How Many Watts Per Plant? Using Grow Lights

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A lot of people are trying to experiment on different ways to grow plants with the help of different growing systems. While many people are trying to grow plants through hydroponics, there are those who are trying to grow them through aquaponics. But plant growing does not stop there.

Most home gardeners will only prefer to grow vegetables and fruits in their own gardens. But there are those who might want to grow them indoors. While most indoor gardeners will only use simple green houses, there are those who grow their plants with the use of grow lights for better results.

Grow lights is an amazing development that allows you to provide enough light for your plants to do photosynthesis. But it is not as easy as it sounds. This is because in order for you to get an amazing result, you will have to make sure that you know exactly how many watts per plant you should use.

How Many Watts Per Plant? Using Grow Lights

What Are Grow Lights?

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Grow lights are basically electric lights that are used for plant growth. But more than just your everyday light bulb, grow lights are designed to produce an electromagnetic spectrum that will allow your plants to undergo photosynthesis. This allows the plants to grow properly as if it is in a naturally sunny area.

Grow lights are very important especially when it comes to growing plants in areas without natural light. It is also being used in areas where supplemental light is needed. Many of the gardeners that use grow lights live in areas where winters can be quite harsh and daylight hours are too few for plants to grow.

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These lights will have to provide the correct light spectrum in order to help you get the correct results. In some cases, the light has to mimic the correct color, temperature and lumens or intensity in order to give the plants a seemingly sunny, outdoor environment.

Though there are many different types of grow lights, according to the aforementioned conditions, ones that can provide full spectrum lights will always be the best. Let us help you find your ideal grow lights with this list of top rated full spectrum LED grow lights.

In order for specific plants to grow properly, you will need to provide the plant with the correct conditions. This means that the grower will have to make use of the correct grow lights so that the plant will be able to get the correct light intensity. Using the correct wattage per plant is also very important.

How Many Watts Per Plant?

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In most cases, the number of watts that you need will depend on how big your grow tent is. Although there are online sources, most experts say that experience will be your best teacher. This is because most calculations, although accurate, they are not actually that precise.

Just be prepared to make the necessary adjustments to help keep your plants in good condition. To know how many watts you need, make sure you allocate 4 square foot per plant and focus on your canopy. You will have to figure out the area of the canopy first using L X W = A.

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Find the length (L) of the canopy and multiply it by the width (W). Most experts recommend that you provide 50 – 75 watts per square foot with 65 watts being the most ideal depending on what you are growing. You will then have to multiply this by the area (A) to find out how many watts you need.

There are also some experts who recommend that you provide as much as 100 watts per plant. While others recommend that you provide as much as 32 watts per square foot. These suggestions however will work depending on what plant you are growing. Using too much wattage can actually kill the plants.


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Using grow lights is a great way for you to be able to grow a wide array of plants even if your area cannot provide you with the necessary conditions for plant growth. Grow lights are very important when it comes to providing heat, light and electromagnetic spectrum for the plants in your own grow tent.

But when it comes to using grow lights, you will have to make sure that you are going to use one that has enough wattage to allow your plants to grow properly by making sure that they are able to do photosynthesis. Using too many watts on your plants on the other hand can actually kill them later on.

Most experts recommend you to try to calculate the area of the canopy first and multiply it by 65 watts so you will know exactly how many watts you need for your entire grow tent. You can also follow the 100 watts per plant or the 32 watts per square foot rule depending on what you prefer.

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