricity.

With a wasp spray that is insulated, you can exterminate wasps in all places.


dead wasps

As for our recommendation of the best wasp spray from this list, we would stick with the Total Solutions Buzzsaw Wasp Spray. This is because it is a proven and effective way to deal with wasps through its advanced formulation.

Although you will need to spend more for this product, you can actually save more in the long run because it works right away from the first spray thus keeping you from spending more on additional bottles.

What do you think of our list of top wasp sprays in the market? Got better suggestions, comments or feedback? Do let us know. We have a convenient comment box below for that.

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