How High Can Rabbits Jump? Keeping Them Fenced

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While there are people who keep rabbits as pets, many are having a hard time trying to protect their vegetables from them. Rabbits are known to multiply rapidly; these animals can actually be quite tedious to care for or to look out for especially if you do not have the right fence height.

Rabbits can do more than just hop; as a matter of fact, they can actually jump quite high. Knowing how high they can jump is important as this can help you make a better fence. Keep in mind that they can cause problems especially for farmers who are trying to grow crops in the countryside.

These animals are very cute and adorable, but make no mistake; they can create a huge mess if they are not fenced properly. But more than just destroy fruits and vegetables, some rabbits are considered as pests and they can actually put your family in danger if you do not keep them out of your property.

How High Can Rabbits Jump? Keeping Them Fenced

How High Can Rabbits Jump?

Little rabbit jumping on the grass

Although they are small animals, rabbits have very powerful hind legs. While you will often see them doing only small hops, the rabbit’s legs can actually help them leap upward or forward. In general, they can jump as high as a foot or so. But the height of their jumps will actually depend on their breed.

Most domesticated rabbits or pet bunnies are not able to jump over fences that are two feet high. This may be because they have easy access to food and because they are typically too fat and heavy. Pet rabbits are also typically kept in cages; this will prevent them from honing their jumping skills.

But unlike caged rabbits that have not been given the chance to develop their hind legs properly, wild rabbits are built for action. With their lean bodies and well-developed muscles, their hind legs can help them jump as high as four feet especially if they have to do it for food or to escape predators.

However, there are people who have pet rabbits say that their domesticated rabbits can also jump as high as three feet. In the UK, the rabbit Grand National is held in Harrogate. The competition is meant to find out how high can the rabbits jump and the contest has been held each year for almost a century.

A lot of the owners who enter their rabbits into the contest are really serious about the event. As a matter of fact, they purposely train their rabbits to take on international competitors. By far, the highest jump recorded by this competition is from a Danish rabbit that was able to jump almost 1 meter high.

Building Rabbit Fences

building rabbit fences

If you have pet rabbits around, you might want to make a fence to help protect your plants. Rabbits are attracted to a wide array of fruits and crops so you will have to make a reliable fence that will keep them out. Since most rabbits can only jump two feet high, making a 3-foot fence should do the trick for you.

Rabbits can also make use of different things to jump on; this is why you should try to keep crates and boxes away from the fence. If the rabbits cannot jump over the fence, they will also try to dig underneath it. This is why when making the fence, bury them at least 6 inches below the ground.

If you live in the countryside, you need to protect your garden from wild rabbits. These animals are actually considered pests and they can easily wreak havoc on your vegetables. Wild rabbits can also carry deadly diseases and they can also bite humans on rare occasions.

Jack rabbits can jump higher than domesticated rabbits especially if they are being chased or if they are in need of food. To keep them out, you should consider installing a higher fence. You can also angle the top, bending it outwards so that they will most likely hit the upper portion instead of going over.


Wild cute rabbit is jumping on meadow

Rabbits can look cute and adorable. They are often very fun to play with especially when they are properly cared for. Although they will just typically hop around, these animals can actually jump quite high. Most domesticated rabbits can jump under two feet high but some say that they can jump higher.

Wild rabbits on the other hand are faster and stronger; they can easily jump above more than two feet high. These rabbits are also known to carry diseases. This is why it is very important that you try to keep them away from your home. Fences are needed to keep pet rabbits in or to protect plants from them.

When making fences, I highly recommend that you bury the bottom of the fence at least six inches below the ground. You should also make sure that the fence is at least 3 feet high so you can keep the rabbits from destroying your crops. This height can also help keep your domesticated rabbits enclosed.

Do you have rabbits in your property? Tell us more about how high they can jump in the comment section.

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