Jackfruit VS Durian: How Can You Tell One From The Other?

Jackfruit VS Durian
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Durian and jackfruit are two of the largest fruits in the world. Although they almost look the same, these two fruits are very different from each other. They are known mainly for their unique and very exotic taste. This is why they are both quite popular in many countries today.

Although they both look very weird and unusual, both fruits definitely have their own fans. This is simply because they can both provide you with an amazingly sweet and decadent flavor as well as a rich aroma. More so when it comes to the durian which is known to have an aroma that packs a punch.

Since they both look similar to untrained eyes, you definitely do not want to bring home the wrong one. This is especially true if you haven’t tried the durian since a lot of people have a strong love or hate relationship with it and some are even offended by its pungent aroma.

What Are Their Similarities?

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Aside from the fact that these two are typically found in Asia and of course, in Asian markets, they both have a spiky appearance. Both fruits can grow to be quite large and heavy, and the two of them can also have a green or slightly brownish color.

The taste of their meat is sweet and they also have a strong aroma which is why they are typically banned in airplanes and sometimes, inside passenger ships. Both fruits are also prized because they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals as well as fiber, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Jackfruit VS Durian: What Are Their Differences?


First of all, these two fruits are not from the same family. The jackfruit comes from the Morocae family and is related to figs and the mulberry. The durian on the other hand, belongs to the Mallow family which is also known as the Malvacae.

Secondly, when it comes to their appearance, the jackfruit is thorny but the thorns are actually not so sharp. The durian on the other hand has large and very sharp spikes. As a matter of fact, those who harvest the durian need to wear protective gear since a falling durian can cause serious injuries.


When you cut up the jackfruit, you will be able to see bulbs. The bulbs are fleshy portions that cover the true seeds. The seeds that can be found within the edible bulbs are round and they can look like chestnuts. The fleshy portion of the jackfruit has a yellow color especially if the fruit is fully ripe.

The Durian on the other hand contains pods when you open the fruit. The pods can have a cream or yellow color, and its edible part is soft in texture. The jackfruit has an oval shape and it can weigh as much as 20 kilograms. The average weight of the Durian on the other hand is just 1-3 kilograms.

What About Their Flavor And Aroma?

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The jackfruit, when fully ripened, can provide you with soft but firm buds that taste very sweet. Some people describe its taste as a bit musky and one that is slightly similar to a pineapple. Unripe jackfruit on the other hand has a meat like taste that is similar to chicken, making it an ideal vegetarian substitute.

The jackfruit’s seeds can also be boiled or roasted and they can taste like chestnuts or Brazil nuts. As for the jackfruit’s aroma, people will describe it as having a bubblegum-like odor as well as a scent that is like pineapples, bananas or rotten onion. The ripe fruit can be eaten raw and they also can be cooked.

The durian on the other hand, has a soft and creamy texture. Its taste can be described as somewhat similar to sweet cheese. Many people think that durian has an acquired taste and that only connoisseurs will enjoy it. It has an unusual flavor to say the least which you’ll love or hate.

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The biggest factor that you have to consider when dealing with the durian is its aroma. If you think that the jackfruit is pungent, you need to understand that the durian’s odor way stronger. Its aroma can be described as something like stinky sewer water, sweaty gym socks, or turpentine.

The durian’s flavor and odor gets a lot of attention simply because people are divided into eaters and non-eaters. Those who love it say that they taste and smell like blancmange and that its odor is very appealing. While those who hate say that they’d rather keep their distance from it at all costs.


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Although jackfruit and durian both look somewhat alike at first glance, these two kings of the fruit world are very different in terms of their true appearance, flavor and aroma. In general, the jackfruit tends to grow bigger and heavier and it has a typical fruity flavor and aroma that most people love.

The durian on the other hand is smaller in size and has very sharp spikes. It has a creamy, sweet taste that resembles cheese. Its aroma on the other hand is very pungent. While many people will pay a lot for a ripe one, you should know that there is a reason why it is banned in hotels and airports in Asia.

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