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Rake Leaves

To Rake, or Not To Rake: Should You Leave Your Leaf Litter In Place?

It is a question that is asked year after year. Spring, fall, summer: When is the best time to rake? Should you even rake at all? While many people hate to rake, there are arguments both for and against

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Fire Pit

The Best Fire Pit Kit for All Seasons: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a beautiful fire pit kit to transform your backyard into the perfect hang out spot? A fire pit is a great way to enjoy your yard throughout all four seasons. Shopping for a high-quality

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outdoor deck with a new stain

How to Stain a New Deck: 9 Helpful Tips to Get It Done Right

After building a beautiful new deck, you’re faced with a new concern: how to stain a new deck. Without the stain, the wood won’t last and you’ll lose out on getting to use your outdoor living

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Dig it A Guide To Urban Gardening Featured Image

Dig it: A Guide to Urban Gardening

Cities by their nature rely on importing food sources, but as cities evolve within the 21st century, people and the communities they are a part of are inverting that paradigm on its on head by introducing

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Best Rooftop Garden Ideas

Nowadays the world is incredibly saturated, and the population is ever-growing. As a result, countries around the world are being forced to extend urban areas. Now, with a higher number of urban areas

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Are Possums Dangerous

Are Possums Dangerous? A Closer Look At This Intimidating Animal

Possums look terrifying. If you are afraid of mice or rats, then seeing this animal face to face would be a nightmare. This animal closely resembles a very large rat and it has as much as 50 sharp

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