How to Educate a Rabbit?

If you want to educate your rabbit it is important that you know some things about their behavior. In principle your main motivations are your inclination to gnaw and dig, your need to communicate with you and establish a social structure.

A young rabbit has a lot of energy and an endless need to explore, that’s why he loves to chew. As you mature, you leave this habit aside, although you will always like to nibble on items from time to time. Rabbits gnaw to wear out their teeth , which grow constantly throughout their lives, for this it is so important that they always have hay in their diet. But they also like to bite objects that are not edible in order to explore through textures and flavors and also because it’s fun!

If you want to know how to educate a rabbit you must be prepared to tolerate this behavior and spend at least 30 minutes a day educating it.

How to educate a rabbit so that it does not damage furniture

During these training moments you must pay close attention to the rabbit. First open your cage and let it go when it pleases, but remember to release it in a small place, so you can have more control over it. If you see that he begins to gnaw a piece of furniture, the rug or any other forbidden object, grab his attention and offer him something better , like a candy or another object that you have prepared for him, like a piece of old carpet, an apple branch, or a wood screwed to a base so that it does not slide. In addition, you must block your access to the prohibited object so that it is no longer a temptation.

How to educate a rabbit so that it does not dig

how to teach your rabbit tricks

Something similar you can do if your rabbit likes to dig. You can create a tunnel for him in some corner with some material that he likes, such as carpet or paper. Another idea is to prepare a large closed box with an opening in one side so that the rabbit can enter and place enough material inside so that it can dig. Use something that does not release dust and that is not toxic or dangerous, it can be the same as you put in the sanitary tray. Rabbits are very intelligent creatures and will soon learn.

The communication with your rabbit

To know how to educate a rabbit, we must also understand them. Rabbits express themselves, obviously, without words; It is your task to learn to recognize what you want to say . Sometimes it is very simple, for example, if you shake when you want to lift it, it is telling you that it does not want you to do it, or that it does not feel safe when you take it in your hands. If you want to get used to sitting on your lap it is better to “conquer” it with rich things or with caresses behind the ears or as you know that he likes it. Each rabbit has its preferences in this matter. With communication it will be much easier to know for yourself how to educate a rabbit.

There is a particularly annoying form of communication, which is the habit of biting , for example, so that you do not stop caressing it. These bites can be very painful and leave a good mark on your finger, but you should not confuse them with aggression, as it is simply trying to communicate with you. What you should do is give a loud, short and sharp cry to startle. You will see how he learns to bite you much more gently when he wants to get your attention.

The social structure

In what makes the behavior motivated by the social structure, it all comes down to establishing who is the leader in the house (the rabbit or you). The objective is to educate your rabbit so that it recognizes you as its natural leader and accepts willingly subordinate itself to you. This also helps you to take better care of him.

To know how to educate a rabbit you must show him authority at all times when he behaves inadequately. For example, if you are on the couch and he climbs up and bites you to leave the place, you will not only have to shout, but also put him back on the floor saying NO! If you do the same thing again, you repeat the action, but you take it to its cage for a while instead of letting it loose. Ignore him if he hits the bars or is angry. Only when you calm down can you let go again. Acts in a similar way whenever he tries to dominate you and if necessary you leave him in the cage until the time of his next departure.

Always remember that your pet is a curious and intelligent animalTo educate a rabbit you must be attentive to your needs : renew your toys so you do not get bored and start to damage your things, pay attention and discover what you like the most. Use your imagination to discover ways to keep him from doing what he should not do without punishing him. In this way he will be happier and you will be able to enjoy it in harmony.

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