Indoor Rabbit Cages Essentials

Indoor rabbit cages are an important requirement for any house rabbit pet.  Traditional wooden rabbit hutches are really designed for outdoor use. As such, they tend to look totally out of place indoors unless they can be kept somewhere well away from normal household living areas. Here you can find some important points about choosing wire indoor rabbit cages and why you need one.

Assuming you have decided to take a house rabbit into your home as a pet, you will need certain vital equipment. It is obvious that your pet will need basic stuff like feeding and drinking bowls as well as food supplies. Grooming equipment will be needed too to keep your bunny pal neat and tidy. Of course pet rabbit toys are very important. Rabbits are curious and playful little creatures after all. Then there is bedding…oh wait,

Now, here’s the thing. You may be getting all excited about your little rabbit pal coming to be part of your life and all the fun you can have. Have you given proper consideration to where exactly Mr Fluffy is going to sleep or stay during the day while you are at work or out somewhere? Rabbits are quite like pet dogs and cats to a point. Once they are old enough to be independent, they are not going to require adult supervision and can be left alone, unlike a human baby or toddler at a very young age. That been said, they do require a safe place to sleep at night. Rabbits are not predators like cats and dogs, As such, they are more nervous and timid so will want what they consider a safe place to feel at home in. Hence, indoor rabbit cages.

Indoor Rabbit Cages Basics

Size is important when choosing an indoor pet rabbit cage. Clearly, these cages do not allow for a pet to run about in them however, they should allow enough space for your pet to move about. Inside the cage enough room must be allowed for food bowls and toys/ chewing items. A water bottle for fresh drinking water also has to be installed. Drinking bottles rather than bowls of water are a better idea as bowls can be stood in, knocked over etc. The cage should be placed out of the way of draughts, away from hot places like radiators and out of direct sunlight.

Indoor Rabbit Cages Usage

An indoor rabbit cage is only meant as a temporary place for your pet. Somewhere to sleep in at night.  An important aspect is that if you leave your pet bunny home alone while you are out shopping or at work, there is the danger your fluffy pal will cause damage to your home. Rabbits chew stuff. It’s simply their nature. So there is every possibility they will gnaw at furniture, fabrics, carpets and worst of all electrical cables. If you are placing your rabbit in an indoor rabbit cage at night, it is not a good idea to leave the animal all day long in it too while you are at work. This is pretty much like keeping the pet as a prisoner. A much better idea is to also have a run to enclose your pet while you are out. This will allow your pet to run about and exercise or play rather than being cooped up in a restrictive cage. An alternative is if your pet can be confined to a bunny-proofed room. This is a room where electrical wire, furniture etc. has been removed and only food, water and toys/playthings left for your pet.

Indoor Rabbit Cages Kitting Out

A very important matter is the floor of the cage. It depends on the cage design of course, but some will have a wire mesh floor. Not all do, such as in the Ferplast Rabbit 100Ferplast Rabbit 100 model. A litter tray may be in place below the wire floor which is convenient for cleaning purposes. The critical matter here is that some kind of soft matting has to be placed on about half of the floor. The hard metal of the wire mesh will be painful for your rabbit’s delicate paws. Imagine walking in hard metal bars in your own bare feet! Covering half the floor in cardboard, loose planking or grass matting etc. will allow a pleasanter area for the pet to walk, sit or stretch out to snooze on. The uncovered section allows the  animal to toilet and for the droppings to fall into the litter tray. Straw can be placed on the covered section too for bedding.

As with all things, there are different models and designs available. The welfare of your pet  should come above pricing when choosing such a cage. Make sure you pick one that will provide space and comfort. Easy assembly or cleaning might also be a matter to think about. Take your time when considering your choice of indoor rabbit cages and get the best for your bunny pal.

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