Top 4 Cat Toy Product Reviews

When cats are still kittens, they are these cute and small balls of fur, that love to play with just about anything and anyone. For any cat owner, they know how much time and energy it takes to keep a kitten entertained, and something as simple as a ball of yarn can keep them busy … Read more

What do Chinchillas Eat?

can chinchillas eat grapes

Chinchillas are very interesting animals and even more interesting pets. They are interesting in that they are a very rare species, based almost completely on the continent of South America. Because chinchillas are so rare, it is very important that they are fed properly. Many are clueless about how they should feed their chinchillas because … Read more

What do Guinea Pigs Eat?

can guinea pigs eat cheese

It is a very inaccurate and somewhat harsh stereotype to conclude that pigs will eat anything. This is especially true when it comes to guinea pigs, and whether you are keeping them as pets or keeping them as livestock, you need to understand what exactly they need for optimal nutrition. Feed a guinea pig whatever … Read more

What do Hamsters Eat?

can hamsters eat bread

Hamsters have become one of the most common pets in the home, especially when there are children. They are small animals, easy to care for and do not need a large space, so they are the most chosen as first pets. However, although their care and needs are quite simple, if this is the first time you have one, … Read more

How to Care for a Water Turtle

There are several aspects that we must take into account when knowing how to care for a water turtle. Despite being an easy-to-care animal, it requires special attention like the rest of the species. How to take care of the health of a water turtle? Clean water with an adequate temperature Daily sunlight Complete and balanced … Read more

What Do Squirrels Eat?

what nuts do squirrels eat

Do you have a squirrel at home? Do you want to know how to offer you a complete and balanced daily menu so that you are healthy? We tell you everything that squirrels eat in nature and also domestic ones. Keep reading! Squirrels are nice animals that we can find both in nature and as pets in … Read more