Does Deer Eat Roses? Figuring Out How To Save You Beloved Flowers


People who grow roses in their properties are often very excited to see blossoms develop. They just can’t wait to finally see their hard work pay off since in a few weeks they will be able to see their roses in full bloom. Unfortunately, some people will wake up to see their plants destroyed and roses eaten.

If you live in the countryside or if you live near the woods, there is a huge chance that a deer dropped by to make a snack out of the roses you have labored so hard to care for. But this should not stop you from growing more roses in the future. By getting more information, you can actually deer-proof your garden.

In most cases, the deer will not eat the entire shrub. This simply means that you can still pick up what’s left behind so you can start over. By going about it properly, you can actually create a working strategy that is designed to protect your rose plant’s future blooms from hungry deer and other animals.

Does Deer Eat Roses?

deer eating

The simple answer is yes. Deer can easily eat the foliage of the roses, and they can also eat the buds and the rose blooms. As a matter of fact, the deer can also eat the thorny canes with much ease. What they especially love to eat are roses that are still young and those that have thorns that are still soft.

There are those who say that deer love to eat rose blooms as much as we humans love to eat fine chocolate. Rosebushes are sweet but what the deer’s taste buds can hardly resist is the flavor of the leaves as well as the tender rosebuds. This is why deer can be such a big problem for rose growers.

deer eats flower

Roses are also cared for meticulously by their growers. This is why many of them will thrive despite the conditions in their area. Many deer are easily attracted to lush rose gardens. This is especially true when other food sources are scarce in your area and the deer desperately needs to forage in order to survive.

If your garden does not have the right fences and if you are not using the proper measures, hoards of voracious deer will not have any second thoughts about eating their way through your rosebushes. They can also do a lot of damage to your rosebushes in just a short period of time.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Beloved Flowers?

Gardeners in areas with large deer populations say that zero fences and zero deer repellents will lead to zero roses. Since deer can eat roses during the daytime, or at night, you will need something that can protect your garden 24 hours a day. Here’s what you can do to protect your roses:

1. Create A Barrier


If you do not want to use fences, you need to surround your roses with pungent plants that can deter the deer from going near your roses. You can also plant garlic or plant lavender to help mask the aroma of your rosebushes. You can also surround your roses with lush or thorny plants.

2. Outsmart The Deer


Another way for you to keep your roses safe is by scaring them away. You can actually put scarecrows or other objects which are not familiar to the deer in order to keep them away. You can even use chimes, lights and perhaps ultrasonic animal repellents to keep deer off your land.

3. Build A Fence Around The Roses


If you really want to keep your roses safe, you should build a fence around it. The fence needs to be at least 8 feet in height since there are some deer that can easily jump over waist-high fences. You can opt to use electric fences to protect your roses during feeding season.

4. Use Deer Repellent

pepper spray

You can buy commercial repellents or use homemade ones to keep deer away. You can use ammonia, egg solids, soap bars and even pepper sprays to help stop the deer from going near your rose bushes.

5. Use Dogs To Guard Your Roses

dog guarding

The smell of dogs as well as the sound of their bark are huge deterrents to deer. You should consider using these pets to protect your roses by allowing them stay or roam around your rose garden especially when you know that there are deer foraging near your property.



Deer are majestic and beautiful animals. But as much as we love and respect them, they are never allowed to go near our beloved roses, let alone eat them before they have been given the chance to bloom. Without doing the necessary precautions, your roses might unexpectedly fall prey to deer.

Once the deer will eat your roses, it will almost certainly mean that you will not be getting any blooms this year. But as heartbreaking as that might sound, you need to know that your efforts does not have to end in frustration. There are ways that you can do now to protect your rose blooms in the future.

Try to outsmart the deer by using deterrents to keep your rosebushes safe. Scare them away by using your dog or by using a scarecrow. Create physical barriers by using plants or by installing a high fence, you can also use deer repellents to keep them away from your precious rose plants.

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