How To Kill Dallisgrass In 3 Steps Without Hiring A Professional


Dallisgrass is known as the cockroach of the weed world. It is a ruthless invader that can easily find its way into your lawns, and it can be tough to remove. This weed is also very resilient, you cannot kill it by trampling on it, and you cannot get rid of it by simply pulling it out of the soil. Read how to kill dallisgrass.

This plant originally comes from Argentina and Uruguay; it was brought to the United States as forage for different livestock because it can survive the southern climates. Sadly, this plant enjoyed its new environment too much, and now it is growing out of control all over the country.

Today, killing the dallisgrass is a priority for many homeowners and gardeners. These weeds can easily spread all over your lawn which is why you need to act fast. If you have them growing uncontrollably on your property, you can follow these steps so you won’t have to spend money hiring a professional.

What You Need To Prepare

1. Lawnmower


You will be using this for lawn management. You will need to trim off the grass on your lawn so you can spot problem areas better. If you do not have a lawnmower, you can use grass cutters and use garden shears.

2. Gardening Gloves

garden gloves

This will help you avoid skin irritations, and it can also be used to keep dirt away from your hands. If you do not have any gardening gloves, you can use work gloves or new gloves made from cloth.

3. Shovel


This will be used to remove the dallisgrass out of the soil carefully. You can use a utility knife or a garden trowel if you do not have a shovel around. You can also buy a sharpshooter spade that can help remove the entire dallisgrass cluster.

4. Spot Treatment

bald spot

This will be used to kill the dallisgrass on the spot. If you do not have it, you might use Post-emergent herbicide to kill this type of weed. You can also use glyphosate-only herbicides to do help you get the job done.

5. Pre Emergent Herbicide

fertilizing lawn

This will be used to help prevent the growth of dallisgrass. You can use herbicides meant for crabgrass as they are also known to stop dallisgrass from growing as well.

6. Mulch

red mulch

This will be used to cover empty areas in your lawn so that dallisgrass will not be able to grow there.

7. Grass Seeds

This will be planted on bald spots on your lawn, and it can also be planted on areas where dallisgrass has been removed.

Killing Dallisgrass On Your Own

You do not have to pay a professional to help you get rid of dallisgrass on your lawn. With the help of these techniques, you can do it yourself. Just be mindful when using herbicides, especially around kids and pets.

Step 1: Manage Your Lawn


Cut your lawn so that your grass will stay strong and healthy. Avoid cutting them too short; try to leave behind at least 1/3 inch of length so that your grass will not easily die. Taller grass is healthier, and you will need to have them in good condition if you want them strong enough to withstand dallisgrass.

Having thick and dense grass can help prevent the growth of dallisgrass. You should also consider watering your grass properly and applying fertilizer if needed. Avoid cutting the dallisgrass with your lawnmower; doing so can help spread its seeds on your property.

Step 2: Treating Areas Before The Dallisgrass Grows

If your grass has bald spots, you need to put grass seeds on these areas right away. Use the mulch to cover the area so that the dallisgrass will not be able to grow there. You can also use pre-emergent insecticides to help stop the dallisgrass from growing.

It would be best if you kept in mind that dallisgrass has long spikes that contain numerous seeds. If you allow this grass to grow, the wind and even the birds can help spread the seeds all over your lawn. Use your gardening gloves to apply the herbicide. This way, you are dealing with the issue before it even starts.

Step 3: Kill Them On The Spot

killing dallisgrass

Another way for you to get rid of them is by taking them out of the soil using a shovel. Please get rid of the dallisgrass by digging around it. Make sure that you can remove the entire root system. Keep in mind that even small rhizomes that have been left behind can grow into a cluster.

It would be best if you also considered removing all the dallisgrass in your property. Kill all of the young plants as soon as you can before they start producing seeds. If you do not want to take them out, you can use post-emergent herbicides on the affected areas, so you will be able to kill them on the spot.

Conclusion (How To Kill Dallisgrass)

Dallisgrass is very invasive and resilient. Killing these weeds will require a lot of your time and effort. But by using the proper methods and having a good understanding of how these plants thrive, you can get rid of them for good.

Try to maintain your lawn correctly and keep your grass healthy. Having a properly managed property is your first line of defense against this weed. It would be best to consider planting bald areas with grass seeds and covering them with mulch before the dallisgrass will have the opportunity to grow there.

If your neighbors have dallisgrass on their lawn, consider using pre-emergent herbicides before you plant the grass seeds. If they are growing uncontrollably in your area, you should consider using post-emergent herbicides before things will get any worse.

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  1. This nasty weed is taking over my yard,I’m doing my best to stay ahead of it, but the seed heads literally come up over night! The wife dug up 14 trash bags of the stuff and I hauled it to the dump. I’m trying to get my bermuda to take over, but we are getting to the Summer months.

    • Buy some Target 6.6 MSMA. It will kill DalliGRASS and St. Augustine Grass but NOT Bermuda Grass.


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