10 Best Football Goal Posts For Backyard Reviews 2022

Who doesn’t love a little gardening or decorating a yard? If you’re like most, you probably can’t wait to get out in the yard and tend to your plants. Even though it’s a great stress reliever, people often shy away from this side of gardening because it’s hard on the back and wrist.

No gardener worth her salt would be caught dead without at least a spade, and most of us need much more if we want to stay on the right side of our backyards. These top ten best football goal posts for backyard are chosen not only because they are the most popular among gardeners worldwide, but also because of their durability and quality.

List of 10 Best football goal posts for backyard: Loved by all Gardeners

Most things today come in a variety of models and brands. This is true for gardening equipment and tools, but you may avoid costly blunders by following a few guidelines.

All the equipment and products on this page are available from good garden centers, garden shopping websites, hardware stores, or in some cases directly from the manufacturer.

Equipment and tools to aid you to have more information and guidance on choosing tools. If you can’t find a product, contact the maker to find a local stockist.

1. GoSports 8ft PRO Kick Challenge Field Goal Post Set with 2 Footballs and Kicking Tee – Life Sized Backyard Field Goal for Kids & Adults

Features :

  • PRO KICK CHALLENGE: Take your football fun to the next level with the Pro Kick Challenge. Full set includes 1 Pro Kick Challenge Field Goal, 1 Kicking Tee, 4 Inflatable Footballs, and Ball Pump
  • KICKOFF FOOTBALL FUN: Bring pro level excitement to your next game with this life sized field goal measuring over 7. 5ft tall and 6ft wide for fun on an epic scale. Includes 4 Inflatable Footballs and Kicking Tee for the ultimate football showdown
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY: Score big with friends and family of all ages at your next backyard football game, birthday party, picnic and more. Great for traditional backyard football, games of “h-o-r-s-e”, long distances kicking competitions and more
  • SIMPLIFIED SETUP: Field goal assembles in under a minute and features an incredibly sturdy stake design that provides vastly superior stability over low-cost inflatable field goals

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 91
Width 72
Length 2

2. Franklin Sports Authentic Steel Football Goal Post 8.5′ x 5.5′ – Post for Kids – Football Goal Post Set – Kicking Field Goals – Youth Football Set – Portable Football Goal Post

Features :

  • CONSTRUCTION: All weather steel construction for durability and authentic feel
  • FEEL LIKE THE PROS: Both posts have flags attached so wind can be considered when kicking. This feature was also added to replicate what is seen in the end zone of every NFL team
  • STABILITY: Steel base with welded supports and four ground stakes for maximum stability
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Quick connect steel tubes allow for easy assembly; Assembles to 8.5′ x 5.5′ with crossbar at 40 inch high
  • AUTHENTIC FEEL: Padded ground post replicates what is seen on field to create an authentic experience for young athletes

Additional Info :

3. Franklin Sports Youth Football Goal Post Set – Kids Football Easily Adjustable Field Goals – Includes 2 Goal Posts – Perfect for Ages 4+ Backyard Play

Features :

  • BACKYARD FOOTBALL FUN: Turn your backyard into a kids football dream with two life-sized football goal posts, one for each team
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Goal Post Sizes Adjust from 4ft to 6ft in height using easy twist & lock height adjustments.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Easy to set up and offers simple twist, adjust and lock technology to change the size. No screws or tools required.
  • INCLUDES: 2 large 6′ x 4′ adjustable football goal posts to bring your backyard football to life and practice your field goals
  • YOUTH FOOTBALL SET: Perfect for kids ages 4 and up.

Additional Info :

Color Multi
Item Dimensions
Height 5.6
Width 13
Length 25.7
Weight 3.9999999966434

4. Franklin Sports Youth Football Goal-Post Set — Kids’ Football Goal Post with Mini Football — Fun Football Goal for All Ages — Easy Assembly — Adjustable Height — Weighted Base

Features :

  • Easy to assemble: Why settle for an inflatable football goal post when you can enjoy a durable goal post that’s easy and fast to assemble? Be up and running quickly with this football goal post for kids
  • Great for families: Help your child kick a football field goal with this football goal post set for kids; It’s perfect for families that are looking to teach their kids the fundamentals of football and how to kick a football through the uprights
  • Future champion ready: Includes a mini 7.5 inch football that’s perfect for small feet This complete football goal post set helps instill a love of the game in a way that’s exciting and fun
  • Weighted base: Prevent your football goal post from flying away with a weighted base designed for fast assembly. Perfect for practicing making a football field goal, this kids’ football goal post has everything you need
  • Wide football goal: Not every football field goal is created equal. Franklin’s wide football field goal post, 6ft x 4ft, is designed to encourage good kicking and field goal preparation habits from an early age

Additional Info :

Color Yellow and Red
Item Dimensions
Height 24.25
Width 8.25
Length 7.13
Weight 4.15
Release Date 2013-01-02T00:00:01Z

5. FORZA PVC Football/Soccer Goals – Multi-Sport Backyard Goals [3 Sizes] | Football/Soccer Combination Goals | Football & Soccer Training Equipment for Kids (12 x 6)

Features :

  • THREE SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM – These combination sport goals are geared towards use in the backyard by juniors, with three sizes on offer. Match your age group to the 8ft x 5ft, 10ft x 6ft and 12ft x 6ft sizes. Excellent football and soccer equipment for training.
  • MULTI-SPORT GOALS – Featuring a classic backyard soccer goal design with innovative uprights included to convert the structure into a football goal, it can also be used for Gaelic football, hurling and rugby.
  • ESSENTIAL LOCKING SYSTEM – Having been made with a cutting-edge essential locking system, the backyard goal clicks together, forming a strong bond which can combat the impact of hard strikes by sports ball.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO ASSEMBLE – The entire assembly process of this football and soccer goal takes a matter of minutes, with ground anchor u-pegs and net clips completing the set for enhanced installation speed.
  • WEATHERPROOF POST AND NETS – Manufactured from shatterproof uPVC alongside a UV stabilized soccer goal net, the freestanding goals are suitable for use in all conditions, allowing them to be stored outdoors all year.

Additional Info :

6. 6ft x 4ft Forza Soccer Goal Post and Net | Perfect First Backyard Goal [Optional Extras] | Soccer Training Equipment | Backyard Games | Mini Soccer Goal with Soccer Net

Features :

  • PERFECTLY SIZED SOCCER GOAL FOR KIDS – At 6ft x 4ft, this soccer goal has been specifically sized for use by children in the backyard. The long-lasting nature of the goal makes it the ultimate introduction to soccer.
  • LIGHT IN WEIGHT YET HIGH IN STRENGTH – The shatterproof strong 68mm uPVC tubes of the portable PVC backyard goal are exceptionally durable while retaining a lightweight finish to allow for easy carrying.
  • ESSENTIAL LOCKING SYSTEM GOALS – A cutting-edge feature found in the entire range of FORZA soccer goals, the essential locking system bonds the frame together, enhancing strength and speed of assembly.
  • ALL-WEATHER POSTS AND NET – Featuring a 2mm UV stabilized twine soccer goal net to match the weatherproof soccer goal posts, it can be left assembled outdoors throughout the year without rusting or rotting.
  • OPTIONAL CARRY BAG, TARGET SHEET AND BALL – Kit out your backyard soccer set-up by selecting the full package. There is the option to include a convenient carry bag, a training target sheet and a backyard soccer ball.

Additional Info :

7. Franklin Sports Portable Soccer Goal – Kids Backyard Soccer Net – 6 x 4 Foot – All-Weather, Durable, Easy Storage – Blackhawk Goal

Features :

  • YOUTH GOAL: This 6′ x 4′ youth soccer goal is the perfect tool to help build fundamental soccer skills in the backyard
  • ALL WEATHER NET: Net built to withstand all seasons
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The sleeve net construction allows for quick assembly so kids can get up and start playing in no time.
  • COLLAPSIBLE: Simply remove the yellow support tubes and fold down for easy storage using the quick-fold corner joints that fold & lock into place on the front goal posts
  • DURABLE: This goal is constructed from durable plastics with all-new snap-lock technology designed and tested to provide the durability to withstand full size soccer balls. Plus, “U” shaped ground stakes keep the goal grounded against powerful shots

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 3.3
Width 7.8
Length 46

8. Net World Sports Forza Backyard Soccer Goals [5 Sizes] | Ultimate PVC Home Soccer Goal Posts | Soccer Nets for Backyard | Portable Soccer Goals & Soccer Goal Net (8ft x 6ft)

Features :

  • REINFORCED PVC SOCCER GOALS – The soccer goal PVC is expertly manufactured using reinforced uPVC, which means these backyard soccer goals guarantee world-class longevity. All FORZA Locking Goals come with a 1 year warranty
  • OUTDOOR SOCCER GOAL IDEAL FOR SOCCER PRACTICE – These high-quality FORZA Locking Soccer Goals allow you to create the ultimate soccer set-up in the backyard. Range features regular & futsal soccer goals and soccer equipment for training.
  • PREMIUM-GRADE KIDS SOCCER NETS FOR BACKYARD – Finely crafted using 2m HDPE, the soccer nets are well equipped to cope with regular soccer activity. UV treated & overlocked rope edged for increased strength, making the goals ideal for practice and backyard games.
  • MINI SOCCER GOALS WITH ESSENTIAL LOCKING SYSTEM – The FORZA locking full soccer goal feature FORZA’s Essential Button Locking System. Innovative design of the kids soccer goal allows for a simple assembly & enhanced strength, so the soccer goal post can withstand regular impact from soccer balls.
  • WEATHERPROOF SOCCER TRAINING EQUIPMENT – The kids soccer net of the soccer goals for backyard and the uPVC kids goalpost are both weatherproof, meaning you can leave the soccer goal outside and play in all conditions.

Additional Info :

Color 8ft x 6ft

9. FORZA 8 x 4 Match Soccer Goal Post | 8ft x 4ft Soccer Goals for Junior Matches or Backyard Games | Soccer Training Equipment for Kids | Soccer Net & Soccer Goal

Features :

  • SUITABLE FOR OFFICIAL MATCHES – The professional junior (U10’s) match standard soccer goal posts and net stands 8ft wide and 4ft high. The mini soccer goal is ideal as soccer nets for kids, whether it be in a junior league match or practice session.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY SOCCER GOAL – The backyard soccer goal is fully portable and free standing. The small soccer goals also have an improved back profile for additional stability. The goal is not a pop up soccer goal, it requires a quick and simple assembly process.
  • PORTABLE SOCCER NET & POSTS – The portable soccer goal is made from the strongest weatherproof uPVC with an essential locking system. The soccer goal for kids is easy to assemble and has a 2mm UV stabilised HDPE net and top runback.
  • KIDS SOCCER NETS FOR BACKYARD – The mini soccer net is ideal for back yard games and practice sessions. The kids net and goal posts for soccer can be used for U10 junior soccer tournaments. matches, or as backyard goals.
  • SOCCER SET FOR KIDS BACKYARD – The kids soccer goals for backyard are perfect as soccer practice equipment. The soccer practice equipment for kids goal comes with a 1 year warranty and conforms to BS EN safety standards.

Additional Info :

10. Net World Sports 15 x 7 Forza Steel42 Gaelic & Hurling Goal Posts – The Premium Backyard Goal

Features :

  • TOP QUALITY: FORZA goals are renowned for their quality and designed to provide you with years of use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The goals frame is lightweight making it easy to move around your yard or pitch.
  • 100% WEATHERPROOF: Manufactured with the tough outdoor conditions in mind, you can leave outside all year round without fear of damage or corrosion occurring.
  • FAST SHIPPING: All goals are available for fast delivery
  • IDEAL OPTION FOR HOME, SCHOOL OR CLUB: This goal is great for training and games or just for fun.

Selecting Yard Tools

Using the correct equipment for each yard activity makes your work easier and more efficient. There are numerous tools with varied styles and sizes. Learn about the fundamental items you’ll need and streamline the shopping process with our yard tools list.

When selecting the perfect football goal posts for backyard for the job, try to visualize how it’ll feel after a few hours of use. Remember, the bigger the instrument, the heavier it’ll be. Larger tools can be more efficient, but be sure to buy one that won’t wear you out too quickly. Look for tools with padded grips to make the process more comfortable.

1. Prioritize quality over money.

Consider the cost of football goal posts for backyard and equipment. Some tools and equipment are cheap. They’re also unpleasant and easy to break.

Visit a hardware or yard store to see if a product is worth its price. This helps determine if the product is durable. It lets customers inspect for cracks, dents, and other problems.

Invest in high-quality, durable equipment instead than inexpensive, short-lived gear. This method saves money over time.

2. Choose the best handle material

After selecting how much to spend, consider the equipment’s handles. Handle material can be crucial. It affects weight and durability.

Below are some handle materials to consider when shopping.

  • Ashes are wonderful for handles. Strong and flexible. Wood handles survive longer with proper care.
  • Plastic is the least desired handle material. Plastic is brittle.
  • Aluminum handles are lightweight. They’re the weakest gardening tool handle material.
  • Carbon fiber is a robust material for handling construction. Carbon fiber is lightweight like aluminum.
  • Alternatives include fiberglass handles. They’re breakable like plastic.
  • The Strongest handles are constructed of forged steel. They’re easy to clean, lightweight, and durable.
  • The length of handles varies. They can either be long or short. Long handles allow users to reach locations they can’t with their hands. Gardening with them requires little bending. Gardeners with proper posture lower back injury risk.

Short-handled tools are excellent for narrow spaces. Using these tools requires a lot of bending.

3. Use interchangeable-head tools

The football goal posts for backyard feature material-fixed handles. Some have distinct heads and grips. Interchangeable yard implements. Versatile yardimplements. Gardeners can swap heads. They can have rake, brush, trowel, or fork heads.

Wood and aluminum are used for interchangeable tool handles. Sizes differ.

Their handles are short. Ideal for close gardening. Long-handled tools are ideal for stand-up work.

Interchangeable football goal posts for backyard cost extra. Their quality usually makes the cost worthwhile.

4. User-friendly

Visiting a gardening store and testing the tool is one approach to make sure it’s comfy. Try them before buying to find lightweight, long-lasting products.

When choosing comfortable gardening equipment, consider the grip. Padded and ergonomic gardening tools prevent sore hands and blisters. They alleviate hand tension from tight gripping.

5. Easily cleaned

Consider easy-to-clean and maintain tools. Proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of football goal posts for backyardtools. Rust-free, sharp, and well-shaped are musts.

Wiping metal parts before storing tools can also prevent rust. Check the manufacturer’s manual for maintenance tips.

6. Where to get football goal posts for backyard

Online shopping is easy, but it’s risky because the buyer can’t touch the thing before buying. Buying tools and equipment from hardware or gardening stores is suggested. So, store owners or sales reps can recommend backyard tools and equipment.

If buying offline isn’t possible, buy from reliable internet retailers and suppliers. Before ordering backyard equipment and tools, do research to find a reputable brand. This prevents internet shopping blunders.

Consider garage sales for bargains. It can assist find cheap, high-quality garden tools.

7. Warranties

Choosing between gardening equipment and tools might be tough. It’s important to know if a company offers a guarantee when buying tools and equipment.

Ask how long the warranty lasts and what it covers. This might offer the grower trust in the product.

Gardening can be made easy by utilizing different gardening tools and equipment. These tools can help to ensure safety as well as reduce time and energy when working in a garden. But not all tools and equipment are created equal. Hence, having enough knowledge in selecting the right tool and equipment is crucial.

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