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beautiful garden with green grass and pink flowers

How to Win the Lawn Wars: The Ultimate Guide to Landscaping like a Pro for Beginners

Every year, someone has the prettiest lawn in the neighborhood. With the landscaping ideas in this guide, it could be you.

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how to trim hedges

How to Trim Hedges and Do It the Right Way

The idea of hedges is actually about 2,000 years old. The residents of ancient Rome pioneered many things we take for granted today, and one of them was landscaping with hedges. Today, hedges can still

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best string trimmer

The 10 Best String Trimmers for Tackling Overgrown Grass

Do you have grass that is overgrown or impossible to reach with your mower? We searched through the myriad of trimmers available to find the best string trimmer for you. Your choice will be influenced

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How Much Sand Do I Need For My Pool

How Much Sand Do I Need For My Pool? Building An Above Ground Pool

Sand is a very important construction material. Whenever you are planning to have a pool in your area, you will typically have to use it for the project itself or for pool filtration purposes. Even when

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How Much Sand For Pool Filter

How Much Sand For Pool Filter? Keeping The Pool Clean

Pools need a lot of maintenance. In order for you to make sure that the pool area stays clean, you have to make sure that the filter is working properly. Filters are basically used to process all of the

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Pool Pump Not Working

Pool Pump Not Working: #3 Is The Likeliest Cause

Pool pumps are the devices that we use to help circulate the water in the pool. The pool pump is a very important part of the pool’s sanitation system simply because it will allow you to filter the pool

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