Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches – What Do You Think?

cockroach on wood

Do bugs scare you? Cockroaches can give a lot of people the creeps. Aside from being disgusting and scary-looking, these bugs can also harbor a lot of microbes that carry diseases. They can also cause skin irritations and they are very much unwelcome inside the home, especially in your kid’s bedroom.

Unfortunately, not all cockroaches are the same, and not all bugs that look like cockroaches are actually cockroaches. Some of them can be harmless, while some of them are actually far more sinister then the ordinary cockroach. What’s more, some of these bugs can actually bite humans with painful results.

Knowing what other bugs look like cockroaches is important since it can help you know whether you need to kill it or to let it go. It can also help you figure out if you have a pest infestation, and what to do next just in case your children gets bitten, or if one of them comes into contact with your skin.

With all that said, the simple answer is yes. There are bugs that can look very much like a cockroach.

And to help you identify them better, here are some of the bugs that you need to look out for inside your home, our outside in your yard, garden, or pool.

Harmful Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

1. The Water Bug

water bug

Also known as the Palmetto Bug or the Croton bug, this cockroach-like insect likes to stay in areas that have a lot of water. In most homes, it can be found near outdoor faucets, bathrooms, and the pool. This bug has a painful bit and you need to get rid of it if you see one.

2. Ticks


Ticks can look like juvenile cockroaches. These insects carry deadly diseases such as Lymedisease, Tularemia, babesiosis, and encephalitis. The ticks do not discriminate its prey and they can easily bite humans if given the opportunity.

3. The American Oil Beetle

american oil beetle

This bug can look like a large cockroach at first glance. This bug is quite dangerous simply because it can secrete a chemical that can burn your skin and cause painful blisters. It needs to be dealt with when spotted so that it will not be able to cause harm to others.

4. The Assassin Bug

assasin bug

Although it actually looks like a large ant, kids might mistake it for a cockroach. This bug is very dangerous as it can deliver painful, repetitive bites. You can kill it with an insecticide so you can avoid going near it.

Harmless Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

1. The Cricket


Crickets can be mistaken for cockroaches simply because they are very quick and agile.

Although they can be quite noisy, crickets are harmless to humans and they are beneficial to the environment. They can do minor damage to property and they can be easily swept out of the house.

2. Ground Beetles

ground beetle

These large black bugs look like oriental roaches because of their dark, shiny appearance and because they are also nocturnal. While they have hard exoskeletons, this bug not harmful. As a matter of fact, it can actually help kill other harmful bugs.

3. Bugs And Beetles Outside Your Home

jewerly bug

There are a variety of bugs that can look as creepy as a cockroach in terms of size, shape, and color. But upon closer inspection, they can actually turn out to be beetles that are harmless. Though many can damage your gardens, these bugs are important to the ecosystem.

These bugs pose no threat to humans. And as such, they need to be treated properly no matter how small and seemingly insignificant they are. Keep in mind that some of these bugs are not able to multiply rapidly and that their existence might be important for the survival or control of other species.



Some insects are vectors or carriers of illnesses and disease. Much like the cockroach, they harbor microbes which can actually be deadly to humans. This is why they need to be eliminated on the spot, and this is why you have to protect your home and property from these creepy crawlies.

Some bugs that look like cockroaches may not be carriers of diseases, but they can have a nasty defense mechanism. Although they do not have to be killed, you will still have to take them out of your property so that your family and your pets will not come into contact with it.

There are also bugs that are harmless but can still get treated much like cockroaches simply because they resemble one. Before deciding to kill weird-looking bugs, especially outside your home, you might want to know what it is first before you jump to conclusions.

Have you seen a bug that looked like a cockroach in your home or property? Share your thoughts and experiences with us at the comments section below.

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