How Much Sand Do I Need For My Pool? Building An Above Ground Pool

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Sand is a very important construction material. Whenever you are planning to have a pool in your area, you will typically have to use it for the project itself or for pool filtration purposes. Even when you are trying to put up an above ground pool, you will still have to use sand.

When making an above ground pool, many manufacturers will recommend that you use sand to help protect the pool from sharp rocks that might be on the ground’s surface. Sand can also be used to make sure that the pool is placed on a very level surface so you can avoid accidents.

One thing you should know is that the water inside the pool can exert a lot of pressure on one side of the structure if the pool is not on leveled ground. Although you might think that you will only need a little sand to do this, you might be surprised to find out exactly how much sand you need for your pool.

How Much Sand Do I Need For My Pool? Building An Above Ground Pool

How Much Sand Do I Need For My Pool?


So you can make sure that the above ground pool is stable and safe from the sharp rocks or pebbles on the ground, you will have to make a base for it. The amount of sand that you need to use will depend on how big the pool is as well as how much sand the manufacturer recommends that you use.

In most cases, the minimum amount of sand that you will need to use is around 3 tons for small above ground pools. If you are looking to have a medium-sized pool, you might have to order as much as 5 tons of sand. Large pools on the other hand, will need as much as 7.5 – 10 tons of sand or more.

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Since most above ground pools are round or oval, experts will recommend that you follow the standard table provided by the manufacturers or by professional installers. In some cases, a 12 X 24 oval pool will require 3 tons of sand, while an 18 X 33 round pool will need as much as 10 tons of sand.

Of course, when using sand as the floor base, you cannot just simply pile 3 – 10 tons of it and make a small hill. You need to lay it properly on the surface. You can do this by finding out the exact area of the pool and by making sure that you make a floor base that is bigger than the actual pool.

Putting The Floor Base

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When putting the floor base for your above ground pool, you will have to use several pieces of 2 X 4 wood in order to make an outline on the ground. This will also serve as the mold that you will have to fill with sand. The form should be big enough to contain the pool above it.

You will have to make a square mold or floor base for round pools and you will also have to make a rectangular floor base if you have an oval shaped above ground pool. If the ground is not level, you will have to raise a piece of the frame or one corner of the mold. Use a carpenter’s level to do this properly.

As soon as all of the sides are leveled, you can then put the sand into the mold. The surface of the sand needs to be tampered and compressed in order to create a solid base for the pool. Use the table provided by the manufacturer so you will know how much sand you will need for a specific pool model.


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Above ground pools are often times much cheaper than typical pools. They can be installed with only 2-3 persons doing the work and in most cases, you will not have to dig and go through all of the hassle that a typical pool would require. An above ground pool also needs very little time to put up.

However, to make sure that the pool will not be damaged or structurally sound, you will have to make a solid floor base for it. Depending on how big the pool is, you will actually have to order several tons of sand. This will be used to give the pool a level base as well as protection against rocks.

You should also understand that you will need a lot more sand if the ground in your property is very steep. As a matter of fact, you might want to do a construction project if you want to make a proper floor base. When making the floor base, always make sure that the sand is tampered and compacted.

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