Can Horses Eat Apples? Healthy Treats For Horses

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Horses love to get treats from their owners. As a matter of fact, they appreciate it whenever they get the chance to taste something sweet and tasty. When opting to give your horse natural treats, you are not just making the horse happy; you are also making the horse much healthier.

This is because fruits and vegetables will not just allow them to enjoy a new flavor; it will also provide the horses with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Many of these fruits and vegetables will not just help support the horse’s digestion, they can also be used to support their muscles so they can do more work.

Commercially prepared treats on the other hand, might only contain sugar or empty calories. They can also be quite expensive. This is why many horse owners will opt to use sweet fruits instead. One of the most common treats that owners can give their horses is a sweet and succulent apple.

Can Horses Eat Apples? Healthy Treats For Horses

Can Horses Eat Apples?

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Apples are actually considered healthy treats that you can give to your horses. As a matter of fact, it is probably the most common treat that owners would give to their horses. What makes them appealing to horses is the apple’s sweet taste, wonderful smell and of course, the apple’s distinctly juicy crunch.

Horses that have a sweet tooth are often very satisfied with the natural sweetness of this fruit. As a matter of fact, some of these horses will gladly eat dozens of apples if you let them. What is great about using apples as treats is that they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.

You can actually give horses apples so that they can stay refreshed especially during a hot summer day. In most cases, horses will not mind what kind of apple you give them for as long as the apple is fully ripe and not rotten. It is also safe to let the horses eat the seeds and the skin of the apple.

How To Prepare The Apple

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If you want to give your horse apples as a treat, you can start by selecting two fully ripe apples. You should avoid giving too many apples to your horses since it might give them diarrhea and discourage them from eating properly later on. This can lead to nutritional problems.

Apples also contain a lot of sugar; this is why you might not want to give them to horses that are insulin resistant. Although the seeds of the apple can contain small amounts of toxins, horses can eat them without any problems. However, I still recommend that you remove the core of the apples.

This is because some horses can choke easily on the hard and fibrous core. The best way to serve them to your horses is to slice them into manageable pieces. Do not remove the skin of the apple because the skin contains some nutrients and a lot of fibers which can help support the horse’s digestion.


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Apples are one of the best treats that you can give to your horses. Aside from containing a lot of nutrients, this fruit can provide your horse with much needed fluids as well as fiber. As with all treats, moderation is the key. You should never give your horse more than 2 apples per day.

This is simply because apples contain a lot of sugar and giving them too many of it will give your horse an upset stomach or it will give them a low appetite for regular food later on. Wash the apples properly, remove the core and slice them into chunks so your horses can enjoy this delicious fruit safely.

Do you give apples to your horses? Tell us more about how you prepare or give the apples to your equine pets in the comment section.

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